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The Stones

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Emmy Award-winner Judith Light, comedian Robert Klein, Lindsay Sloane and Jay Baruchel star in THE STONES, a comedy about the crazy reality of two adult children living in their childhood home with their divorcing, but friendly, parents. Barbara (Light) and Stan (Klein), are getting an amicable divorce after 25 years of marriage. Stan and Barbara still love each other, but they've stopped liking themselves as a couple. Love-struck geneticist Winston (Baruchel) and freelance photographer Karly (Sloane) must now cope with their newly independent, revitalized parents on a daily basis as they try to live under one roof.

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    "Tea Leaves" felt tonally and rhythmically off, from the random fortune-lady sequence to the choice of closing song.


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    • A brainiac geek & his hip sister meet to celebrate their parent's anniversary. They learn that mom and dad have amicably decided to divorce after 25 years of marriage. Things get weirder still, since all four of them are still living in the same house.moreless

      Considering they had David Kohan & Max Mutchnick (Will & Grace) as executive producers; James Burrows directing an episode and Judith Light's great comedic abilities, I was surprised this show wasn't stronger.

      I recently watched all the episodes on and actually laughed out loud quite a few times.

      I think the major problem was the lack of chemistry between Robert Klein and the other actors. Judith Light's, Jay Baruchel's and Lindsay Sloane's characters all interacted very smoothly. Klein's character never quite seemed fit in.

      I know everyone was probably expecting the same chemistry that Judith Light had with Tony Danza, but I'm sure there was someone else in Hollywood that was available and would have been a much better choice than Robert Klein.

      There was one scene during the episode where Barbara's (Light) parents come to visit where Judith Light adeptly proved that she'll go to great lengths to get the laugh. Stan (Klein) takes a big puff on a huge cigar and promptly kisses Barbara. When Barbara finally wriggles free, she turns to the camera and the cigar smoke now comes out of her mouth. It was great.

      Perhaps if CBS would have devoted more air time to this show it could have been tweeked and vastly improved. After all, Raymond wasn't that great it's first year either, then went on to have a nine year run.moreless
    • In CBS's new comedy, The Stones, two grown (20-something) kids have to deal with their parents' amicable divorce after 25 years of marriage. It sounds like a novel concept, yet the show feels like something you've seen before many times.moreless

      In CBS's new comedy, The Stones, two grown (20-something) kids have to deal with their parents' amicable divorce after 25 years of marriage. It sounds like a novel concept, yet the show feels like something you've seen before many times.

      To start with there's the kids. Winston (Jay Baruchel) is a geeky science boy. Or rather the caricature of a geeky science boy. Think of the character he played on the short lived Undeclared and take it to the extreme. It's a bit disappointing to see Baruchel play a character so over the top but perhaps we can blame in on the writing or directing. And Winston's sister Karly is of course the diametrical opposite – a bohemian character who's evicted from her apartment in the first episode and meets up with a guy she met in Ireland in the second.

      Both kids are united in their desire to see their parents call off the divorce and get back together. The parents are getting a divorce you see because they don't like the way they act around each other. Clearly if you don't like the way you act around someone it's much better to not be around them than to, oh let's say, grow up and change your behavior. It's the typical sitcom marriage bickering between these two. They go so far as to buy each other gifts so that they other will "owe them".

      Unfortunately for the audience, Karly moves back into the family home and dad moves above the garage. Yeah, I know, the parents were trying to get away from each other, but apparently above the garage is far enough.

      Somehow, this mess of a premise does manage to crank out a couple laughs. Don't get me wrong, it's not a laugh-fest but it should elicit a chuckle or two. The big problem is that you won't want to spend enough time with these characters to get to the chuckles. Apparently the actor's don't think the show will last either as Jay Baruchel and Lindsay Sloane (Karly) have already signed on to other pilots. Those deals are I'm sure contingent on The Stones being canceled but I don't think anyone need worry about this going beyond it's initial 9 episode order. With any luck, in episode 3 the parents will move to opposite coasts, Karly will get a job and Winston will get lucky with the hot science chick.

      The Stones debuts on March 17th at 9:30 on CBS.moreless
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