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When the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City is assigned to investigate a viral outbreak, he, his team and a party of ordinary New Yorkers will become witnesses of an ongoing epidemic which has its roots in ancient times and the fantasy creatures known as vampires inspired by it.

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  • Things have to build up a little...

    I can understand why some people feel that the show is going slow, but come on, things have to build up a little before going in to full vampire mode... - And having just read the graphic novel, (which, so far nearly works as storyboards for the series) I can safely say that theres absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to gore and creepy scenes... Just stay with it, and give it some time, itll get there eventually. By comparison we are still in the first half of the first graphic novel...moreless
  • This is one mediocre show

    I started watching The Strain because I love scifi and my friends are also watching it, so it gives something for us all to talk about. I didn't know it was going to be about vampires, but I like vampires and that's one of the few reasons I'll keep watching.

    The writing is nothing special. Often the dialogue is unrealistic, and there haven't been any real surprises for me except for one death in the pilot. The characters are like walking cliches, and after two episodes I don't like any of them and I don't care if any of them survive. In the pilot there was some cringeworthy acting, but that was scaled back in the second episode. There are a number of things that don't make much sense (for instance, the CDC people know that there's some sort of disease that spread on that plane, but take off most of their protective gear before opening up the huge container from the cargo hold and touching the dirt), but I can't be fussed about such things more than to note them and move onwards.

    It's almost a talent that the show creators turned out something so mediocre.moreless
  • stinking show

    I had high hopes for this series but it stinks really bad . i am sure they going to cancel this show
  • i like how they are linking the vampire with the nazis of world war 2

    a good show by the looks of it, but the humans element is too strained. and they way they are approaching the vampire origin is and hopefully will be refreshing. high crossed
  • Not yet convinced.

    Started good but it's still to early to tell.

    The Strain "The Box" Review: Horrifyingly Slow

    Things slowed to a near halt in Episode 2, as the series stretched out its premise to the detriment of everything else.


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    Plus: The Strain gets off to a strong start, Spike TV wants another miniseries, and Person of Interest adds a sexy lady.

    • I Love Mia Maestro
      There's been some positive buzz about this show but right now the only thing I care about is that the beautiful and talented Mia M...

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