The Sub-Mariner

(ended 1966)



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The Sub-Mariner

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Prince Namor was better known to us as the Sub-Mariner, the king of the Seven Seas. The adventures were set in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, which he ruled and protect.

This series was based on the Marvel Comics' superhero, and was aired as part of The Marvel Superheroes Show cartoon block.
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  • One of the first Marvel superheroes ever created stars in his own animated series.

    This series is a classic; it features the Sub-Mariner, the king of Atlantis, and his adventures trying to protect his kingdom. The animation is somewhat different from the other "Marvel Superheroes" shows from the '60s, and I say that in a good way.

    The stories however, seem a little childish, which is kind of weird considering the stories were lifted straight from the comics. I guess this means that some stories have a greater effect on paper than when animated.

    Overall, the series is quite enjoyable, but if you are looking for a high-definition, action-packed show, this isn't for you. Some episodes have great potential, but something is still missing.moreless
  • The Sub-Mariner is a decent cartoon from Marvel comics.

    Seen a couple of episodes and got to say it's decent. The animation is typical of the way they did other Marvel cartoons in the 60's but it suits it. The voices are well done here including John Vernon as Sub-Mariner.

    There's a lot of action and we're not talking like cardboard cutouts but decent action scenes. The stories are involving and entertaining. Every episode is different. There are a couple of different villains and monsters. We also have a love story with Namor and Lord Dorma.

    It also seems that Sub-Mariner is currently in the works for a feature film in 2008. Like so many Marvel comic book characters they want to bring everything to the big screen.

    Anyhow, it's decent and like Spider-Man this one had a long run of 39 episodes. That's something considering that other Marvel cartoons didn't have as many episodes.

    Also the episodes ran for about twenty minutes. The usual Marvel cartoons around this time (Hulk, Ironman) ran for about seven minutes.

    Check it out.moreless