The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 51

The Horrible Truth

Aired Weekdays Nov 21, 2007 on

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  • He is still doing it

    I just wanted to write about this show that first this man is not on the registered sex offenders list like he is supposed to be I grew up in this town & I for a fact that this man is still doing this to little girls that are currently living with him & no one is doing anything about it. These girls need justice for this for them to grow up in a normal environment where they can not have to worry about this. They do have one girl in Picayune trying to help & now I am trying to do what I can but, I do not live in this town any longer. If anyone reads this & knows how we can help these girls please do all you can. Thank you
  • It was CJ's girlfriend Lera that was molesting his girls. I hate to say he stayed with her and gave up his girls for that. He needs GOD in his life and to show him the truth even though he knows it cause his little girl told him and he yelled at her.

    CJ knew his girls were being molested by his gf LERA Garrett,Matthews,Williams which ever name she wants to go by. He knew it...What father in his right mind would ever let something like that happen. After she failed her lie detector test he still plans on marring her. She has manipulated him so bad he has nothing to do with his family. He can't hear anything else anyone tries to tell him. He was not raised that way. She threated him not to ever talk to his mom again or she would leave and that is on tape. Thats all.