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  • Season 2
    • A Moment of Madness
      Jack is bitter that Adam has reneged on their "deal" (Jack gets the Gates of Heaven bar in exchange for getting Adam and Mel together) and is newly "motivated" by male empowerment guy, Ronan. When Mel returns unexpectedly from her trip with Mick, Jack steps in to Adam & Jessica's wedding with a shotgun, demanding Adam & Mel marry instead. However, marriage celebrant Tre has gone AWOL, trying to work out a strange premonition involving cakes and cream buns. After much friction (including between the intended bride & groom, and between Mel & Mick), they do exchange vows, but it's not clear whether Mel is doing it because it's what she really wants or simply to pacify Jack. She admits she's in love with two men. As far as Mick's concerned, Mel looks sufficiently convincing in her wedding vows to Adam that he decides it's time to say goodbye. During the siege situation Clint tries his hand at hostage negotiating; Kath tries to come to terms with her pregnancy; Finn & Paige have a snog, and Ian & Glenn feel a spark after Ian realises Ronan's a loser.moreless
    • A New Life?
      A New Life?
      Episode 19
      Mel accepts an invitation to sail away with Mick and throws herself into a whirl of "going away" activity. Her impending departure spurs Adam into action: ignoring the wedding preparations being undertaken by Jessica, he goes all out to try to stop Mel leaving. He even cuts a deal with Jack, agreeing to let him have the Gates of Heaven bar if Jack helps him get back together with Mel. Adam's actions become more desperate and under-hand and culminate in his successful seduction of her. However Mel decides she still loves Mick. Despite Adam telling Mick about Mel's infidelity, Mick still sail away with her. Meanwhile Paige is looking forward to having more independence with Mel gone. This rosy view is tarnished first with the news that Glenn's moving in, and later with a pregnancy scare. Paige confides in Kath (not wanting to affect Mel's decision to leave), saying she needs to get an abortion. Kath encourages her to take a pregnancy test before she does anything else. Kath agrees to take the test with her, and it turns out that it's Kath who's pregnant. Clint becomes convinced that Mel and Mick will be abducted by aliens while travelling through the Bermuda Triangle. Finn and Ian convince Clint that aliens will get him.moreless
    • Substitute
      Episode 18
      Mel's estrangement from Kath worsens when Mel refuses to lend her money. Kath has to go cap in hand to Dogwood Slater for her old job back, while Mel latches on to anyone she can to fill the void left by Kath. Meanwhile, Paige loses her job at Kath's bar and Mel agrees to pay her design school fees but will the money make it to the school?moreless
    • Working Girl
      Working Girl
      Episode 17
      Paige decides to leave school against Mel's wishes. Mel tries to show her how hard it is in the work force by giving her a crappy job at Man Alive. Paige quits and tries her hand at a couple of other jobs before landing one at the sex shop with Kathryn , which does nothing for Mel and Kath's fraught relationship. Meanwhile Adam is confronted with an ultimatum by Jessica and responds a with a bombshell.moreless
    • Woof!
      Episode 16
      Mel accidentally kills Ricky a celebrity dog and guiltily hides the evidence. But when she finds she can't orgasm during sex with Mick, she wonders if it could be due to guilt over Ricky's death. Meanwhile, Kath sleeps with Finn and immediately regrets it - especially when he starts making nasty comments to the guys about it!moreless
    • Mexican Stand-Off
      Mexican Stand-Off
      Episode 15
      Kath's distraught after her break-up with Peter. When a legalistic approach doesn't work, she decides to follow Mel's example, quit the law and start her own business on The Strip. Mel tries to be supportive, but worries that Kath is making a huge mistake. Kath feels that Mel's support is conditional and their friendship suffers. The final nail in the coffin comes when Mel wheels Peter in to "help" the vulnerable Kath with "closure". A Mexican theme night provides a platform for competitive alpha male games between Adam and Mick. Though Adam's not conscious of it, Mick correctly guesses that Adam's dealing with some jealousy issues surrounding Mel. Ian has a new boyfriend, Ronan, who's a 'Men Empowering' motivational speaker type. Everyone hates him, except Jack who is interested in his message. Clint and Danielle do battle at the traditional Mexican arm wrestling challenge.moreless
    • Something Fishy
      Something Fishy
      Episode 14
      Peter cheats on Kath. She tries various tactics to deal with it, including trying to accommodate his infidelity and some sexy role-playing. However, despite her best efforts Peter still feels he's being tied-down to a commitment he's not ready for. He breaks things off with Kath, leaving her more distraught than she's ever felt before about a man. Mel invites Mick to her school reunion. She's nervous about what her old school friends will tell Mick about her, but even more worried about facing up to her old nemesis, Natalie. This is exacerbated when it turns out Natalie is actually an old flame of Mick's. However, they end up having a "grown-up" conversation and Mel realises she was seeing Natalie through neurotically adolescent eyes. Adam teases Mel by alleging he plans to put a motorised 10-foot Mel look-alike atop the Gates. He ends up helping her out of a fix and the thaw between them starts.moreless
    • Do You Feel What I Feel?
      Mick's leaving & Mel must decide whether to make a move: it's now or never. She charges in, while working to get a young couple together (and stop them suing Man Alive). But it's not smooth sailing and Mick leaves in a huff. Meanwhile Paige has met Jamie, a quirky, young maths teacher who she falls for, alarming Mel. But despite Paige jumping him, his analytical mind does a cost/benefit analysis of the situation and he informs Paige that the two of them don't add up. When Paige can't change his mind she paint-bombs his car. Clint's become a porn star. His handiwork's useful to others in the story, but he eventually gets fired for Wood Problems when, inspired by acting coach Tre, he worries too much about his motivation.moreless
    • Break An Egg
      Break An Egg
      Episode 12
      Paige auditions for a part as a dancer in a music video. Everyone supports her in their own way and Doug (who Paige has been seeing in secret since Mel gave him his marching orders in Episode 11) bribes the judges when she doesn't make the cut. Paige ends up getting the part, but can't enjoy her success, especially as it has come at the expense of a new romance, Kane. She eventually tells Doug to leave: she doesn't like what he's turning her into. Mel discovers Doug's involvement, but lets Paige deal with it on her own. As Kath's 30th birthday approaches she wonders whether she can fulfil her teenage plan to have a baby by that date. Peter thinks she's rushing it. He gives her a "care exercise" to demonstrate she's not ready: she must care for an egg. Kath bungles the exercise and cheats in order to keep the truth from him. However, even when she's apparently succeeded in the task she realises that Peter's just looking for a way to take the spotlight off his own reluctance to have children. Having been spurned by Jessica, Jack sets out to find a girlfriend and meets a woman with a foot fetish. They strike up an unlikely relationship.moreless
    • Revelations
      Episode 11
      Leslie's emotional stability takes another hit when she learns of the death of her second husband Terrence. To Paige's chagrin, Mel insists Leslie move in with them. However, Doug reveals his true nature when he takes advantage of the situation, borrowing money from Mel and selling off Leslie's possessions to repay some dodgy debts while telling Mel the loan is for a legitimate business. Devastated at discovering that Doug's used the money to pay off a debt by putting it on a horse, Mel says she doesn't want anything more to do with him. An old flame of Tre's shows up, requiring a peculiar kind of "sexual healing" from her. Richard thinks he's bad news and Clint thinks he's Satan. When the sex starts draining Tre's energy, they help her steal it back. In the process we observe a frisson growing between Tre and Richard. Adam turns down an offer from Danielle and Chocolate to end his lengthy sexual drought. Instead, he meets Jessica, a sales rep who uses her sex appeal to sell her line of ready-to-drink beverages. Despite Jack having "a thing" for her, Jessica only has eyes for Adam. A wild night of passion sees the two embarking on a relationship.moreless
    • Fish Out Of Water
      Fish Out Of Water
      Episode 10
      Kath takes the unprecedented step of asking Peter to move in with her. Peter's initially the one who finds the idea scary and Kath works hard to help him cope. It looks like things are coming together for them when she's floored by a violent allergic reaction. Ruling out a reaction to their first 'joint' pet, she works out it's actually a psychosomatic reaction to Peter - her subconscious is freaking out. She fights the symptoms by learning a lesson from Peter's goldfish, treating the situation as a series of nights that Peter's come over to stay. Paige helps a foreign exchange student, Juanita, by offering to let her stay at Mel's apartment for a while. She's confused and taken aback when Juanita takes an interest in her, but nevertheless reciprocates a kiss. However, Juanita believes Paige is merely using her to split-up with Josh. This ends Paige's 'experimentation'. With Mick a continuous presence at Man Alive, Mel gets a "f*%#! hutch", a secret apartment to herself, so she can enjoy a more private sex life. She dates Randall, discovering too late that he writes raunchy, 'tell-all' pornographic novels. Meanwhile, Doug and a friend con Glenn into investing money in a gay-friendly resort that doesn't actually exist.moreless
    • Once Bitten
      Once Bitten
      Episode 9
      Mel is aware of a growing attraction between her and Mick. Peter and Kath are challenged by their pasts.
    • When Good Families go Bad
      Mel struggles to bring the whole family together for a "surprise" 17th birthday party for Paige. This is particularly challenging when it comes to convincing Leslie to be in the same room as Doug. Paige asks Mel for a specific present - permission to have sex at home - and spends the day making it hard for grandfather Doug to win her over. They eventually bond before the end of the party. While the party's a success on some levels, it also brings nasty conflicts and uncomfortable truths to the surface. Leslie's given pills by Finn that make her manic. She and Doug war over the dinner table, and Doug reveals a nasty streak of homophobia to Glenn. Paige and Josh fall out over his tacky lingerie present that he gives her, and after a day's agonising Glenn gives Paige an expensive gift - a motor scooter - that has disastrous consequences. Kathryn agrees to meet Peter's parents, only to find out she already knows his step-mother Sarah in the Biblical sense. She tries to keep this secret from Peter while fending off renewed advances from Sarah, but the truth outs at Paige's birthday party. Meanwhile Paige and Del's involvement in a protest against battery farming results in Man Alive being over-run by a horde of panicked chickens...moreless
    • Daddy's Girl
      Daddy's Girl
      Episode 7
      Mel attempts to reconnect with her father, Doug, but in the process discovers things she would rather not know. Meanwhile, as Glenn attempts to bond with Paige, he is left holding the ecstasy at a rave and finds himself in hot water with the police.
    • Flesh and Bones
      Flesh and Bones
      Episode 6
      After several abortive attempts at relationships, Mel decides to have nothing to do with men for 12 months but immediately falls into an online relationship which results in a shocking meeting. Meanwhile, Kath falls for her gynaecologist.
    • Father's Day Blues
      After an abortive "stranger sex" incident - and with apparent encouragement from a psychic - Mel decides she has to address her unresolved issues concerning her estranged father Doug. She sets out to track him down - despite opposition from Leslie - eventually learning he's dead and making her peace with his memory. Along the way she finds a new choreographer, Tre (the psychic). Much to Mel's amazement, Kath starts dating a conservative mayoral candidate and former kids' TV presenter. Kath can't quite work out what it is about him that's appealing either. Eventually she works out it's related to an early childhood sexual experience, however this revelation is too much for him and they split up. Mel charms an evangelist, Richard (whom Ian fancies) into becoming a stripper. Paige takes Glenn for granted until she sees how devastated Mel is over the news that Doug is dead, and then makes it up to him. Leslie is emotionally & mentally vulnerable when it comes to matters concerning Doug.moreless
    • Can You Handle It?
      Adam scuttles Mel's plans to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of Man Alive by organising a Gates re-opening party that night. While he pursues a petty vendetta, she attempts to deal with her anger more constructively. She tries various strategies, including reluctantly attending anger management classes. She ends up finding a personal challenge to channel her aggression into, and proves in the end that she can be the bigger person - impressing Mick in the process. Paige - with Glenn's encouragement - successfully takes on the conservative head mistress who bans same-sex partners from going to the school ball. But Glenn's not prepared when the gay boys they've stood up for decide to "celebrate" their victory in an unsavoury way. Kath is dating Ben, but discovers there's something distinctly "unusual" about him: he has two of something most guys only have one of. She decides she has to break-up with him.moreless
    • Taking the Plunge
      Mel's radical attempt to get over Adam involves a "sex without strings" strategy. Kath teaches her how to pounce, and she experiments with mixed results with some plumbers. She also continually makes a fool of herself in front of New Guy on the Block, Mick. (Who we discover owns the Gates of Heaven.) In the end - with the assistance of zoo animals - Mel finds a different kind of one night stand to help her move on. Feeling their sex life is getting stale, Kath suggests a 3-some with her boyfriend Tim and is pleasantly surprised when he agrees to the 3rd party being male. However, she goes off the idea pretty quickly when Tim pays too much attention to him and not enough to Kath. When Tim tells her she's a bit too vanilla in bed she's hugely insulted and they break-up. Finn tries to get his own back with Paige, infecting her with head lice. However, she gets her own back with Jack's help and a little laxative...moreless
    • All About Adam
      All About Adam
      Episode 2
      Melissa goes too far in her attempts to win back Adam. Along the way she threatens her dignity, questions her sanity and ultimately ends up destroying their relationship for good. She now has an ex-lover who hates her- and he works just across the road. Paige takes on her drama teacher when she misses out on a role in a school play. She's convinced the girl who got it gave sexual favours to secure the role. Even though she's proven wrong, the teacher loses his job anyway but shows up as Mel's new stripper, Finn. Adam moves into Vince's old place and starts making changes, but the ghost of Vince isn't quite ready to let go yet.moreless
    • Saying Goodbye
      Saying Goodbye
      Episode 1
      Mel arrives home from Samoa to find Vince dead. She seems to be truly traumatised by this, but eventually it's revealed she's channelling her grief about something that happened between her and Adam in Samoa. She shuts out Kathryn, but has to deal with Adam when he shows up from Samoa announcing he's inherited the Gates of Heaven from Vince. A reluctant Paige is asked to take care of funeral arrangements, and pulls it off in typically Paige-esque fashion. Jack thinks he must quit his bar-tending job at Man Alive after misunderstanding Vince's dying words. He sets out on a humiliating job search but Danielle eventually straightens him out by revealing what Vince's final words really meant. Clint will have nothing to do with funerals, dying or death. He 'chooses life' with disastrous results for a succession of small animals.moreless
  • Season 1