The Storm

Season 1 Episode 0

The Storm Part One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2009 on NBC
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The Storm Part One
Doctors Johnathan Kirk and Jack Hoffman have perfected a machine to control weather. They work for ARI (Atmospheric Research Institute) which is a shell company for Terrell Industries run by Robert Terrell. Terrell has been tasked by a Defense Department group to develop a weapon based on controlling the weather that can be used against American enemies. The only problem is the science has flaws and Dr. Kirk wants to shut it down before it causes problems. Hurricanes are becoming more violent, floods are occurring where none have before, different areas of the world go from 100 degree temperatures one day to sub-zero temperature the next, and the list goes on. Terrell does not want to shut the system down as too much money is riding on it. When Kirk quits, Terrell proceeds to discredit him and kill anyone he comes into contact with leaving a trail of bodies. Will Kirk be able to reverse the results of the continued experiments Hoffman has been doing before it's too late? We'll see in Part Two.moreless

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  • A government defense contractor is using a weather manipulating machine for his own ends. Unfortunately the weird anomalous conditions it's causing end up being catastrophic. The man who designed the machine is racing against time to reverse the damage.moreless

    A new mini-series in NBC's "Catastrophes Series" of Summer mini-series. This one is significantly better than the last two but still has some of its own flaws. Most of the flaws in these series comes from the storyline or secondary plots rather than the acting or the dialogue. The writers somehow have lost the concept of at least keeping the story somewhat plausible. They throw caution to the wind by adding a bunch of secondary characters we don't really have any empathy for in general.

    In this mini-series they at least keep the non-central characters to a minimum. One of the things you notice though is they leave a trail of bodies and violence to overshadow the lack of real storyline.

    What is happening here is the two doctors who started this project disagree about whether it is working. One says no and the other says let's keep going. Unfortunately the one who quit was the one who knew what he was doing. As the partner keeps making things worse you keep hoping that maybe an anomalous tornado will come along and wipe out the project. No such luck!

    As far as the real scientist, the morally corrupt conglomerate owner says let's discredit him by killing a bunch of people and pointing the finger at him. All the while our own corrupt military is sitting back waiting for their weapon without concern for the average American.

    There is a cliff hanger from part one too part two but it is really not significant to the major plot so the real cliff hanger is our hope that part two becomes significantly better.

    I give this an eight as the acting is quite good and the characters themselves are at least believable. What hangs on the balance here is whether or not they deliver the goods in part two. Thanks for reading...moreless

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