The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 22

A Midsummer's Nightmare

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack and Cody's school is putting on the Shakespearean play, "A Midsummer Nights Dream", where Cody tries to keep a certain kiss involving his new girlfriend and Zack from happening, and Zack tries to get a girl. London uses the principles of feng shui as she redecorates the Tipton.moreless

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  • Funny

    Zack and Cody sign up for theater to meet their latest crushes. But there is a bit of a rectangle. Zack likes a blonde girl, Cody likes a dark girl (Selena Gomez), but she likes Zack due to a kissing scene in the play and the blonde girl likes Cody. No one likes Agnes. Meanwhile, London returns from Japan and brings back Asian principles of Feng Shui. At first, Maddie, Moseby, and Esteban's luck is good, but then reverses. This was funny. Another funny episode.moreless
  • Well converted episode of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night dream"

    Still not one of my favorites, but it was a great episode nonetheless. It had funny moments, especially the play at the end and Carey being the Teacher's Assistant, giving that practical activity of copying your partner's actions. That whole scene made me laugh as well as the play at the end. Bob made my day at the end of this episode.

    It was original from SLOZAC's point of view. It made a far better episode than I first suggested. It was also Selena's first appearance on Disney!moreless
  • This was an average episode. It was funny but not one of the best and not one of my favorites.

    It wasn't one of the worst but it wasn't one of the best either. It was all about the school play but to me the best part was the fact that everyone was falling in love with the wrong person and in the end they all end up in a fight that was hilarious. The episode was o.k. but it wasn't as funny as it could have been and it had Agnes in it and I really never liked that character. There were some really funny moments but there were some boring moments too and the whole thing with London redecorating the Tipton was just kind of silly. I didn't think it was very funny.moreless
  • It's time for the school play and Cody hopes to land the role where he gets to kiss his new [hot] girlfriend, Gwen (Selena Gomez) but gets angry when Zack lands the part.moreless

    Ugh… Man do I hate Zack? Well.. at least in episodes like these where you think Cody has the hot girl, which this time is played by Selena Gomez.. who I didn't know played the part until now.. =| And well, the school play comes around and Cody hopes to get a main character that gets to kiss Gwen, who we all know will get the part of the character that gets to kiss the character that Cody wants. Zack? Well he's just doing the play to get closer to a girl, Vanessa, that I really didn't like.. Well I'll explain later, lol. =P Okay.. So Zack ends up getting the part and Cody ends up playing the… DONKEY!?! Yep, that's right. The donkey named "Bottom". That character MUST stink, in the words of Bob, lol. =P Zack gets the role of the character Cody wants… the one that sounds like the name of a mouthwash.. Also in the words of-Zack! Anyways, when they rehearse the kissing scene, Zack wins Gwen over with a kiss and now everybody likes the wrong person.. *coughs* ..Ok.. Here's the info: Cody likes Gwen. Gwen likes Zack. Zack likes Vanessa. Vanessa likes Cody.

    Ok, well Cody still has someone to like him, but Vanessa isn't as near as pretty as Gwen. I know looks aren't everything, but come on, lol! And now Zack is mad at Cody for "stealing his woman" and Cody is mad at Zack for "stealing his woman". And man, do things get confusing. Well, it ends up that all the girls get mad at the boys and well.. dump them I guess? Lol, good episode. Just wish Cody would of walked away with Gwen. =(moreless
  • The twins are participating in an adaptation of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream". Where during the play love blossoms for the two boys. Also London trys to improve the luck of the Hotel.moreless

    This episode suprised me. The suprise came from four great performances. That did not come from the main cast but by the supporting cast. Three of note were guest stars. The charming Selena Gomez was terrific in this episode. I'm glad she now has her own show. Another terrific performance came from Gage Golightly. She had the shortest lines but she nailed all of it perfectly and was equally as charsimatic as her costars. My favorite of the three guest stars was Allie Grant. This young lady stole every scene. I was amazed by her comedic timing at this stage of her young career. I hope these three young ladies have terrific agents. Becuase there each very talented and have bright futures ahead of them. I also have to give credit to Charlie Stewart who was terrific in this episode as well. I could have given the episode a perfect score if not for the scenes in the Tipton. Though well done the scenes pale in comparison to the scenes involving the play which I wanted to see more of. Yet all in all a terrific episode.moreless
Gage Golightly

Gage Golightly


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Ernie Grunwald

Ernie Grunwald

Mr. Forgess

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Allie Grant

Allie Grant


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Charlie Stewart

Charlie Stewart


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Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle


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Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R'Mante


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • When Esteban is reading the telegram, as he says, "The oil my uncle struck was from an underground pipeline.", you can see Mr. Moseby and the extras waiting in the background for their cue.

    • Mr. Moseby is at the front desk by the waterfall when talking to London, but right after, as Esteban is reading the telegram, he's coming out from the other side of the lobby.

    • Mr. Moseby's check in desk was moved for a total of three times in this episode.

    • At the beginning when London comes in the doors saying, "I brought presents!", she never actually gives anybody anything as a present in this episode.

    • If you count, Zack and Gwen kiss for fifteen seconds.

    • In a past episode, "Smart and Smarterer", Mr. Forgess was a Social Studies teacher, now he is a drama teacher.

    • After Cody states that everyone likes the wrong person, Agnes says "Well then who likes me?" and Cody replies with no one. If you look close, you can see Cody flinch, before Agnes hits him.

    • The second time the messenger falls, it's because he slips on a rug. However, when you slip on a rug, it wrinkles and scrunches up. This rug stays exactly the same, because the messenger just jumps into the air.

    • When Maddie said she found a $100 bill on the ground, but when she holds it up, George Washington is on the front, which means it was a $1 bill.

    • When Maddie is caught with the counterfeit bill, the FBI show up. However in the US, the FBI don't handle fake money. That is the job of the Secret Service.

    • The mirroring exercise was also used in a bunch of other shows: "Big Brother" for a task, "Will and Grace" "Friends", (which Cole and Dylan Sprouse played the role of Ben in some of the episodes) and also "Hannah Montana" which was created by some of the writers of this show.

    • When Maddie is picked up by the FBI man, you assume that he is taking her downtown, However when London gets the phone call, they are just standing there listening. He would have already taken her out of the hotel.

    • When the FBI agent says Maddie's 100 dollar bill was fake, she opens her mouth and covers her hand, but you think she's not saying anything, but she actually said, "Can I come down later?" Her mouth was moving, but it didn't match what she said, as it was probably dubbed over.

    • Bob's crown hits a woman on the head when he throws it into the cheering crowd.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Carey: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore as winged Cupid painted blind.
      Mr. Forgess: (clapping) Wow! That was fantastic!
      Carey: Thanks, well I did a bit of Shakespeare in my younger days.
      Zack: But that's ancient history now.

    • Agnes: So you say, just keep the kissing to a minimum.

    • Bob: A fairy...I hate my mom!

    • Vanessa (after hearing that Cody and Gwen broke up): If you need a shoulder to cry on...I'm available.
      Zack: NO! I mean...he can't. He has a...meeting with the Geek Club!
      Cody: It's the GLEE Club.
      Zack: Have you seen the people that walk in there?!

    • Carey: Come on, Pumpkin!
      Zack: Mom, icksnay on the umpkinpay.
      Carey: Orrysay.

    • Cody: (after Agnes describes the love situation) Hey! This is just like the play!

    • Zack: Say, Agnes, I think I left my jacket in homeroom. Could you go get it for me? I'm cold. Agnes: Oh, here! You can wear my sweater, Zackibooboo! (Agnes puts her light pink jacket on Zack)

    • Zack: (to Vanessa) Maybe you didn't recognize me because I've been weight training. Wanna feel my guns?

    • Gwen: (to Zack, dressed up as Lysander) What are you doing, my Lysander? It's me you love, remember?

    • Mr. Forgess: Well, I think you guys really got to understand the theme of the play.
      Zack: Girls stink.
      Cody: Never work with your brother.
      Bob: I should've gone with the oboe.
      Mr. Forgess: Close enough.

    • London: Don't you love what I've done to the place?
      Mr. Moseby: (behind a wall) Don't you think people are gonna have trouble finding the check-in desk?
      London: If they do, you can just ring the chimes like this. (rings chimes) Check in over here!
      Mr. Moseby: (wearing a large robe) I have issues with this outfit. Well, there is no place to put my wallet and I'm feeling an uncomfortable breeze!
      Maddie: London, I have a little situation at the candy counter.
      London: What's the situation?
      Maddie: It's outside and I'm freezing to death!
      London: Well, that's because you've got your summer kimono on, silly.
      Maddie: Why can't I wear my old uniform?
      London: Because it's in disharmony with the lobby.
      Maddie: I'm not even in the lobby!

    • G-Man: Are you Madeline Fitzpatrick?
      Maddie: That's me! Did I win the lottery?
      G-Man: Actually, we want to talk to you about the $100 bill you spent yesterday. It's a counterfeit.
      Maddie: What?
      G-Man: I'm afraid you'll have to come downtown and answer some questions.
      Maddie: But can I keep the watch?
      G-Man: I think you may be doing time, not keeping it.

    • Cody: (looks at the cast list for the play) I'm Bottom? Zack: That part must stink! Cody: But that's the character who gets turned into a donkey. Bob: A donkey named Bottom? Definitely stinks! Cody: Oh, yeah? What part did you get? Bob: Well, whatever it is, it's got to be better than Bottom. Agnes: You're Puck, the fairy. Bob: A fairy?! I hate my mom!

    • London: See, this is a Ba Gua.
      Esteban: (carrying several luggage bags on his back) It is also the only thing she carried.
      London: It's a chart that shows how to rearrange your space to enhance different areas of your life, like good health, good fortune. Uh-oh!
      Mr. Moseby: Uh-oh what?
      London: Uh-oh, your lobby is way out of alignment!
      Esteban: (still carrying all the bags) So is my spine!

    • Mr. Moseby: How was your stay at the Tokyo Tipton?
      London: Fantastic!
      Mr. Moseby: Not as fantastic as the Boston Tipton, right?
      London: Actually, daddy says the Tokyo Tipton is the best Tipton ever.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, yeah? What's so great about it?
      London: The lobby there was decorated according to the Asian principles of Feng Shui. I mean, you can really feel the difference in the energy flow. It went right through you.
      Maddie: Are you sure you didn't just eat some bad sushi? (laughs)
      (London glares at her)

    • London: I'm back! Who missed me?
      (no one in the lobby pays attention to her)
      London: I brought presents!
      (everyone starts welcoming her back)

    • Bob: Am I too late to audition? I hope.
      Mr. Forgess: Hey, Bob, I'm happy to see you here. I didn't know you had an interest in Shakespeare.
      Bob: I don't. My mom said it was this or oboe lessons.
      Mr. Forgess: Oh, love the enthusiasm.

    • Mr. Forgess: (clapping; to Zack) Oh, wow! Great audition! Isn't that a beautiful speech? "Behold." No one says that anymore. Why not? It's a perfectly good word. Behold, my tie is blue! Behold, I got it on sale!
      Cody: Behold, Mr. Forgess has toilet paper stuck to his shoe!
      Mr. Forgess: Oh, hey, that's very good. (looks at his shoe) Oh! Uh, I'll be right back.

    • Gwen: Hey Cody. I was thinking, and it might be a good idea if we see other people.
      Cody: Other people, we've barely seen each other.
      Gwen: O come on, we've had some pretty good times.
      Cody: You mean yesterday?
      Gwen: Exactly, glad you understand.

    • Cody: (as the donkey) What a fine idea my Queen! But first you must changith me back into a dude!

    • Agnes: You like Gwen, and Gwen likes Zack, Zack likes Vanessa, and Vanessa likes you. Cody: Exactly. Agnes: Well, who likes me? Cody: No one. Agnes: Hey! (Agnes hits Cody) Cody: And maybe that's why!

    • Moseby: Although my horn did fall off my bike.
      Esteban: And I'm working over-time to help send money to my uncle.
      Maddie: And I've got a meeting with the FBI on Wednesday.
      London: (running in) Great news! The magazine made a mistake. I am on the best dressed list.
      Maddie: (sarcastically) Great!
      London: Plus, daddy bought me a brand new jet.
      Moseby: (sarcastically) Lovely, would you like a horn to go with it? (honks horn)
      London: Thanks. (takes the horn) And best of all, he told me some farmer in Central America drilled into a Tipton pipeline, and we're gonna take over their ranch and build a brand new vacation house. (Esteban weeps) That Feng Shui stuff was such a waste of time, isn't it? Great to have our luck back the way it was, yay us!
      (London walks away) (the three clap there hands in unison)
      Maddie, Moseby, & Esteban: Yay us.

    • (everyone has partnered up and are doing mirroring exercises) Agnes: You seem like a nice girl, and I would hate to see you get hurt. Gwen: Why would I get hurt? Agnes: Cause if your onscreen kiss with my Zackikins last more than 1 and a half seconds, I'm going to flatten you like roadkill. (Gwen's mouth drops open, Agnes mimics her) Carey: Nice facial work, girls!

    • Esteban: I'm rich, I'm rich -- yay me!!!

    • Maddie: Like moving around furniture is going to increase anyone's wealth. Ooh, 100 dollars!

    • London: Daddy says I can do anything I want!
      Moseby: Oh dear.
      Maddie: Good luck with that...

    • Zack: Hey Vanessa, we both have something in common...we both like looking at you!
      Vanessa: D-do I know you?

  • NOTES (28)


    • In this episode, Maddie says to Moseby: "Good luck with that", but Moseby is usually the one saying that to Maddie.

    • When Agnes says, "You like Gwen, and Gwen likes Zack, and Zack likes Vanessa, and Vanessa likes who likes me?" This accurately describes the theme of the play, Midsummer Night's Dream. In the play, Lysander and Hermia were in love, like Cody and Gwen. Then, Hermia was still in love with Lysander, but Lysander was put under a spell to fall in love with Helena, who was in love with Demetrius. Demetrius was originally in love with Hermia because she was forced to wed him. Although, the difference is that in the play, later, both Demetrius was put under a spell too, so he loved Helena as well.

    • The couple of Zack and Vanessa may be a reference to Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens, who played the couple of Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical.

    • When Maddie, Moseby, and Esteban chanted, "We're rich! We're rich!",
      that's exactly what Zack and Cody chanted in "Grounded on the 23rd Floor".

    • Title: Midsummer Night

      There is a famous play called, A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is by William Shakespeare.