The Strain

Season 1 Episode 8

Creatures of the Night

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2014 on FX
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After meeting Vasily at a medical supply store, Abraham and the others take refuge in a convenience store, and meet the hacker who aided Eldritch in shutting down the Internet. The Master's vampires find them and lay siege to the store, and the humans must find a way to escape before they're overwhelmed.


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  • The Walking Dead

    We didn't see a continuation of last weeks episode where there's a new group of vampire creatures fighting the vampires and rescuing humans, instead they threw in an episode of the walking dead!
  • Why, oh why am I still watching it?

    With this episode The Strain has replaced my long-standing worst show ever, Haven. I managed to cope with Haven for four or five episodes, so another record has been broken--the longest-watched bad show title goes to... The Strain!

    The weakest side of The Strain is its plot. It really kills the show. I wonder how many illogical things you can put per minute of an episode. Come on, people who rate the show at 8-10, don't you see this lack of logic? You must. The infected run across the city, you cannot go out safely at night, some institutions stop working, and still the public does not know anything about it? This show abound with such stupidities.

    Acting: You cannot expect an actor/actress to play well if they know what they do is nonsensical. Take Jim for example. How this poor guy was supposed to play the part? No wonder the outcome is appalling.

    Story-telling: How can you tell a story that is nonsensical? You can't. As a result you get total chaos.

    Horror aura (or whatever you may call it): I began to watch this show to be scared and thrilled. As I was watching "The River" or partly "Penny Dreadful". And what? This is not a horror show. Not a bit. If I start laughing at another stupidity instead of being scared, that's more a comedy than anything else.

    So why am I watching this? To have some laugh, and the fast-forward feature of my recorder does help.moreless
  • Picking up the pace

    Unlike another fellow viewer "Chakka" who obviously disliked the episode I thought this episode was bringing everybody to the same page. Now we got all heroes (that we know of) in one place indeed and I believe it s all going to be faster from now on since the strain is revealed to everyone. I thought the racial stereotype was actually pretty funny towards that clerk character, he's the one being an idiot in the end by staying in there knowing that everything's going to blow. It doesn t matter what his name is or where his family's from...

    Part from that, the suspense was indeed not quite palpable as we all knew how it was going to turn out : Overrun, throw shit at Strigois, get out with a BOOM. But please bear in mind that directors are not all masters of the scenario ; let alone the script. It's easy to criticize, how about some ideas to support your claim ?

    Now, SPOILER ALERT, Sean Astin is credited on IMDB up until the season finale !!! so we WILL see more of him in the coming episodes, probably as an evolved Strigoi. Can't wait to see good Samwise Gamgee turn into the stuff of nightmares. Let's see how it all turns out.moreless
  • Things are coming together!

    Can't wait until the next episode!

    Spoiler Alert!

    The main heroes are now together, even though everything mainly happens in one location, this is the most exciting episode so far.

    BTW: Great to see George Buza again, too bad it is only for this episode. Sad to see the last of Sean Astin, I really thought his character would last longer and do something more significant to redeem himself.moreless

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