The Story of Read-Alee-Deed-Alee

PBS (ended 1995)


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The Story of Read-Alee-Deed-Alee

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The Story of Read-Alee-Deed-Alee is an educational TV show that encourages children to grab a book and read. The American Public Broadcasting System invites fictional character Slim Goodbody (John Burstein) to play Read at Home. Read's friends Radiola (Debbie Francis), Toc (Allen Schwartz) and Belle (Angela Henderson) help out the host in teaching children the advantages of reading in short twenty-minute segments. The season starts with a cartoon that explains how children will take a journey into the unknown, which segues to Read sitting on the couch with nothing to do. His friends try to cheer him up by signing, "What Should Read-Alee-Deed-Alee Do Today?" The song doesn't immediately work, but soon after, Read decides he wants to play ball. The group heads to a newsstand, but they can't explain to the adult (Gerald Hooper) working there what kind of ball they're looking for. The adult suggest playing a rhyming game, and he hands them a newspaper. Read and his friends play the game and look for words that rhyme with ball. The simple game turns into other fun word games, which sends everyone to the library to find a good book.