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  • It started off so well...

    I came late to this show. I started binge watching the first two seasons, which were GREAT. I couldn't get enough of this show. Stayed up late to watch, and burned through the first 2 1/2 seasons quickly, wanting more. And then something happened. Did all their writers get bored, or did they get fired? The show went from fast paced exciting story, to this drivel where nothing happens for 2 or 3 episodes in a row. Why is Zach still part of this show? I really hoped he would be dead by this time. I was so disappointed to find out season 3 had none of the same intense storyline as the first two seasons. I'll finish out watching this season, but unless this show gets back to what made it good, I won't be around for season 4.
  • what a great series. I look forward to every installment

    As a lifelong devotee of horror drama both in film and the written word I must say that I am enjoying this series tremendously. So many plot lines to develop and it's simply improved from the first season. Looking forward to the next season
  • Stop that bulls....

    Is it still a monsters show, or just another so boring nazis/jews story?
  • A Strain to believe

    After the events of the last episode (S2E9) it is simply inconceivable that the National Guard and CDC... plus every newshound and camera crew on the planet hasn't focused on New York... so for the episode to start with the council lady demanding a price for protection 'strains' credibility and makes a farce of all following events...

    The diversions into the family and personal issues can't substitute for poor plotting - and 'podding plotting' at that ;-(

    I watch the series for fun but when it gets just so plain inane what's the point?

    At least with Z Nation we all acknowledge its all just fun...
  • Drop lead actor to save show!!

    Cool show, old story with a new realistic twist. Some middle episodes, just like game of thrones, are quite boring and nothing interesting, exciting nor pertinent to anything takes place but the rest is worth it.

    The lead characters are where the real problems are, 3 in fact. The old jewish guy is great, to me hes the main character, love his character and the flashbcks. The Russians mediocre acting is made up for by his coolness, the blonde hacker is cute and pulls her part off well. Im ashamed to mention the kid, its not his fault that the writers masde his character pathetic and beyond irritating. The two doctors are just plain annoying and belong on a bad soap opera. Eph far and away is the worst. He's so bad I can't even pin point it. It stinks that such a potentially cool show will die because yr casting director was drunk when they screened for a lead.
  • Half the cast needs a day job

    First, the special effects are great, and the little vamp "wall walkers" are fun to watch. Other than that, the show is completely flat. The pacing is terrible [I find myself fast forwarding through everything but the action sequences because i know i'm not missing anything]. The cast is average to terrible, the exceptions being David Bradley, Richard Sammel and Jonathon Hyde. Everyone else is pretty much useless, especially that punk kid everyone wants to see eaten by The Master or something
  • best show ever

    Guillermo del Toro takes you to His own Wild Fantasy by assemblage a new story that Contains an Action Horror and history ,this man can inflame you mind with his Splendor imagination

  • Natalie Brown + children scenes are disturbing

    Natalie Brown + children scenes are disturbing, also badly acted, I'm always skipping these. This creates a strange fissure in the show as the other parts are still watchable.
  • Yea, horror!

    Good doses of worm vamprisim, characters to root for, intellect, compelling plotlines, shockers, and comes from the visual makeup monster master of Del Torro.

    Updated (Jul-Oct 2014, July-August 2015) FX
  • Shoot the kid!!

    What TF is with this new Zach kid? He needs a damn good slap and a few acting lessons to boot!! Let's hope he comes to a sticky end and sooner rather than later!!
  • Why doesn't Corey Stoll leave the hairpiece on permanently?

    I never heard of or saw Corey Stoll before watching The Strain. Because of that, I thought that was his natural hair. A few months passed and there was a pic of him in the paper I passed right over until my friend told me who it was. I couldn't believe it! I recently watched some of The Strain's first season to get ready for the second and, to me, he looks so much better with that hair. I wonder why he doesn't wear it (or get his own) permanently? Imo, he's not the greatest looking actor but the hair definitely helps for him plus makes him look much younger. Aside from that, I love the show, definitely think it's horror filled and am sick of people writing that the Master isn't scary enough. They don't have a movie budget. If I saw a person I knew open their mouth and have some gross looking thing trying to bite me, I think I'd be freaked out enough. I think the show definitely did a good job in that department! Can't wait til July 12th! (sorry if it sounds like I'm rambling)
  • Oh come on !

    Really ? The holocaust in a series that is meant to be a horror series and does a bad job trying it !

    Nothing new on this show and bad acting to top the whole thing....................
  • the strain

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
  • Scary and Convincing

    The overall story is fantastic but it never seems too unbelievable. The casting and production locations were done very well and the acting is great. The special effects are solid and it is just different enough from other shows to be interesting. I am looking forward to what is coming is season 2.
  • The Strain or Hell's Demon!!!

    One of the best TV shows!!!! Better than even Walking Dead. When will season 2 be on???? Really need to know!!!
  • Great show

    I really like it and can't wait for its return
  • Started off strong then went South

    I like Del Torro's work, so I was excited to see him do a series. It started off strong, good story, great build up then it went dead. The last 4 episodes were super boring. The kid it too cutesy pie for me & the fact that they can't find the mother tells me if they find a cure she will be saved. I hope not as that would not be realistic. I'm not a fan of the cast other than the villain German. He's is excellent. The rest are all average, not great acting. The ending was a let down.
  • Spineless Idiot

    I really want to like this show... and I do already if it wasn't for the main character Eph.... He is a spineless idiot and I really can't stand him anymore. Matt should have had his head crushed with a baseball bat before the "virus" even hit. His sorry wife getting a boyfriend before a divorce had even started? And then he still wants to find her when there is a beautiful woman right there in front of his face!!!!???? I can't follow this guy.... He is ruining the show for me.

    Hah! just watched episode 10... poetic justice.
  • The Walking Dead with Vampires?

    The first episode was very awesome, is the kind of episode where you look forward to seeing the next one. Unfortunately by the 3rd episode the show does lose a lot of momentum and kind of missed it's chance to be an extraordinary show. I really felt a lack of connection with the characters grew very sick of them them quickly. I'm not really sure what to think of Gus the Mexican Gangster. He is a jerk to everyone for no real good reason, but he loves his mom. Vasiliy has the worst lines ever written, and comes off like a poor impression of Tony Montana.

    The great thing about The Walking Dead is it loves to kill off main characters, but somehow in the Stain I always had a hunch who was going to die and who wasn't going to die which made the show seem predictable at times.

    The problem with the Vampires is also they are not really that scary. The giant stinger coming from the mouth just didn't seem that realistic and that really stopped me from believing fully in the show. Also I feel they missed out on a lot of opportunity to film some great action scenes with the vampires. Not enough people got eaten and the stinger on the neck got old very quickly for me.

    With shows that deal with Apocalypse its always good to show what people have to do to survive that they didn't have to do before. I never saw Abraham or any of the other characters eat or drink water. It seems like they never had to go for a run and steal things to survive. It only happened once when Zach went out to get smokes for Nora's mom and two teenagers were looting.

    The Master was an interesting Character when he as in the Shadows and you couldn't really see his face, but when you get a good close up of him his ears seem very plastic. In fact they look like the same ones Eichhorst uses to pretend hes human. An overall the Master reminds me of Uncle Fester which kinda killed it for me.

    For a long time I was thinking to myself "The Strain" was really becoming a strain to watch as I took me more than one day to watch on episode. However I am glad to say that there is a happy ending to all this bitching. The season finale was actually a pleasant surprise. Again as Gus continues to screw over people who have giving him jobs by robing the guy he sold a stolen car too, the Good Vampire army finally makes another appearance. They are some kind of vampire swat team and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. Nora's Mother gets infected and she has to behead her with a giant sword. It totally reminded by of The Walking Dead when Carl kills his Mom so it seemed like a bit of a rip off. Never the less I was happy to see another Character die. The show then ending with Eldritch Palmer getting another chance at life was the best way to end the Season.

    So in the end the first and last episodes of the Season where great, you just have to "Strain" through the middle parts.

    Hey you guys!!! Mikey is looking more like Chunk these days!

  • Strigoi Strains and Brains on the Floor...

    THEN: I'm really enjoying this show.

    It's pure Del Torian fun! Perfect through its imperfections and serious through its mockery, but that's how Del Toro works.

    NOW: The worst finale ever! Flat and indifferent! The show never reached its full potential and this comes from a huge Del Toro fan!

  • Flop :c

    Started quite good but got lost somewhere ,so for me i dont think it should be given an overall of 8.5
  • The show starts as one style but evolves into another... fun stuff!

    Initially the show seemed to be more of an enjoyable slow moving sci-fi fantasy drama concerning a plague but half way through the season it started to become something more, introducing some scares and action. I could see this moving more into the realm of Walking Undead which is fine by me since the season of this ends when the season of the other starts back up.
  • Time to get back to the books!

    Read the first book when it just came out, and the way it wasn't "Buffy" or "twilight" was superb. C'mon guys! Where's the nuke winter? Where's the other masters? I LOVE this show, but, seriously, GET ON WITH IT! The way it's going it's turning into an overly long soap! 'Nuff of the character inter friction already! The books take place over year's- the show shouldn't! Little less talk and a lot more development! It's startin to seem like the Dome, which probably won't last at it's rate of blah.
  • Great twists on modern vampires

    Great twists on modern vampires. Have found this new series to be awesome. The writing is not outstanding but they accomplish what few other series have been able to and that is to be intriguing. The master vampire is quite hokey and unbelievable. That said the twist on the vampire epidemic is something original. A great out-of-the-box thinking. The cast seemed to pull things together and make them believable. Must say I look forward to this each week.
  • awesome show

    Does anyone get the feeling that they are kinda watching a mini movie every episode? I really enjoy this sow for that reason.
  • Vamptastic

    The best show on TV right now, I read the books some time ago and really looked forward to this and havent been disappointed, although some of the reviews leave a lot to be desired, people bitching about back stories and character development? I mean seriously does the art of story telling have to be americanised into 60 mins of money shots to keep people happy? Watch it
  • Too Slow

    I was really excited about this show and the first episode DID NOT disappoint. However, since that episode, the show is painfully slow and too much on backstories.

    Basically, the entire storyline was set up in the first episode. But to have two episodes in a row that languished on the storyline, especially what happened to Ef's wife who cares about her? Yes, she is used as a ploy that was expected; but to watch her whole story of how it happened before, during and afterwards was totally unnecessary.

    The constant flashbacks to the Concentration Camps is another unnecessary addition. It was mentioned after the third episode of his past, yet they are still beating that horse to death with one entire episode based on that issue.

    I am still waiting for gore.

    So, with that said, I can only give The Strain five stars. It would have been ten stars if the episodes moved along at the pace of the first, but we have seen over ten episodes and still no gore. Big letdown

    I keep watching weekly hoping something will happen; but after last weeks story about his wife my nerves are wearing thin.
  • Silly bloody fun

    While it certainly doesn't reinvent Television this show does something very right. It is tremendous fun. It reminds me of what "True Blood" was like, before it started taking itself too seriously trying to be a drama.

    "The Strain" has a ridiculous premise and isn't coy about it. It is like a B-Movie stretched out into a TV-Series. I see that some other reviewers are nitpicking over some details - but honestly - if you take the series for what it is, if you measure it by what it wants to be - you have a well done show on your hands that is sadly underrated.
  • One of the best "Rising Dead"series .. !

    Absolutely stunning n breath taking show .. nice story line n most of all nice choice of characters .. ! After the walking dead , a great show with detailed view on the theme .. hope the show will be continued in coming seasons .. !
  • Absolutley love it

    I absolutley love this show, every episode has been great.

    Got my brother on it now and he loves it too.

    Such a great idea to have something different to the usual lovey dovey vanpires which I dont watch.

    This is gory, has walking dead elements, damn I love it"
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