The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 35

Back In The Game

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on Disney Channel
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When a wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton; Zack and Cody try to convince their friend Jamie, who uses a wheelchair, to join them in an exhibition game against them. Maddie tries to make a film for a film festival starring some of the Tipton employees, but gets more than she bargained for when she finds out that they are bad actors.


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  • Good but not great

    Zack and Cody encourage their friend, Jamie to return to playing basketball, when a wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to film a movie, but she has a hard time working with London, Esteban, Lance, and Moseby. It was not awesome, but still pretty good.
  • Had Its moments, but I didn't like the main plot

    The main plot of Zack and Cody trying to get one of their friends to play basketball again was boring. But, I actually liked the sub plot much more than that and found it worthwhile.

    Not too much to say here. Lance and Estaban had their moments as did Mr Moseby, but not the best. Could've been a whole lot better.
  • good

    zack and cody's basketball team has an exhibition match against a wheelchair basketball team. they try to get their friend jamie to be on their team. will he agree to help his friends? maddie decides to make a movie for a project for school. to bad the actors, london, esteban, lance, and mr. moseby, aren't good at acting. no problem, just change the format and make it into a comedy!

    good episode, but not one of their better ones, i can't explain it but it felt like something was missing from this episode, and so it gets a "B-" from memoreless
  • I really didn't like this episode very much. It was not a favorite of mine and it wasn't very funny.

    This episode had Zack and Cody compete in a wheelchair basketball game against kids that are really in wheelchairs. They try to help their friend who is really in a wheelchair learn to love basketball again. The story was a good one but the episode was boring and it wasn't funny at all. I know that the story about Zack and Codys friend in the wheelchair was supposed to be serious and it was a good story but really the whole episode was boring and there was nothing funny about it. I didn't laugh at all when I watched this episode and this episode was not one of my favorites.moreless
  • great episode

    A professional wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton for a tournament. Zack and Cody's basketball team plays an exhibition at their gym to raise enough money for their school. Maddie decides to become a filmmaker and hires London, Lance and Mr. Moseby to become actors in her movie. The movie is supposed to be a very simple story, but simple isn't so simple when the actors are having a hard time delivering their lines. This is a really funny episode, each scene had some really funny joke in it. I can't stop laughing. The writers came up with another funny episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Zack: Can't you throw?
      Cody: Can't you catch?
      Zack: Well, I could catch it if you could throw it!
      Cody: Well, I could throw it if you could catch it!
      Trent: (interrupts Zack and Cody) Hey! Do you know what I hate more than losing?!
      Zack and Cody: What?!
      Trent: You two!!

    • Cody: (imitating Jessica Simpson): Hey y'all. Wanna come hang out by the pool? I need someone to help me rub in mah suntan lotion!

    • Trent: I don't know why everybody's so happy. We still lost.
      Zack: Yeah, but only by single digit, single digit baby!
      Daryl: Jamie, you're good at this game. And for the rest, you guys, I hope you're better on your feet.
      Bob: Actually we're worse.
      Daryl: So Jamie, we start a team in Boston, are you interested?
      Jamie: Sure. Wow, I mean, I need a car and a house for my parents and fifty thousand dollars.

    • Mr. Moseby: (when playing as the hotel manager) I'm sorry, but I run a hotel, not a charity. Now out on the street with you!
      London: (when playing as a little poor girl) But … but (forgot her line and sadly looking at the paper) Og ot esle erehwon. (Because the paper is upside-down)
      Maddie: Cut!
      Esteban: Pushing the pause button, now. (pushes the pause button)
      Lance: Is she speaking elfish? (to Maddie) Because if she is, I get to speak dolphin! (speaking dolphin) Eeeeeee…
      Maddie: Finish it. Here, try it this way. (Put the paper in the right side so London can read it)

    • Trent: Come on guys, let's focus. I believe in hard work.
      Bob: Well, I believe in frequent short naps.

    • (someone knocks at the door)
      Zack: I get it. (Look into the vision slit). There's no one there.
      Daryl: Hello, I'm down here.
      Cody: (open the door) Hi, Daryl. Thanks for coming to help our friend.
      Daryl: Hey, no problem.
      Carey: Hi, Daryl. I'm Carey. I was happy to meet you since I saw you at my show last night.
      Daryl: Oh, really. (Sprays mouth-spray into his mouth)

    • Maddie: I'm shooting my student's film or trying to.
      Mr. Moseby: But you can't shoot in front of my hotel.
      Maddie: I can't?
      Mr. Moseby: Absolutely not. It will disrupt my guest.
      Maddie: Wait, say that again.
      Mr. Moseby: Say what?
      Maddie: What you just said. I mean the power of your voice. It's, it's … grieving. Yeah.
      Mr. Moseby: You mean what I said: "Absolutely not, you disrupt my guest".
      Maddie: Wow, I mean you will be the perfect little part of the … hotel manager.

    • Maddie: (when going to shoot her film) Let's try that people. And, action!
      Esteban: Pushing the record button, now!

    • Maddie: Okay, Lance. Remember, you're rich.
      Lance: Rich's who?
      Maddie: No, I mean you have money.
      Lance: So I'm rich and my name is Rich. Cool.
      Maddie: No no, your name isn't Rich.
      Lance: What my name then?
      Maddie: It doesn't matter.
      Lance: And why I can to be Rich?
      Maddie: Ok, it's Rich. Look, I am try to win the film with those hell people. OK, Lance, you're about enter the hotel when you see a poor girl in tattered clothing.
      London: Oh, thanks for lending me your clothes, Maddie.

    • Maddie: Esteban, thanks again to be my camera man.
      Esteban: I prefer cinema photographer. OK, how to work this thing?
      Maddie: You push the little red button.
      Esteban: Oh. Start, stop, start, stop…
      Maddie: Stop.
      Esteban: OK.
      Maddie: Not until I say action.

    • Carey: I think it's great that you guys wanna help your friend. But what will happen if Jamie gets here and there's no Jessica Simpson?
      Zack: (point his finger at Cody)
      Cody: Oh, no. I'm not putting on the bikini.

    • Zack: All he does is go straight to school and go straight home, like Cody.
      Cody: Excuse me? You forgot about stamp club. I came up with the motto: You can lick us!
      Zack: Well, here's my motto: My brother's a geek.

    • Lance: Ah, Maddie, base on your script when I enter walking. I'm thinking it's dead. May be I just enter swimming.
      Maddie: You're idea is outside or we have to dig up the street and put in the swimming pool.
      Lance: I think it might be worth it.

    • London: Maddie, That make up you're wearing makes a girl sad.
      Maddie: I am sad.
      London: Oh no. Now you're going tell me why and I'm pretending to care.
      Maddie: London, you're the last one I would go to for sympathy.
      London: Okay.

    • Zack: How could make them play basketball in the lobby but we can't.
      Mr. Moseby: You know, I just said … I …You know I didn't want to, I mean, they're…
      Daryl: (interrupt) …in wheelchair.
      Mr. Moseby: Are they? I hadn't noticed. So let's check in.

    • (about her so-far unsuccessful movie)
      Maddie: This is... this is... I can't say what it is, I'd have to go to confession!

    • (while filming Maddie's movie)
      Lance: Will you dance with me?
      London: ... (looks at her line on the script) But I don't hear any mucus.
      Maddie: Cut!
      Esteban: (holding camera) Pressing pause--
      Maddie: We get it!! (to London) Any mucus?!
      London: Well, that's what it says on the layout.
      Lance: (looking at layout) No, I think that's muckus.
      Maddie: It's MUSIC! I DON'T HEAR ANY MUSIC!
      London: That's because there's none playing.

    • Maddie: I can't find a leading lady for my movie.
      London: Here's me pretending to care. What movie, Maddie?
      Maddie: My student film.
      London: What's it about?
      Maddie: Well, it's about society's indifference towards the impoverished and the triumph over the oppressive socio-economic circumstance.
      London: What's it about?
      Maddie: It's about a girl and a boy.
      London: Ooh! Sounds good! Can I be the girl?
      Maddie: Well, can you act?
      London: I just pretended to listen to everything you said.

    • Carey: (to Zack & Cody's team) Don't worry, guys, you'll catch up!
      Daryl: You really think so?
      Carey: No.

    • Maddie: London, remember, you're pathetic, alone, and no one loves you.
      London: And you're a poor, scrawny-legged freak!
      Maddie: I was talking about your character.
      London: Oh. Well, then, so was I.

    • Daryl: Oh, hey, how you doing, Coach?
      Arwin: Hi, Daryl.
      Daryl: Cool, good, good. So, where'd you coach before?
      Arwin: Oh, wow. Uh... nowhere.
      Daryl: So, where'd you play?
      Arwin: Oh! Well, played? Nowhere.
      Daryl: So, why'd you get into coaching?
      Arwin: Well, this snazzy jacket, of course. Haha!
      Daryl: Talk about playing with a handicap.

    • Trent: What are you doing?
      Bob: Beats me.
      Trent: You know, we got a game coming up.
      Bob: Relax, Trent. It's only an exhibition.
      Trent: My dad said if you're not giving a maximum effort all the time, you're a waste to human life!
      Bob: Oh, well, he must be a lot of fun at parties.

    • Daryl: Hey, look, man, everybody comes to terms with their injury at their own pace. You go through depression, anger, denial.
      Cody: How did you end up in your wheelchair?
      Daryl: I'm in a wheelchair?! Holy cow! Why didn't no one tell me?!

    • Jamie: Oh, so this was just a way to get me back on the team?
      Zack: Yeah, it was all my idea.
      Jamie: Yeah? Yeah, well, it's stupid!
      Zack: You hear that, Cody? Your idea is stupid!

    • Arwin: C'mon! Let's see some D!
      Daryl: You're on offense!
      Arwin: Oh. Then let's see some O!

    • Zack: Remember those kids playing basketball in the lobby?
      Carey: Mm-hmm.
      Zack: Well, I was hoping if Jamie meets them, he might be interested in basketball again.
      Cody: He was the best player on our team.
      Zack: Ahem.
      Cody: He was the best player on our team.

    • Daryl: Hey, listen, for future reference, just because a person is in a wheelchair, doesn't mean you have to give them special treatment.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, of course. Now, why don't just sign here for the rooms?
      Daryl: Whoa, partner! Man, this is steep! Man, I can't believe won't you give a brother in a wheelchair a break.
      Mr. Moseby: Perhaps a special adjustment can be made.
      Daryl: What did I just tell you about giving people in wheelchairs special treatment?
      Mr. Moseby: (Nervously) Okay, I'm so sorry. How can I make it up to you?
      Daryl: How about a discount?
      Mr. Moseby: (Stuttering) But you just said... I mean, we had the whole conversation about the... You know what, pay whatever you like! (Gets hit by a basketball) Okay, it's free!

    • Daryl: No, I mean it wouldn't be fair to you.

    • Moseby: (To london, who is playing a poor girl in a movie Maddie is filming) London, why are you wearing Maddie's clothes?

    • Cody: Well, who's gonna replace Jamie?
      Zack: I'll give you a hint. His number rhymes with nerdy.
      (Cody looks down at his number, 30)

    • Mr. Moseby: Zack, Cody, no basketball in the lobby!
      Cody: What makes you think we're playing basketba- (looks at the basketball in his hands) ...Oh.

  • NOTES (4)


    • When Moseby is behind the front desk, he does the same thing that Ryan and Sharpay from "High School Musical" do to get ready.

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