The Storyteller

HBO (Mini-Series 1988)


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The Storyteller

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Jim Henson's The Storyteller is a British fantasy live-action / puppet TV series that originally aired in 1988. The show comprised of 9 episodes of classic folk tales, plus 4 more episodes of classic stories from Greek mythology, featuring both human actors and creations/puppets from Jim Henson's Creature Shop in this retelling of classic folk tales, fables, myths and legends. The series stars Academy Award nominee John Hurt (1981, Best Actor, The Elephant Man) in the title role. Aided by his cynical dog, Hurt narrates fascinating tales that combine humor, intrigue and magic. Academy Award winning writer / director Anthony Mighella (1997, Best Director, The English Patient) wrote the screenplay for all of these marvelous stories.

The setting is as follows: an old man, Hurt, is sitting in his rocking chair, by the huge fireplace telling stories, always having his dog by his side. The dog represents the voice of the viewers, and the stories are in the style of old European folk tales, following storytelling techniques like the "rule of three" in which things come in threes as in the episodes: The Three Ravens and Three Little Pigs. Each 25-minute episode features a variety of stories from German folk tales to Greek myths and fables such as Fearnot and Daedalus and Icarus, respectively.


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