The Storm

NBC (Mini-Series 2009)


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  • Really really really bad!

    So Badly acted. The lame special effects of curvy laser lights streaming from satellite dishes. Being able to control weather on a grand scale, would we be that stupid? Trying so hard to be 24. WHY??? James VDB character failed abysmally to be in anyway believable or even likeable on any scale. They all looked totally bored. It is the awful bubblegum drama which is being produced these days for mindless people to crash and simply veg and be fed this utter tripe of a story. This is quite possibly the worst thing i have ever sat through. I thought nothing could get worse than "ghost whisperer" i have been proven wrong. HERE IT IS!
  • Poor production, poor actors, a lot of unfortunate camera trickery that did not work ...

    The story is about a group of scientists funded by a multimillionaire and the military, that go about controlling the weather. Of course this experiment is turned upside down when everything starts to go wrong and the world's weather gets back at them. There are several other stories to complement the main plot, but none of them really connect - well they connect only because of the bad to worse and then catastrophic weather, but that's it!

    What could have been an interesting story is a complete debacle! Clearly there isn't enough story for almost 3 hours of show. So they try to fluff it up with camera trickery and some not very special effects!

    It is an array of actors, including a few minutes of Luke Perry (sorry, but why on earth did they bring him in?), that really try to give a compelling performance but are totally undermined by the lack of plot for such a lengthy show. The performances are not great, in the old days that would be expected for this kind of low budget Sunday afternoon show ... however the public do expect more nowadays and this kind of delivery is unfortunate.

    So, long, long, long mini-series short: The disaster was not the bad weather in the show, it was the show itself! Better luck next time!
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