The Strip

Thursday 8:30 PM on The Nine Network Premiered Sep 04, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • The acting is wooden, the caracters are gross stereotypes but the plots are decent and that puts it in a class above the other Aussie cop show to start at the same time 'Rush'

    Being as fair as I can the acting in this show isn't great but that may well be due to the cartoonish stereotypes of the characters. Main character Detective Cross is the quintisential tough guy, emotionless and confidently walks into a bikie club house without backup and come out ontop and unscathed. Other main character Detective Tully is sleeping her way through the Gold Coast if there is anybody on the coast she hasn't slept with we're yet to meet them. As supporting cast we have a want to be bimbo and a horny incompetent kid.

    Still the plots are generally decent and in these days of over formulastic story lines that makes the show worth a look.
  • Ok, so the story-line's are OK (at best) but the acting is just pathetic. It's quite funny to watch and laugh at how pathetic the acting of the two main characters is.

    This show could be better. But then again, it's yet another Australian drama that's based on the same line as CSI, NCIS etc. Where's the originality? In saying that, the episodes i've seen have had OK plots, but nowhere near great.

    Now, the acting. Pfft, what a joke! No expression, No skill. Sorry, but no. The characters are boring and lifeless. The actors either have no skill, or the producers can't write them a good script. Give me Rush any day, now thats a good Aussie Drama. Lets hope it gets better, although I won't know because im not watching it again!