The Streets of San Francisco (1972)

Season 4 Episode 15

Police Buff

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1976 on ABC

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  • The Courtship of Eddie's Avenger

    Bill Bixby is pretty much the whole franchise here, donning a mustache and becoming all but unrecognizable behind his new sinister facade. There is humor lurking throughout this entire episode. In particular, the scene where Bixby surehandedly placates the panicky couple in the parking garage after his first kill was absolutely hilarious. Also a chuckle or two is due to Keller's swaggering zoot-suited impersonation of the latest scumbag to be targeted, as well as the casting of the generally hard-assed Bert Freed as an employer with nothing but interior decorating on his mind ("Purple! You did it in purple!"). But again, it's mainly Bixby's show, and his ruthlessly businesslike take on Charles Bronson's Death Wish franchise is both tinged with parody and more than a bit chilling as well. And the script is quite strong, especially in the places where it matters most. The scene where Bixby soberly thanks Officer Harris for ragging on him in an earlier scene, saying that he needed it--a moment which Harris merely brushes off obliviously--plays like a passage from some quiet underspoken nightmare.