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The Steven Banks Show

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"My name is Steven, how the hell are you? I said good evening, how the hell are you? This is my show, in case you didn't know, So sit right back, don't have a heart attack or a stroke. This is my show, so now you know."

"On this show, I am the wacky neighbor" comedian/musician Steven Banks commented on this rare American-produced PBS comedy series. The show was taped before a live audience in Altadena and presented by Brandon Tartikoff's Easting Down productions and WYES-TV in New Orleans.

The Steven Banks show began as Banks' play "Home Entertainment Center," which aired on the Showtime Network. The play depicts Steven coming home from work and having to provide a speech to the board of directors at work. Rather than work on the speech, chronic procrastinator Banks embarks on various diversions, such as picking up various musical instruments in his cluttered apartment and improvising entire songs. The play became the basis of a pilot which Showtime aired, but never developed into a series. PBS picked up Steven Banks for his own show in the summer of 1994, when public television was under pressure from right-wing critics who criticized PBS as a "liberal media elite", and gave him a limited 8-episode run on Monday nights from July 11, 1994 to September 5, 1994.

The series was based on the pilot, and featured Michael Kostroff and Teresa Parente as the entire supporting cast, as well as various other one-time roles. Banks was still himself, still a bachelor in his mid-thirties, acting out his own fantasies and procrastinating in his cluttered apartment in what some critics described as "Pee-Wee's Playhouse for baby-boomer shut-ins."** However, the show vanished from the air in September of 1994, leaving 5 episodes untelevised in the U.S.

-Vanity Fair, "Viewer-supported Shtick," August 1994moreless
Michael Kostroff

Michael Kostroff

Pepper Colligan, Chuck, Pims, Ward Pfeiffer, various roles

Steven Banks

Steven Banks

Steven Banks

Teresa Parente

Teresa Parente

Marianna Stewart, Lupe, various roles

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  • Steven Banks Showtime special was a Classic. My family's ALL TIME favorite. And, BELIEVE ME, they watch a lot of comedy.

    Watched this on Showtime years ago. I recorded on my VHS (that was before DVD). My one and only copy is practically wore out from loaning it out to my family. My 5 children and NOW their children laugh hysterically every time they watchit. They can quote all the lines and use quotes from this special almost daily in the every day lives. Steven Banks was the most entertaining mix of comedy and music I have ever seen. Why has it not been repeated on Showtime?

    To my family, IT\'S A CLASSIC.........moreless