The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 8

A Prom Story

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 06, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Maddie has her prom at the Tipton Hotel after realizing there is nowhere else to have it. Zack thinks that he will be her date, but ends up getting disappointed. Cody starts to act like a mime.

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  • Okay, I guess...

    Zack wants to go to the prom with Maddie, but she has a date of her own, much to Zack's dismay. Meanwhile, a circus convention is held at the Tipton, and Cody learns mimes from one of the visitors.

    It was a lot better than I thought it would be.
  • One of my personal favorites!

    This was an awesome episode! I loved both Zack and Cody equally in this episode. It was hilarious how Cody wanted to become a mime, but fails miserably! Zack's part was great. I loved the scene where he helps Maddie with her dancing and how he eventually believes that he is Maddie's date. I also loved the scenes at the prom, especially the sweet Maddie and Zack scene at the end of this episode. Great episode!moreless
  • Zack was foolish to like Maddie.

    A Prom Story wasn't really my favourite storyline as I have deliberately said thaT this series has got the lack of creativity.

    Cody's plot was interesting but i just felt well, it got dragged on for quite a fairly long time. So, I got a bored watching this one.

    And don't even get me started on Zack's plot. His plot was foolish. A 12-year old tiny boy with a tall gorgeous 15-year old? As if. They don't match and I just felt they weren't meant for each other. I believe Carey was right when she told them to find dates their OWN age.

    The music played during the prom was completely wrong. No person at that age likes circus music! So overall, not a must-see episode.moreless
  • This episode was one of Zacks best episodes. Maddie is having her prom at the tipton and Zack thinks that he is going to be her date.

    Maddie is talking to London about a boy that she likes that is not her age and Zack overhears her and thinks that she is talking about him. He thinks that he is going to be Maddies date at the prom. He is crushed when he finds out that the boy she was talking about wasn't him. But the show has a happy ending when Maddie and Zack dance in what I think was one of the most touching scenes ever in the series. The other story with Cody wanting to be a mime was hilarious but Zack stole the show in this episode. Cody had some hilarious moments in this episode though. He drove that poor mime crazy and in the end he got the guy so upset that he ended up breaking his vow of silence to yell at Cody. The episode was great for many reasons.moreless
  • Zack helps Maddie set up her dream prom, but gets disappointed when he is mistaken for thinking Maddie likes him for the 3-year age difference.

    I've always been a strong supporter of the Zack/Maddie relationship, and don't tell me about the three-year age difference.. 'cause I know about it!! I still will always love Zack/Maddie no matter if the writers of TSL never looked as Zack/Maddie to ever go far.

    Well, Maddie is holding her prom in the Tipton ballroom. She is hoping London will hook her up with this great band that I forgot the name of, but they cancelled and the prom is a complete disaster. Well wait.. Let's flashback a bit, shall we?

    Zack is "teaching Maddie how to dance" and when Carrie comes home, Zack is all pissed off about how she "ruins the moment", lol and such and he goes to his room. He peaks out of his room door and hears how Maddie compliments on his great dancing and then hears about how she wanted to ask one who was an age difference of about 3 years to the prom. So does that mean she wants to ask out Zack? Me and Zack sure hope so!

    But Zack is disappointed when instead of 15 - 3 = ZACK it's 15 + 3 = JEFF.. I think, lol. =P But I really felt sorry for Zack and Maddie kind of acted like a jerk when she didn't do anything to Zack after he came in and turned the prom around and made it actually fun. But eventually Carrie talks to her and tells her all about what Zack did and said and stuff, and eventually Maddie would understand and dance with Zack only if he promised he would dance with her at his prom, lol. And then it was all a happy ending and this was probably my favorite episode of the season, maybe series, idk! But certainly a great eppy! =Dmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Zack considers the circus better than the zoo, but in real life Dylan Sprouse (who plays Zack) actually wants to become a zookeeper.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits: when Maddie walks through the front door with her prom dress on, when Zack is in the elevator fixing his tie, and when Zack pulls Maddie in when he is teaching her slow dancing.

    • When Carey wipes the shaving cream off of Zack's face, there is still a little spot left on his chin.

    • When Maddie enters the hotel on Prom night and she is saying "Wow" you can see a screen monitor in the reflection of the spiral door.

    • Carey says "Your foot's tapping!" but Mr. Moseby's not tapping his foot. He's swinging it.

    • When Cody is calling for Maurice (the mime), Maurice hides behind a bell hop, then when he comes back from behind the bell hop, we see Cody and Maurice talking and the bell hop disappeared.

    • When Zack and Maddie are talking, the mime is behind Maddie, the camera focuses in on Zack, and we see people back behind him. Then when they show them both again, the clown and people that were behind Zack, are now behind Maddie, hiding the mime.

    • Zack thinks that Cody is being childish by pretending to be a mime. But when Zack finds out that Maddie wasn't going to take him to the prom, Cody pretends to pull Zack. Zack yells "Let me go!" but how did he know that Cody was pretending to pull on him? Also, it doesn't make sense for Zack to play along with the miming since he thought it was babyish.

    • Carey tells Zack, after he finds out that Maddie wasn't taking him to the prom, that Maddie would want to take someone out who is her own age, but Maddie just told Carey the night before that there is a three year age difference between herself and the guy that she is interested in.

    • When Jeff messes up Maddie's hair, it gets fixed before Carey even fixes it up.

    • Zack and Maddie are dancing with other people around them but, when they show a bird's-eye view of them, all the other people are gone.

    • During the dance there are two girls hanging from the ceiling and they are on two ropes then the camera angle changes and they are on one rope in a different position.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Cody: Mr. Moseby, you gotta see this, this so cool. This guy went down stairs but there's no stairs.
      Mr. Moseby: I know. I have seen it before.
      Cody: Yeah, but not like this. (to Maurice) Come on, do it! Do it, do it, do it!
      (Maurice nods his head, and goes down stairs. Sure enough, there are no stairs)
      Cody: Now, watch me Mr. Moseby. Maurice thinks I'm really good.
      (Mr. Moseby looks at Maurice. Maurice shakes his head, but when Cody turns round, he smiles.)
      Cody: OK, now I start the basement. Here I go, see! It looks like I'm walking down stairs but I just fold up a little more each time. So it looks like I'm walking down stairs, but I'm really not.
      Mr. Moseby: Ain't a mime supposed to be silenced?

    • Maddie: Now if you'll excuse me, my prom committee will be here any minute.
      Zack: Prom huh? So who you goin' with?
      Maddie: No one, well..yet. I'm holding up for someone special. You know, someone handsome, and sweet, funny and smart.
      Zack: When you say smart, do you mean like someone who just got an 85 on his vocabulary quiz? (takes out test and shows it to her)

    • (Maurice checks in)
      Mr. Moseby: Room for one, sir?
      (Maurice open the box, a woman wrapped in there, she waves to Moseby)
      Mr. Moseby: He said to me, room for two. I'm glad if someone in your hat.
      (Maurice puts down his hat and shows Moseby that no one's there)

    • Cody: Okay, here's the course. Down the street, to the park, make a 180 around the statue, avoiding the pigeon poop, grind the bench, and back.
      Zack: We can't. The police have blocked the street off.
      Cody: Oh man I hope it's not the president again. Last time he was here it was a totally zoo.
      Zack: (Out of the elevator to the lobby) this is better than a zoo!
      Cody: Yeah, It's a circus. And its run away to us!

    • Cody: (To Maurice the mime) How do you order take-outs? I bet your phone bill is!

    • Zack: Wait until Maddie sees me in this tux. She'll realize age is just a number and we'll no longer need to hide our love.
      Cody: Oh please! Do you realize how ridiculous you're being?
      Zack: Me?! (turns around and stares at Cody who wears a mime outfit) Have you looked in the mirror lately?

    • Maddie: (Reacting to Zack and Cody's costumes) Zack, you look ...... Wow and Cody, you look ...... Whoa.

    • Zack: So what age do you consider grown-up? (Hopeful tone) 13?
      Maddie: (Chuckles) No, more like 18.
      Zack: So then...2,189 days from now, we have a date? (Maddie gives him a look) I've also been doing better at math.
      Maddie: When did you suddenly become so interested in school?
      Zack: When you said you wanted someone smart.
      Maddie: (Smiling) That may be the nicest thing any boy---man---has ever said to me.
      Zack: So does that mean you'll come with me to my prom?
      Maddie: Tell you what. I'll dance with you at your prom if you dance with me at mine.
      Zack: (Hardly daring to believe it) Really?
      Maddie: Come on.
      (She and Zack hit the dance floor as a slow song plays)
      Zack: May I have this dance?
      (Maddie and Zack slow dance)

    • Carey: You know Zack, you do realize that there is a bit of an age difference between you and Maddie?
      Zack: So, when I'm 17 she'll be 20. We can get married in 48 states... plus Guam... I checked.

    • Zack: Mom, where's your razor?
      Carey: Why?
      Zack: Ever heard of a thing called morning stubble?
      Carey: I've heard of it. I've just never seen it on your face.
      Zack: That's because Maddie likes a clean shaven man.
      Carey: Well ya got that goin' for ya. (Wiping the shaving cream from Zack's face with a towel) But I think your expectations are about 4 to 5 years ahead of your face.
      Zack: I've got something special with Maddie. I love her. And she loves me. She just doesn't know it yet.
      Cody: (Miming a sneeze) Doofus!
      Carey: Cody, could you walk your dog in your room for a minute?
      Cody: (Miming being in a box) I can't hear you. I'm trapped inside a box.
      Carey: Go! Or I'll ship you and your box out of the country.

    • Zack: Woah, I feel a candy craving coming on.
      Cody: Don't you mean a Maddie craving?
      Zack: Either way, I'm still powerless.

    • Zack: (Running into lobby looking for the circus troupe) Hey Maurice!
      Maurice: (Trying to escape)
      Zack: No, no, no - don't run. You're confusing me with my twin brother. I've got a question for you and your troupe.
      Maurice: (Miming a call to his cast who all run to him to listen)
      Zack: Do you guys like accordion music?
      Maurice & Troupe: (Nod no)
      Zack: Are you interested in some free cocktail weenies?
      Maurice & Troupe: (Nod no, again)
      Zack: Look, the girl I love is in there. Her party is a disaster and if I can fix it, I'll be her hero. And one day when we get married and have kids, I'll tell them of this night. And how circus people are good, kind, caring people. And not horribly hideous freaks, like everyone thinks.
      Maurice & Troupe: (Enthusiastically mime their agreement to help)

    • Zack: Now is there anything else I could help you with?
      Maddie: Well, okay there is ONE thing I'm a little uncomfortable with and, need to practice.
      Zack: Kissing!?
      Maddie: (Laughing) No. Slow dancing.
      Zack: I know how to slow dance.
      Maddie: You do?
      Zack: (As he turns on the radio) Sure. See, mature interests. (Looking at Maddie) Oh, a romantic song. How fortuitous. I told you I got an 85 on my vocabulary test. (Reaching out his hand) May I have this dance? (Pulling Maddie to himself and proceeding to instruct) Now pop your elbow. Not like that. Now make your hand a light little feather. Lovely. Now, I am the frame and you are the pretty picture. Follow me. Step back. Step forward. Step back. Step forward. Now, under the bridge. Now, back under the bridge. Now, together. Apart. Together and (spinning around) run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, dip.
      Maddie: Hey, you're pretty good.
      Zack: Thank You.
      Maddie: You know, with your moves and your impressive vocabulary, all you need is a tux to be the perfect date.

    • Carey: (Walks in) Zack, time to take a bath, and get in your jammies.
      Zack: Thanks, mom. Way to kill a mood.

    • Mr. Moseby: Someone said this party was lame. It's not lame!

    • Maddie: You always overeat when you're upset.
      Zack: (Eats a mini hotdog) No I dont!

    • Maddie: Uh, London, do you think you could talk to Moseby about getting the ballroom for our prom?
      London: Sure.
      Jeff: Thank you! You are awesome!
      London: Oh, I love helping the poor and needy.
      Mary: We are not a charity.
      London: Have you seen what you're wearing?

    • Zack: May I pour you some more generic, powered fruit drink? It's grapple.
      Maddie: Zack, you're so cute. (Rubbing his hair)
      Zack: (Exasperated) Maddie, what do you take me for - a baby?
      Cody: (Miming crying)
      Maddie: Well, I am baby-sitting.
      Zack: You're adult-sitting... baby.
      Maddie: Yeah, you're right. You're not the same little kid you were... 2 months ago.
      Zack: That's right. I'm a guy with many mature interests.
      Maddie: Such as?
      Zack: Politics, culture, PG-13 movies.
      Cody: (Miming film-making)
      Zack: (Looking at Cody) Will you shut up!
      Zack: I made you a special desert.
      Maddie: Oh, speaking of desert. How would you guys like to serve some at my prom? Mosby charged me so much for the ballroom, I can't afford catering.
      Zack: Hey. If you're in trouble, we're there for you. I'm your man. That's what men do.
      Cody: (Miming puking)
      Zack: (Looking at Cody) Will you leave! (Miming blowing in Cody's direction)
      Cody: (Holding his hat and miming being blown away)

    • London: Do you think some lame school dance will make Jeff fall in love with you?
      Maddie: No, that's why I need Maroon 5!
      London: That is so completely superficial and shallow! I am so proud.

    • Zack: Did you hear that! Maddie wants me to dance with her at the prom. I better practice my kissing!
      Cody: Don't look at me!

    • Cody: We have cocktail weenies, we have bacon weenie quiches, we have buffalo wings. Mmm, spicy! We have mini meatballs, average size meatballs, and great big meatballs. We have chicken kabobs, lamb kabobs, and chicken AND lamb kabobs.
      Maurice: I AM A VEGETARIAN!!! (Sadly) 30 years of silence down the drain!
      Cody: Spinach dip?
      (Maurice does not answer)

    • Zack: Hey, sweet thing. What's the special today? I hope it's tall, blonde, and (mimes an hourglass shape) curvy.
      Maddie: Sorry, fresh out.

    • Jeff: No I won't go fish, you go fish!

    • Cody: Oh please, do you realize how ridiculous you're being?
      Zack: Me?? Have you looked in the mirror lately?
      Cody: This is the traditional costume of Le Mime.
      Zack: It also happens to be the traditional costume of Le Dork.

    • Maddie: London! Stop letting Jeff think you're fabulous!
      London: Is he rich?
      Maddie: No, but he is sweet, kind, smart and funny!
      London: Loser! Ugh, you can have him!

    • Zack: Ah, a romantic song, how fortuitous.

    • Zack: Mr. Perfect could be closer then you think.
      Maddie: In fact, he can be right in this very room.

    • Zack: No, I don't know what the fat content is!! Just stick it in the mustard, stick it in your mouth, and walk away!

    • Mr. Moseby: In fact, it's got a sort of infectious groove.
      Carey: Mr. Moseby, your foot's tapping!
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, well don't let my mama know! (Dances over to nuns)
      Mr. Moseby: Got a sister, Sister?!

  • NOTES (14)