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The Storytellers

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The Storyteller is an animated TV series that was aired in 1988 for the first time. The American/British co-production TV show had nine episodes in total, and they were both created and produced by the American puppeteer Jim Henson. In the series, a number of European folk tales are retold in nine new stories by an old storyteller (Jim Hunt). The frame of the TV show is as the following: The storyteller sits by the fire and tells these folk tales both to the audience and to his sarcastic talking dog (Brian Henson). The talking of his dog represents the voice of the viewers, and the stories are kept in the style of old Indo-European folk tales, following writing techniques like the "rule of three" in which things come in threes as in the stories like The Three Ravens or Three Little Pigs. The 225-minute TV show gives place to a variety of stories from German folk tales to Greek ones such as Fearnot or Daedalus and Icarus.

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