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Don't forget, Season 4 of The Strain starts this Sunday, at 10 on F/X with "The Worm Turns". Yes, it's only July 16, and last year Season 3 started on August 28. But the two seasons before that started in early July as well.

When last we left The Strain in 2017, Eph's excreable son Zach had joined the dark side. Since Eph killed Zach's mother Kelly, Zach decided to go all Darth Vader by hitting the detonator that set off the nuclear bomb the Master had brought to NYC. This blotted out the sun with a nuclear winter, resulting in perpetual night. Team Setrakian had the Master in their silver-and-lead box, but the Master escaped. Ruh-roh! After he had taken Eldritch to get a new body, after his old body looked so goofy.

So Season 4, which is going to be the last, promises to be a world where strigoi run concentration camps to hold humans to get the blood they need. And breed more humans. And when Abraham gets back from his jaunt to Antarctica to mess with the Doctor's mind, he'll lead Team Setrakian in defeating the Master once and for all.

Or... will he? Bum-dum-dum! Tune in and find out.
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Jul 16, 2017
Yup, can't wait. Time to kick some wormy ass back into the grave !
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