The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 35

Back In The Game

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 06, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Good but not great

    Zack and Cody encourage their friend, Jamie to return to playing basketball, when a wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to film a movie, but she has a hard time working with London, Esteban, Lance, and Moseby. It was not awesome, but still pretty good.
  • Had Its moments, but I didn't like the main plot

    The main plot of Zack and Cody trying to get one of their friends to play basketball again was boring. But, I actually liked the sub plot much more than that and found it worthwhile.

    Not too much to say here. Lance and Estaban had their moments as did Mr Moseby, but not the best. Could've been a whole lot better.
  • good

    zack and cody's basketball team has an exhibition match against a wheelchair basketball team. they try to get their friend jamie to be on their team. will he agree to help his friends? maddie decides to make a movie for a project for school. to bad the actors, london, esteban, lance, and mr. moseby, aren't good at acting. no problem, just change the format and make it into a comedy!

    good episode, but not one of their better ones, i can't explain it but it felt like something was missing from this episode, and so it gets a "B-" from me
  • I really didn't like this episode very much. It was not a favorite of mine and it wasn't very funny.

    This episode had Zack and Cody compete in a wheelchair basketball game against kids that are really in wheelchairs. They try to help their friend who is really in a wheelchair learn to love basketball again. The story was a good one but the episode was boring and it wasn't funny at all. I know that the story about Zack and Codys friend in the wheelchair was supposed to be serious and it was a good story but really the whole episode was boring and there was nothing funny about it. I didn't laugh at all when I watched this episode and this episode was not one of my favorites.
  • great episode

    A professional wheelchair basketball team visits the Tipton for a tournament. Zack and Cody's basketball team plays an exhibition at their gym to raise enough money for their school. Maddie decides to become a filmmaker and hires London, Lance and Mr. Moseby to become actors in her movie. The movie is supposed to be a very simple story, but simple isn't so simple when the actors are having a hard time delivering their lines. This is a really funny episode, each scene had some really funny joke in it. I can't stop laughing. The writers came up with another funny episode.
  • well i had mixed feelings about this one! it was okay...and at the same time funny and i thought it was good!

    well i thought that this episode was alright...i think there could have been more funny parts to it my opinion it did not reach my not saying it was was was cute and i love the pointing part...cute!!! well all in all it was very enjoyable for me.
  • Another "thunderous applause" episode!

    I loved this one! So many laughs, and yet, a storyline that's touching and sensitive to people that are in wheelchairs. I like it when Disney does shows like this to help others see what it's like for people who have disabilities. And let me tell you-that whole scene where Maddie is trying (in vain) to direct her film while Lance, London and Mr Moseby are goofing had me and my family laughing so hard we were wiping our eyes! Definitely one of the best episodes of the season.
  • Zack & Cody challenge a basketball team who's players happen to be in wheelchairs. Maddie's plan to film a short movie with London, Lance & Mr. Moseby fails.

    Interesting episode. Not as funny as previous episodes but still good. Zack challenges Daryl and his team to a basketball match. Like most shows he feels sympathy for them because they are in wheelchairs. But they insist they live normal lives. So to be fair the twins play in wheelchairs also. They lose by single digits. Maddie is filming a short student film. Lance & London in leads. Esteban behind the camera and Mr. Moseby as Mr. Moseby. She turns it into a comedy with the actors playing themselves and wins the award. The episode is clique but still good.
  • I had mixed feelings about this episode.

    I had mixed feelings about this episode. The subplot with Maddie, Lance, London, Esteban, and Moseby was amazing! It was so funny that I fell on the floor laughing! Ha Ha Ha! London always cracks me up so hard. Lance is so funny! I think that this is one of my favorite plots of the series! So funny!! I'd give this a 10+++++. The main plot, which included Carey, Zack, Cody, and Arwin, was very boring and stupid. It brought the score way down for me. Jamie was soo annoying! I'd give this part of the episode a 6.0/10. I really didn't enjoy this plot.
  • Zack and Cody try to encourage Jamie their paralyzed friend to join their whelchair basketball team. Meanwhile, Maddie choses Moseby, London and Lance to star in her short film.

    This story was great!!!! I found Arwin was really funny in this episode but not as funny as Lance. You'll LOVE the plot. Nathen Kress did a really good jo playing the job of Jamie. Kudos for Cole who did a REALLY good job imitating Jessica Simpson. LMAO. Very well writen, a lot of laughs , very funny. Maddies movie was very funny.