The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 27

Ah, Wilderness

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 10, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Only liked the beginning

    Zack and Cody are going out with some other kids and Moseby as wilderness explorers. Cody gets jealous when Zack proves to be a natural outdoorsman. So he fakes that he found food. Meanwhile, London is furious that Maddie went out with a boy she said she disliked and they trouble Carey about it. This was mediocre. I didn't like it after a few minutes. This is where I stopped liking the show.
  • Not that Great. Quite funny in the first 5 or so minutes then BORING

    Nothing to say much here. I didn't like it that much and its certainly not a favorite of mine. There were a few good scenes with Moseby and the boys at the start and the final scene of the subplot had its moments, but not that great.
  • This was one of the more boring episodes of the series and not a favorite of mine.

    Zack and Cody join the grissly scouts and Zack ends up being the big hero in the wilderness and Cody gets jealous of this. And this is one of the most boring episodes. I don't think that I laughed even once during this episode. It wasn't funny at all and it's one of my least favorite episodes. Disney Channel shows this episode alot and I really don't know why. Like I said, the episode isn't funny and the story isn't very good. I don't have anything good to say about this episode at all. It's not a favorite of mine that's for sure.
  • The twins join the Grizzly Bears and go into the wild. Zack discovers himself to be better than Cody who then chooses to cheat his way to be better than Zack. His secret is soon discovered and he admits that Zack is finally better than him at something.

    This show was certainly worth watching. Very funny and entertaining as well. Though there were a lot of mistakes, they weren't very obvious since the producers made sure that the audience is focused on the acting, story and characters rather than the mistakes. The producers should definitely add shows to the series because their stories are very entertaining and very good. The producers should also push through to make a season 3 and hopefully a season 4. This show was also (in a way) educational because it kinda showed you how to survive in the wild. Others should watch it.
  • great episode

    Zack and Cody join the Wilderness Scouts with a couple of their friends. It turns out that their troop leader is Mr. Moseby. They go to the camp to earn their scout badges. Out in the wild, the tables are turned on Zack and Cody. It turns out that Zack has the skills to survive in the wild while Cody's straight As in school can't help him catch some fish. Back at the Tiptons, London becomes enraged when Maddie starts dating the boy that she broke up 2 years ago. Carey gets stuck in the middle of their quarrel. It's a hilarious episode.
  • It was really funny, Zack and Cody become part of the "wilderness" and Maddie and London argue over a boyfriend.

    At the beggining Zack and Cody became part of the wilderness scouts. Zack proves to be the better gatherer for food, and Cody gets jealous. He cheats and finds a hiker with food, and brings it back to the camp. Later, he gets found out but doesn't feel as bad as Zack praises him for his brains. While this is happening, Carey trys her hand at painting, but is consititanly being annoyed by Maddie and London. Maddie is dating London's former boyfriend, who she still likes him. They each ask for her advice at different times and at the end they end up labeling her as a traitor and walking away hand in hand. I thought this episode was very funny. Escpecially at the end, when Carey says," Where's the towel lady when you need her?" and when the towel lady has a stoic face on and says," Don't be fooled by my face, I really care." It was so funny.
  • Not One of the Greater Episodes

    This episode wasn't one of the greatest episodes. The jokes weren't that funny, but it had a good storyline. Zack being better camper than Cody, and then Cody cheats on just buying tons and tons of fruit was pretty creative, and this episode overall was creative, but I never laughed at all in it. This episode I don't really reccomend to you, so you don't have to watch this episdoe. I guess it would kind of be worth a half hour, but if your looking for a good laugh, you do not have to watch this episode. I would try to find a quote that is kind of funny, but there weren't many.
  • Zack and Cody join the Wilderness Scout with their leader being Mr. Moseby. Cody becomes jealous when Zack turns out to be a better otudoorsman. London claims that Maddie stole her former boyfriend and both plead Carey for advise on her "relaxing" day.

    Zack and Cody join a Wilderness Scout with thier leader Mr. Moseby. Cody becomes jealous when Zack turns out to be a better outdoorsman then he is. London claims that Maddie slote her former boyfriend and both plead Carey for advise on he "relaxing" day. This is a great this show tells you not to be jealous at some one you love. if you are jealous about someone then do not be amd just do not hang out with them. if you know someone how is jealous of you and they try not to be your friend any more tell them it is not what you have it is how big ou heart is inside of you.
  • Wasnt all that good

    all it did was have mr.Mosbey taking Zack and cody out in the wilderness and they have a few problems. thats it not a big deal it was just a bad episode it was very weird i didnt like it at all and when i turn on the tv and see it is on i turn the channel right away it was not good all the other episodes were great but this one was just stupid does anyone agree it was stupid if you do be my friend ok if you like this episode you are weird please argee please
  • Zack & Cody join the Wilderness Scouts. Cody loves camping in the wild but Zack doesn't.

    This was probally my least favorite episode. It wasn't that funny. Even the audiance didn't laugh that much. Cody, Zack, Warren, & Bob join The Wilderness Scouts, and Mr. Moseby is their scout leader. Zack likes his pampered lifestyle living at the Tipton with free food, Cody on the other hand enjoys camping. Zack is doing such a good job finding food he gets a badge, Panda...3rd rank. Cody is jealous and meets an old man who gives him food. He lies about finding it himself and loses his current badge, Koala...2nd rank. It wasn't very funny. Below average episode.
  • This episode didn't do so well in my opinion.

    I didn't like this episode very much. It wasn't as funny as the others are. There were great parts to it, but overall it's at the bottom. I also didn't like how they made London try to ruin Maddie. They haven't done that since Maddie and London became sort of friends. Mr. Mosbey, why would he even agree to do a wilderness thing. He was as they put in other episodes into ballet, and he doesn't even like the twins. They did poorly with this episode and used it so they could fill up time. In my opinion this is one of the worst episodes. Most of you would probably disagree.
  • cute!

    Alot to like here! When I first heard about this episode, I thought the idea had alot of potential. And sure enough, it did! I thought the boys had alot of funny moments out there in the wilderness. And the part in the hotel, where London and Maddie keep flinging paint on Carey was hysterical! My family and I got a case of major giggles there. Very cute episode....try and catch it if you didn't already!
  • the boys start a Grizzly Scout Troop and go on a camping trip

    this was a pretty good episode but deffinatly not the best. sure it was funny at times but to me it didn't reach it's usual level of kinda funny when zack came swinging on the vine . when maddie and london were mad at eachother they splurted some paint on carry and carry kept on thinking oh no the boys are back when maddie and london knocked on the door . those were the only kinda funny parts to me. in a way it felt like i wasted time watching it. overall i have to say it wasn't the best
  • The boys start a Grizzly Scout troup and their "fearless" leader is Mr. Moseby. They go on a camping trip for several days where things begin to happen.

    This episode was fairly funny, however, it wasn't one of my favorites. I thought that there was an excellent job of charecter development going on in this episode, however, I didn't think that it was as funny as I expected. Let me explain:

    The twins plot, with the camping trip, was funny. I thought that it was awesome the way they all "worked" together. I loved that all their food was eaten and they had to live off the land. I felt what Cody was feeling when Zack became the hero of the trip. I have an older brother and am always being overshadowed by him. So, I can understand why he wanted to bring back the food. The part that I didn't like was the sub-plot.

    London gets angry at Maddie when she goes out with a person that dumped her two years ago. They each get advice from Carey who tries to help them both...but it doesn't work out. They find out that she helped each of them individually, and got angry at her. The sub-plot needed work. It wasn't funny at all. I thought that it was a corny waste of time. It would have been better if they didn't have a sub-plot for this episode.

    In all, I thought that this episode showed some great charecter development for Cody. I cannot give it anything over a 9.0 because I didn't think that the sub-plot was very interesting, however, I would enjoy seeing this episode again.
  • Funny Episode

    This episode was well written cleverly plotted and one of the funniest episodes. Mr. Moseby takes Bob, Warren, Zack and Cody to the woods to camp and Cody becomes jealous of Zack for being better at camping than he is. With the boys gone Carrey tries to paint. Carrey gives Maddie advice to date London's old boyfriend but she didn't know that London still liked the boy and London destroys Maddie reputation. This episode was funny and hilarious. You really should watch this episode when it comes out. I recommend it if your a TSL fan. Watch this episode. It'll make you laugh.
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