The Streets of San Francisco (1972)

Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1976 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Don Gordon is rather obviously doubled in the fight scene that ends with his character crashing through a window.

  • Quotes

    • Steve: What do you got against him anyway?
      Mike: You mean besides the fact that he's abrasive, obnoxious, a smart guy, a wise apple?
      Steve: Besides all that, yeah.
      Mike: He has no respect for the law. I can see that in some people but not in a policeman.
      Steve: Gee, I find Bert a very sensitive, perceptive young man.
      Mike: You know what? If you told him that, he'd bust you in the mouth.
      Steve: Probably right, yup.

    • Steve: Where'd you learn how to order wine like this?
      Bert D'Angelo: My wife is Italian, my girlfriend is French. Both of them are born teachers.
      (everybody laughs)
      Steve: Must keep you awful busy, huh?
      Bert D'Angelo: You know what they say. You want something done, you ask a man who's busy.

    • Bert D'Angelo: Look, Michael, it's no reflection on your abilities, but I know Joey like a brother. I could find him in Carlsbad Caverns with the lights out.

    • Bert D'Angelo: I guess I'm a pain in the neck.
      Mike: Much lower, Sergeant. Much lower.

    • Cabbie: Hey, you ever been here before?
      Bert D'Angelo: Never once.
      Cabbie: You get to know it, you'll never wanna go back to New York again.
      Bert D'Angelo: Then don't show me. I got a roundtrip ticket.

    • Keller: Maybe he thinks you don't respect the law.
      Bert: What do I know about the law? I'm not a lawyer; I'm a cop.
      Keller: It's your job to enforce it.
      Bert: It's my job to protect people: from the mugger, the rapist, the armed robber, the killer. People like Joey, like my partner, did the law help them? Did the law stop that killer? All the laws in the world won't stop one man with a gun. It's gonna take me. Or somebody like me. And you know what? I'm gonna do it any way I can.
      Keller: Dangerous man, Bert.
      Bert: You better be damn glad you're on my side.

    • Bert D'Angelo: What the hell do you guys do around here when a cop gets offed? Hand the widow a folded flag with laundry instructions and forget about it?

    • Stone: Bert? Sergeant? If you try [planting drugs] in my city, I'll tellya what I will do: I will be standing right next to you when they book you; I will click the camera when they mug you; I will take you to your arraignment; I will testify against you. And I'll tellya what else I'll do. I'll give you a big smile when I visit the penitentiary to help with the annual magic show.

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