The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 06, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Another good scary episode

    Zack and Cody release a a robot that Arwin created into the Tipton. But it's so lifelike that people confuse it for Arwin himself. Meanwhile, London throws a Halloween party at the Tipton. It was another favorite of mine. This show is good at scary episodes, like Ghost Of 613 and Scary Movie.
  • A Brilliant Halloween episode

    Arwenstein remains in my favorites. This episode was great being a parody to "Frankenstein". It portrays the message well that though some may seem evil, there is always good in them. And yes, the Arwinstein monster looked amazing and not just cheap. I found this episode amazing and I believe you will.
  • Silly

    Arwinstein is a great episode, but not great enough to give a 9.0 or above. The make-up on Arwinstein was amazing, it actually looked like a robot and not just Brian Stepaneck (I think thats his name) in disguise. Congratz to the make-up artists. There were funny moments, and I liked it when Arwinstein hugged Arwin. It was nice. Also, a good halloween episode, but what I don't get is that they aired this on October 5. Yeah, it's in October, but it still isn't that close to halloween! But, anyway, I still liked it, and although it's not my favorite episode of Season 3, it's in the top 5.
  • This Epi is Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    I really liked this episode. I don't know why but I like anything creepy and scary, like Scooby-Doo (but not Goosebumps creepy). My favorite part was the "My brother's such a baby" part. The Ball scene was cool. I hope they make another one just like this! And... and... and... I can't think of anything else to say because this episode is so awesome. If you have seen this episode I hope you like like me. I keep saying it's awesome because I have to do one hundred words. Woo! Just hit one hundred words right... right... right... right NOW! Woo!
  • Cool episode. Arwinstein was funny.

    I like Arwinstein. Though he wasn't human, he had his own personality, and even though he couldn't speak English, he was still probably once of the most funniest characters in this episode. (Arwin himself was funny, as well, though)

    About the episode, Zack & Cody do a little cleaning for Arwin. In the process, they find a secret lair, and it contains what Zack & Cody first think is a vicious, scary robot monster, or monkey and alligator combined as a alligonkey, or malligator. But its actually just Arwin in robot form speaking another language that includes many grunting noises. Nothing strange, right?


    I must of lost you.

    Don't worry. As Arwin said, he doesn't bite.

    Does he?

    AHHHHHH!! Moommmmmmmyyy!!
  • it was just ok

    it wasnt the best disney could do and as a big suite life fan i was very dissapointed in the quality of this episode they keep going down hill every episode this makes me wonder if i want to watch the spin off if they do the spin off
    this episode is spouse to be a halloween episode
    zack and cody accidently wonder into a sceret passage in arwins office and they hear some weird noises coming from the bars so of course zack and cody are curious they boys decide to open the cage and let out the robot version of arwin named arwinstein that arwin created from a cereal box toy
    meanwhile london is trying to throw a halloween party and get the tipton employees to work at it
  • Zack & Cody accidentally release a "Monster" during London's Halloween party.

    The first offical Halloween themed episode. Arwinstein is a robot Arwin created from a cereal box toy. Arwinstein causes some havoc during London's Halloween costume party due to a light flash. Much the same way Frankenstein and Quasimodo were chased many wanted him destroyed but a weird twist of attitude caused a better outcome.....Arwin's mother. Maddie doesn't appear and is deeply missed. The episode wasn't scary like Ghost of Suite 613, in fact it was kind of boring. I hope the show picks up again when Maddie returns. Arwin was very funny but the episode lacked script. Adventurous and entertaining.
  • It's Kind of Sad...

    Now before I get bashers all over my head, I just want to say that I'm as big a Suite Life fan as anyone else, but this episode, as well as other recent ones, was just sad... The Suite Life has been slowly going downhill ever since the Hollywood special and it's unfortunate that these lower quality episodes have been put into production when the show should have been cancelled at 65 episodes to save face. The plot was rediculous and overused. There were a few off-color jokes as far as Disney Channel goes, and without Maddie, the show just stalls. The punchlines weren't very funny and the episode as a whole was just not up to the caliber of previous ones and others from other Disney series today. I'll still continue to watch and support The Suite Life until it ends, but I do think they should have brought in new writers with fresh storylines for this last season. I give the episode an average rating.
  • A mad robot is released in the Tipton.

    Before the episode even aired, I went like why is it called Arwinstein, when I watched the promo, I still didn't get it. After I watched the episode, I completley knew what it was about. This episode is about Arwin's robot which gets released in the Tipton and it's up to the boys to stop it from chaos. It was so sad at the end, when Arwin and Arwinstein came great apart. I just loved this episode. Im so sad that Suite Life is going to end for good. This is my review for the TV series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"
  • It's one of my favorites so far.

    Arwinstein was amazing!! Even before it aired and when I saw the promos for it, it looked so good and I was right! Maddie isn't in this episode again, but Esteban, Lance, Arwin, and Skippy are. London was very funny in this episode, especially at the party. The Arwinstein robot was cool. At first when I saw it I was like, woah! But he's cool. It was funny when Cody first screamed like a girl and then Zack did. lol I loved that part. And it was funny how everyone thought that the robot was Arwin. Ha ha!! So all in all, it was sooo good!!