The Sub-Mariner

Season 1 Episode 3

The Unveiling (3)

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 1966 on

Episode Recap

Namor confronts Fred and George, saying that they aren't his friends. They convince Namor to come meet Ms. B., who promises him she'll let him go as soon as he hears what she has to say.

Ms. B. tells Namor a story about a sea captain who was testing bombs in the sea, and not knowing, destroying the kingdom of Atlantis. The King wanted to send a military force to the surface land to attack, but fearing that would only lead to a war, his daughter the princess convinced him to let her go alone. Once aboard the ship, she fainted, but was revived by water the captain gave her. They both fell in love with each other and decided to marry, thus re-uniting their two races.

However the King of Atlantis who didn't any of what happened, believing his daughter was being held captive and that was the reason she did not return yet, sent out his forces to the ship to attack the humans aboard,. The princess saw how her husband was killed, and heart-broken she traveled back to Atlantis where she gave birth to a son, and soon after died.

Namor is revealed to be that child, and Ms. B. his grandmother, as the captain was her son. She tells Namor to live on the surface world with her, and all her fortune will be his. Namor however refuses, as he knows he has the fortune of Atlantis and that he could not live without Lady Dorma. Ms. B. realizes that she would only be denying his heritage by forcing him to live on the surface world, and helps him get pass the police aboard her yacht and lets him go back into the sea, to his kingdom, where Lady Dorma awaits.

Namor tells her he will never leave her or the kingdom of Atlantis ever again.