The Strip (2000)

UPN (ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • All's Fair in Love and Volleyball
    • Unknown Title
      Unknown Title
      Episode 10
      A dead woman is found in one of Green's hotel rooms and the security cameras show that no one had entered the room recently. Greene wants this kept quiet and asks Jesse and Elvis to investigate. Their investigations lead to them getting involved with chainsaw jugglers, ‘ironic commentators' (Clowns to most of us!), contortionists, a man who arranges sex parties and three very well prepared and organized crooks who are planning to rob the casino.moreless
    • The Mother of All Shows
    • I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
      On a construction site some workers uncover a skull. Soon afterwards Tad and Chad call Jesse and Elvis, telling them that they will want to see what has been found. With the skull there was a locket, a locket that was given to the victim by Cameron Greene. It turns out that the locket was given to Lana Sayers, the love of Greene's life. She vanished 36 years ago and has never been seen since. Now that he knows she was murdered he wants to know why and by whom. Not surprisingly he tells Elvis and Jesse to find out what they can for him and tells them everything he remembers of the night she went missing. The first port of call is Orson Bates, Cameron's best friend (at the time) and someone who also loved Lana. They also soon spot that their inquiries have attracted the interest of two women in black who are trying to keep something secret.moreless
    • Money For Nothing
      A work colleague of Vanessa's is killed, along with her client, in a car explosion. The client was originally Vanessa's and seeing as she should have been in the car with him Elvis and Jesse investigate. They discover that Vanessa was the target and that the killer is still out there and no doubt planning another attempt on her life.moreless
    • We Will Rock You
      We Will Rock You
      Episode 7
      Bullets from an assassin's gun meet the arrival of The Godfather and Ivory, in Las Vegas to promote a WWF event that is going to be staged there. As the wrestlers are meant to be staying at Greene's hotel he assigns Jesse and Elvis as their security. After another attempt on the wrestler's lives the two stars are moved to Jesse's house for their protection. Something that Vanessa is not best pleased about! The trailer park where Elvis lives is closed down and he has to move his boat to a new location. At first this is outside Jesse and Vanessa's place.moreless
    • The Farewell F.
      The Farewell F.
      Episode 6
    • Use Your Illusion
      A top class illusionist is killed during his act when an escapologist trick goes wrong. Greene wants Jesse and Elvis to find out why a trick he has done a thousand times before suddenly went wrong and killed him. Their investigations lead them to believe that not all is as it seems and that there may be more to what happened then they first think.moreless
    • Even Better Than The Real Thing
      A Marilyn Monroe lookalike is gunned down in a taxi after making an appearance at Greene's casino. Having just talked to her moments before Greene is not a happy man and instructs Jesse and Elvis to start investigating. Their first point of call is the lookalike agency where she worked and they are inside when another lookalike is killed outside. They decide that the killings are based on the Terminator principle; someone is killing all the lookalikes to make sure they get the one they have to kill. The question they need to work out though is which one are they really after and why?moreless
    • Winner Takes It All
      A couple, Tucker and Lily, meet in a bar, go for a walk together, find a coin and put it in a one-armed bandit. They win one million dollars from the machine, which was in Greene's casino. He arranges for Jesse and Elvis to look after them, and the money, and escort them from the town when they are ready. While leaving they are run off the road and the money is stolen. Elvis and Jesse think that it was some kind of set up and that Lily was involved. She denies it and Tucker doesn't believe them. Greene gives them 24 hours to find out the truth or he is going to give them another million dollars. Better that than the bad publicity that would occur otherwise, he tells his two investigators.moreless
    • Murder By Numbers
      At a wild party a man tries a suicidal jump from the balcony of a room. He attempts to jump the thirty feet from the room to the pool at ground level. He fails and ends up in a coma. His sister is a friend of Elvis' and she asks him to see if he can find out what made him do it. They discover a gang that is running a gambling scam with higher, and more deadly, bets than would normally be expected for those ending up owing them money.moreless
    • Send Me An Angel
      Send Me An Angel
      Episode 2
      A Las Vegas dancer goes missing while on the phone to a friend and is later found dead. She worked for Greene and he doesn't want to wait for the police to find out what happened to her. He wants Elvis and Jesse to investigate for him. It is not long before they find themselves involved in a white slavery ring and the Yakuza.moreless
    • Games Without Frontiers
      Police Officers Ford and Wier have a run in with the FBI while on an undercover job. Taken to task by their captain for ruining the FBI operation they both quit their jobs in anger. They soon find themselves working for multi millionaire hotel owner Cameron Greene, helping to protect his guests. A high rollers wife is kidnapped and they have to help negotiate her release or find her. Whatever it takes to bring her back alive.moreless