A The Strain Community
Sunday 10:00 PM on FX (Returning Summer 2016)
Somewhere between my insanity and curiousness, there are high chances that I will be reviewing The Strain, the show I anticipate so much as a frightening vampire sci-fi lover and a terrifying geek. I'll admit it, it's something I haven't done before - if you exclude two reviews years ago.

I have shown my anticipation with the post 5 Things The Strain Must Take Into Account and it seems it was well-received.

It's a scary and painful procedure and given that the staff member TimSpot won't be taking all the glory (I know you, Tim, you will review The Strain, I can see the eclipse in your eyes, the worms and The Master is commanding you to), I need to start testing the skill.

The most important aspect of my review will be the photo recap part. Since this is a horror show, I will try to break the ice some bit with humorous stills.

Let's try it!

Tell me what you think or I will send the Master after you! &3
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