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The Strain

Sunday 10:00 PM on FX Premiered Jul 13, 2014 Returning Summer 2015



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AIRED ON 10/5/2014

Season 1 : Episode 13

Show Summary

When the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City is assigned to investigate a viral outbreak, he, his team and a party of ordinary New Yorkers will become witnesses of an ongoing epidemic which has its roots in ancient times and the fantasy creatures known as vampires inspired by it.

Corey Stoll

Corey Stoll

Ephraim Goodweather

David Bradley

David Bradley

Abraham Setrakian

Mia Maestro

Mia Maestro

Nora Martinez

Kevin Durand

Kevin Durand

Vasiliy Fet

Jonathan Hyde

Jonathan Hyde

Eldritch Palmer

Richard Sammel

Richard Sammel

Thomas Eichhorst

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  • Great show

    I really like it and can't wait for its return
  • Started off strong then went South

    I like Del Torro's work, so I was excited to see him do a series. It started off strong, good story, great build up then it went dead. The last 4 episodes were super boring. The kid it too cutesy pie for me & the fact that they can't find the mother tells me if they find a cure she will be saved. I hope not as that would not be realistic. I'm not a fan of the cast other than the villain German. He's is excellent. The rest are all average, not great acting. The ending was a let down.moreless
  • Spineless Idiot

    I really want to like this show... and I do already if it wasn't for the main character Eph.... He is a spineless idiot and I really can't stand him anymore. Matt should have had his head crushed with a baseball bat before the "virus" even hit. His sorry wife getting a boyfriend before a divorce had even started? And then he still wants to find her when there is a beautiful woman right there in front of his face!!!!???? I can't follow this guy.... He is ruining the show for me.

    Hah! just watched episode 10... poetic justice.moreless
  • The Walking Dead with Vampires?

    The first episode was very awesome, is the kind of episode where you look forward to seeing the next one. Unfortunately by the 3rd episode the show does lose a lot of momentum and kind of missed it's chance to be an extraordinary show. I really felt a lack of connection with the characters grew very sick of them them quickly. I'm not really sure what to think of Gus the Mexican Gangster. He is a jerk to everyone for no real good reason, but he loves his mom. Vasiliy has the worst lines ever written, and comes off like a poor impression of Tony Montana.

    The great thing about The Walking Dead is it loves to kill off main characters, but somehow in the Stain I always had a hunch who was going to die and who wasn't going to die which made the show seem predictable at times.

    The problem with the Vampires is also they are not really that scary. The giant stinger coming from the mouth just didn't seem that realistic and that really stopped me from believing fully in the show. Also I feel they missed out on a lot of opportunity to film some great action scenes with the vampires. Not enough people got eaten and the stinger on the neck got old very quickly for me.

    With shows that deal with Apocalypse its always good to show what people have to do to survive that they didn't have to do before. I never saw Abraham or any of the other characters eat or drink water. It seems like they never had to go for a run and steal things to survive. It only happened once when Zach went out to get smokes for Nora's mom and two teenagers were looting.

    The Master was an interesting Character when he as in the Shadows and you couldn't really see his face, but when you get a good close up of him his ears seem very plastic. In fact they look like the same ones Eichhorst uses to pretend hes human. An overall the Master reminds me of Uncle Fester which kinda killed it for me.

    For a long time I was thinking to myself "The Strain" was really becoming a strain to watch as I took me more than one day to watch on episode. However I am glad to say that there is a happy ending to all this bitching. The season finale was actually a pleasant surprise. Again as Gus continues to screw over people who have giving him jobs by robing the guy he sold a stolen car too, the Good Vampire army finally makes another appearance. They are some kind of vampire swat team and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. Nora's Mother gets infected and she has to behead her with a giant sword. It totally reminded by of The Walking Dead when Carl kills his Mom so it seemed like a bit of a rip off. Never the less I was happy to see another Character die. The show then ending with Eldritch Palmer getting another chance at life was the best way to end the Season.

    So in the end the first and last episodes of the Season where great, you just have to "Strain" through the middle parts.

    Hey you guys!!! Mikey is looking more like Chunk these days!

  • Strigoi Strains and Brains on the Floor...

    THEN: I'm really enjoying this show.

    It's pure Del Torian fun! Perfect through its imperfections and serious through its mockery, but that's how Del Toro works.

    NOW: The worst finale ever! Flat and indifferent! The show never reached its full potential and this comes from a huge Del Toro fan!


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