The Story of Tracy Beaker

BBC (ended 2005)


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The Story of Tracy Beaker

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The Story of Tracy Beaker is about young Tracy who, by no fault of her own, lives in a children's home with other children with other personal needs or problems. During the course of the show Tracy battles through the personal problems of having no family and sharing a house with a dozen other attention seeking kids.


    Grown-up return for Tracy Beaker

  • Abby Rakic-Platt

    Abby Rakic-Platt

    Jackie (series 3 - 4)

    Ben Hanson

    Ben Hanson

    Bouncer Plocova (series 2 - 4)

    Darragh Mortell

    Darragh Mortell

    Crash (series 3 - 4)

    Felix Drake

    Felix Drake

    Wolfie (Series 4, episodes 19-22)

    Joe Starrs

    Joe Starrs

    Peter (series 1)

    Lisa Coleman

    Lisa Coleman

    Cam Lawson (series 1 - 4)

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    • Favourite show

      Love it. It has a realistic setting , it's funny, it's entertaining, the acting is outstanding and it isn't cheesy unlike most children shows these days!
    • Possibly the worst TV show ever!

      Terrible show! TERRIBLE! Why oh why would anyone want to put themselves through this and watch a 15 minute episode of this! It's so far from the truth it's unbelivable, Jacqueline Wilson does not have a clue whats she's going on about! She totally twisted the truth about children in care, and i should know, every child that we get in that's in care have watched this programme because they thinks it's what it will be like if then end up in a residential unti but it's not, so it's appauling that the show should ever be allowed to twist the hopes and dreams of youn children!moreless
    • tracy summary

      tracy beaker is about a girl in a care home whowants to get fostered and eventually adopted tracy's main enemy in the house is justine and her best friend in the house is crash, the story of tracy beaker is a great proram for kids to watch or for parents to watch with their kids it's said to be a very realistic type tv program as the issues and the behaviour of the children resemble what it's like in real life care homes,tracy as them main charactar starts of a stroppy curly haird uong child and is in the care home until she is a teenager when cam a women who's been saying she'll adopt tracy and then doesn't finally adopts her but when tracy leaves the care home the kids in it reffer to it as the "dumping ground" (as in the parents dumping the kids their)she feels very upset leaving all the other's behind as all of them have formed a bond even her and justine.moreless
    • Tracy Beaker is about a troubled girl in a foster home and she needs to be fostered. But of course their are other kids in this house they call the dumping ground who also really want to be fostered aswell but will Tracey have her happy ending?moreless

      I first started watching Tracey beacker when i was a young adult and the only reason I watched it was because all my friends at school said that it was really good and they reccomended it to me, so i thought i would try it out as it turned out I really liked it so I kept on watching it every week. I really like the idea about a young girl in a foster home because other people who live in care might find this programme inspiring so thats what I like about it. I also find this programme a tiny bit witty unintentially. So i reccomend this programme to children of the age of 6-12.moreless
    • Tracy Beaker is set in a carehome called the Dumping Ground

      The Story of Tracy Beaker has had five seasons all of which were particularly good although the CBBC repeating them all the time makes it get a little old. The start of the first series sees Tracy stomping back to the Dumping Ground after her foster family revealed that they are going to have a baby. The rest of the series is okay and I really like Peter, I think he is brilliant! The second series is very good also, but again the repetitiveness of the episodes let the show go down the pan. The third series starts with Tracy sucking on a lollipop and on the phone to her friend Ben who apparently has gone to boarding school without consulting her but overall this is a decent season for the show. The fourth series is probably the best because it shows Tracy's life with Cam and at the Dumping Ground where she sometimes visits. At the start of the fifth series Tracy is away on holiday in Cairo but when she comes home Tracy heads straight to the Dumping Ground after Cam has found a boyfriend called Gary who she at the end of the series marries.

      Drama = 8

      Grippiness = 7

      Comedy = 4

      Cast = 8moreless

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