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Submission guidelines (Please read before submitting)

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    Welcome to the guide for The Sub-Mariner.

    Here are just a few rules on submissions that should be followed:

    1. All work (except for quotes, episode titles, etc.) must be your original work; do not copy from another site.

    2. All notes must be facts, not opinions. Make sure that they are important facts. First/last appearances of characters are acceptable.

    3. Quotes must be important, funny, or anything like that. All Quotes must be formatted correctly per standards, which can be found HERE.

    4. Trivia is for goofs and maybe a few other things.

    5. Please use proper grammar and spelling; if you make 1 or 2 mistakes that is fine, I will try to edit them in my queue, but I need to understand what you were trying to say.

    6. Summaries should be over 4 sentences long, and shouldn't contain any spoilers.

    7. Recaps should completely explain the episode, be longer than the episode summary and can contain spoilers.

    8. If you are adding production codes for the episodes, please provide a source so I can verify the information; otherwise they will be rejected.

    9. Please do not ask to be a trusted user; I will appoint one only if I feel I need one and/or he/she deserves to be trusted for the guide (by submittiing quality information; etc.)

    10. I do accept Wikipedia as a source for your submissions, but if possible please provide a second source.

    If I do reject your submission, I will include what you submitted before and tell you what it wrong with it so you have the opportunity to edit it and submit it again.

    And on a final note, everyone is welcomed to contribute to the guide and all submissions are appreciated, as long as they're valid.

    If you have any other questions or didn't understand something, please PM me about it.
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