The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 15

A Tale of Two Houses

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 17, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Sub Standard

    Zack and Cody's father shows the twins his apartment and they both invite a girl to hang out there, when he's not home. Meanwhile, London teaches Esteban how to act rich. Oh no, a below average episode. Why would their dates think they would own a suite? And London's not getting any better.
  • Weird episode

    Both parts of the episode were stupid to me, especially London's part. I hate her now officially. She just became so annoying. The least she could've done was show a little sympathy for Estaban when he became poor again but no. Bad episode highly recommend you not watching it. Waste of time.
  • poor

    kurt shows the boys his apartment and when he mentions he won't be there, they invite their dates on the same night. london teaches esteban how to act rich.

    it was OK, but i find it unbelievable that Zack's girlfriend and Barbara would believe that either of them owned a hotel. They're what, 16, 17? Now, some people around that age do, but usually when they don't want to live with their parents, and Zack's date and Barbare clearly knew they lived with carey still... they were incredibly dumb to believe them, and so my grade is a low "D"
  • When Kurt shows Zack and Cody his apartment, they are thrilled, and both invite their dates there on the same night.

    So Kurt comes for a visit and takes the kids off Carrie's hands for a bit to show them his new, or I guess it's new? Well anyways… his apartment and they are thrilled. It's a great apartment, and they immediately invite their girlfriends over to "their" apartment.

    Well first Zack invites his girlfriend over.. Then Cody invites Barbara over.. And Mark invites a model over as his girlfriend!?! When Cody came with Barbara, it kind of annoyed me, but Mark? That was the final straw. But eventually they would have an "ok" time playing spin-the-bottle only to be interrupted by Kurt, as a viking! Well then Kurt would tell them that's wrong and all, and then Carrie would come along wondering where the boys are and she'd test Kurt and see if he was being responsible. It was funny though when Carrie said- "Did you call the girls' parents?" And Kurt responded, "Only if they're single." That made me laugh out loud, lol.

    Overall, the episode was pretty good and I liked it. It was funny, but I wish they wouldn't of included Mark. He and the dumb model were pretty annoying, but that's just my opinion.
  • Esteban is rich!

    Zack and Cody each invite a girl over to their dad's empty apartment. Meanwhile, London teaches Esteban how to act rich because his family has seized power in his native country.

    In this episode, another main character besides Loudon gets rich. That character would be Esteban. I loved seeing him rich and someday, I hope he gets his money back. It was a very funny episode too. There should be more episodes like this because they are some of my favorite types of story lines. Oh yeah, and the Zack and Cody parts were awesome too. Great episode all around. 10/10
  • great episode

    Zack and Cody's dad pay a visit at the tipton after he gets a job at a theater a few blocks away. Zack and Cody go to their dad's new apartment to check it out. When their dad mentions that he's busy all day, Zack gets an idea of what to do with his absence. Zack takes a girl to the apartment, not knowing that Cody is also bringing a girl over. It's a really hilarious episode. The apartment scene looks so funny, i just can't stop laughing. The writers did a really cool job with the comedy, the jokes just keep coming.
  • Still...

    No Maddie in this episode. Esteban's family is on the throne again back in his home country and is rich so London teaches him how to be a proper rich person and Esteban buys London's suite. Meanwhile the twins mom is ruining their time with their girlfriends so they each decide to go over to the apartment on the other side of town and say that it is their condo to their girlfriends. The apartment is their dads who moves to Boston because he got a role as a viking in either a Broadway show or a opera I cant remember which one. But anyway Zack first sneaks his girlfriend over there and takes the key Kurt hides when he forgets his key and Cody sneaks his gf over there later. The twins each come up with some excuse to their mom that they are going somewhere else. The boys nerdy friend Hector sneaks his dumb "model" gf to the apartment also. When Kurt comes back after forgetting something that went with his viking outfit he discovers the kids there and they get in trouble. Meanwhile in London and Esteban's story Esteban loses all of his money and has to go back to his job at the Tipton.
    Carrie was funny when the boys left and it was strange but funny how London said the actions she felt like doing like when she wanted to laugh she would say laugh laugh. This episode was good but it was not the best season three episode it was I think so far the second worse season three episodes and but not the worst episode so I will give it a 6.9.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody usually has very great, intresting episodes, despite the downfall of the beggining of season three. However, mid-season 3, it boosted back up, and after watching this episode, I am afraid it is falling back down...

    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody usually has very great, intresting episodes, despite the downfall of the beggining of season three. However, mid-season 3, it boosted back up, and after watching this episode, I am afraid it is falling back down. It was kind of boring, and had unnecasary scenes, so I give this episode a 5.5.

    Ironically, it was very good the first time I watched it, with of course a bad ending. However, the second time I watched it, it was even worce, with the worst ending in the series.

    The substory was just OK. It was intresting, but it in a way dragged along.

    I hope future episodes are not like this...
  • A girlfriend based episode and no Maddie still?

    This episode is just like most of the episodes in season three. Very unoriginal and tiresome jokes. Zack wishes he could be alone with his girlfriend more since people keep on splitting them apart. So they sneak a date at his dad's apartment while he's out. Problem is, Cody also planned a date with Barbra over there and they both clash. While Estaphan becomes rich and London teaches him how to be rich.

    This episode is just alright like most of the episodes in season 3 so far. Showing Disney Channel is losing its touch. Although there are some funny parts, they've all been used before and the girlfriend thing is just very tiresome on Disney Channel shows nowadays. Though, this is what was like in season two but the sub-plot with Maddie and London saved season two. But since Maddie is gone, the sub-plots are losing their touch for the first time in this season. The one in this one was okay, but it was based on Estaphan. It should be on London and Nia at least. I do hope Maddie comes back or else the show will end terribly. I think she will. Curse the determination to HSM2. Without Maddie, this show is just ending like all the other shows on DC like Cory in the House and Hannah Montana. What happened to the old episodes of the twins hanging out at the hotel instead of caring about stupid relationships?
  • Zack and Cody invite girls over to their dad's apartment. London teaches Esteban how to be rich.

    Completely filler episode. Zack and Cody both secretly invite girls over to their father, Kurt's, apartment. La de dad, Kurt finds them and they get in trouble. London teaches Esteban how to be rich. Again London doing the workers jobs in "Orchestra" was funnier. The episode had it's jokes & Maddie is still missing. I have tons of ideas, why don't the writers call me? Esteban loses his money soon enough as always. A disappointment over "Orchestra's" hilarious last episode. The show isn't original anymore, the writers are running out of ideas. Hopefully Benchwarmers will be a funnier episode. Fingers crossed.
  • The boys dad has just moved into an apartment near to the tipton. So when Carrie forbids the boys to have girls over alone, the boys and their girlfriends sneak into the apartment while dad is out. But they get into some trouble when caught by dad.

    This is a major character developement episode. Zack and Cody learn to be a little more responsible. Also, Estabaun's family gets put back on the thrown in his home country. This causes him to become an odd, rough version of London. The twins learn to resect their parents wishes, but they don't learn until after getting caught in dad's apartment with a friend and three girls. Though I thought that the storyline jumped aroung too much, going from London and Estabaun at the Tipton to Zack and Cody in the apartment, I still think it was wonderfully plotted and overall a great episode that I couldn't stop watching.
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