The Strain

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AIRED ON 10/4/2015

Season 2 : Episode 13

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When the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City is assigned to investigate a viral outbreak, he, his team and a party of ordinary New Yorkers will become witnesses of an ongoing epidemic which has its roots in ancient times and the fantasy creatures known as vampires inspired by it.


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    • It started off so well...

      I came late to this show. I started binge watching the first two seasons, which were GREAT. I couldn't get enough of this show. Stayed up late to watch, and burned through the first 2 1/2 seasons quickly, wanting more. And then something happened. Did all their writers get bored, or did they get fired? The show went from fast paced exciting story, to this drivel where nothing happens for 2 or 3 episodes in a row. Why is Zach still part of this show? I really hoped he would be dead by this time. I was so disappointed to find out season 3 had none of the same intense storyline as the first two seasons. I'll finish out watching this season, but unless this show gets back to what made it good, I won't be around for season 4.moreless
    • what a great series. I look forward to every installment

      As a lifelong devotee of horror drama both in film and the written word I must say that I am enjoying this series tremendously. So many plot lines to develop and it's simply improved from the first season. Looking forward to the next season
    • Stop that bulls....

      Is it still a monsters show, or just another so boring nazis/jews story?
    • A Strain to believe

      After the events of the last episode (S2E9) it is simply inconceivable that the National Guard and CDC... plus every newshound and camera crew on the planet hasn't focused on New York... so for the episode to start with the council lady demanding a price for protection 'strains' credibility and makes a farce of all following events...

      The diversions into the family and personal issues can't substitute for poor plotting - and 'podding plotting' at that ;-(

      I watch the series for fun but when it gets just so plain inane what's the point?

      At least with Z Nation we all acknowledge its all just fun...moreless
    • Drop lead actor to save show!!

      Cool show, old story with a new realistic twist. Some middle episodes, just like game of thrones, are quite boring and nothing interesting, exciting nor pertinent to anything takes place but the rest is worth it.

      The lead characters are where the real problems are, 3 in fact. The old jewish guy is great, to me hes the main character, love his character and the flashbcks. The Russians mediocre acting is made up for by his coolness, the blonde hacker is cute and pulls her part off well. Im ashamed to mention the kid, its not his fault that the writers masde his character pathetic and beyond irritating. The two doctors are just plain annoying and belong on a bad soap opera. Eph far and away is the worst. He's so bad I can't even pin point it. It stinks that such a potentially cool show will die because yr casting director was drunk when they screened for a lead.moreless

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