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The Steve Wilkos Show

Season 1 Episode 27

Tough Love

Aired Weekdays Oct 16, 2007 on
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Tough Love
Lindsey refuses to take responsibility of her child and her mother has been doing it for her. She doesn't want to continue taking care of Lindsey's child but Lindsey is too busy drinking and doing drugs. Steve tries to help Lindsey see that she is making a bad choice and to get her to take care of her own child.moreless
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  • this episode is special because i've been there and know what it's like to be a teenage mom.

    i hope that this girl really thinks hard about her decision on giving up her child. she wasn't ready just like alot of us that were teenage moms and didn't realize the future of the child due to our selfishness and that is the extent of it. i am so sorry that all i wanted to do was party with my friends every day and always wanted to go out even though my mom got mad and tried to make me be responsible for my children,i was 14 when i had my 1st child and i didn't know better thatis the honest truth,but my mom tried to get me to be a mom to my kids and i didn't listen i thought i was smart and always had an attitude and enjoyed partying and now that my kids are grown they cannot forgive me. i gave them so much pain by not being there, i missed school assemblies,birthdays.graduations and so much more. i wish i can go back in time and do the right thing, i never realized that they were hurting everyday they would see their friends with their parents and that hurt them so bad when they were asked about their parents and why i wasn't there for this or that.i've thought about it for years since i grew up and became a responsible adult to my other children and i still hurt and cry until this day about this, i hurt for them so bad. we tried getting along and together but the hurt that they have is so intense and so hard for them to forgive me and i am so sorry, i love them kids so much no matter what they think of me or how they feel about me,so girls please do not cheat your children out of life think hard and if you're not ready to be a mom please use protection i can go on and on about this there is so much more but i am limited here,so please think with your hearts and your head.moreless

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