The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 22, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • I hated Zack here

    Zack and Cody have a shopping competition against their chief rivals, but Zack goofs off at a party the night before. Meanwhile, Moseby's niece Nia comes to visit, and wantes to go to the same party with London, even though Moseby denied. Zack was as dumb as a brick in this episode. And it was his fault they lost the competition.
  • This episode= UH!

    I found everyone to be completely doofuses in this episode. Zack basically goofed off to some party looking for some "love" and didn't sleep. Next day, during the competition he was too tired. Cody, on the other hand, I found him to be jerky as well when he goofed off as well. It was from this very episode that London's character changed considerably as she began acting all ***ed. This episode should honestly have been named "The Downfall of London". She was horrible, however Nia was okay. Mr Moseby was the normal character here.

    Zack loses the competition and still acts jerky. I hatehim here.
  • Why was everyone acting like a jerk?!

    Ok, this episode is really irritating.i mean everyone as acting like a jerk. 1) Zack. you know, he's usually a jerk, but in this episode he has gone too far. I mean he was the one that caused the store to lose the whole baggage competition. and he was like
    Wayne: ..... i do not look good in lady's clothes
    Zack: Just so you know, you dont look so good in men's clothes either
    I was like WTH?! how rude could he be. and whats more he made them lose the whole competition and still had time to slp.
    2) Nia. She is the most annoying brat i have ever seen. but thats her character i guess
    3) London. How would you like it if other people called you at a different name? And i guess she doesnt understand the meaning of be quiet huh? 4) Carrie. really disappointed with her. she was like im still blinded with Wayne. I mean seriously, its her son's fault and yet she dares to say this?
    I dont hate this episode, its just, i dont like the way they potrayed the characters. i did laugh at some jokes but still.
  • I luffed this episode!

    I really like this show but this episode impressed me, a lot. First off though Ashley Tisdale(Maddie), wasn't in this episode because of whatever she's busy with. Although, Nia made up for it(almost). I liked Nia's and London's part, London was stupid in this episode but did it really well. My fav part of hers was when she attempted the Z-snap and the sista thing. Hah hah hah... Zack and Cody's bag thing was really funny too, in the end they were partying with Nia and Londom though. They didn't look too bad in dresses.... so overall it was a good episode and I haven't seen it it was new to me even though it was so old or something...
  • Quite a funny show

    This review contains massive spoilers to the episode.

    So, this is my third review. Anyways

    This episode, Cody and Zack are challenging against another shopping mart. While Nia is goofing off as usual, taking advantage of London. Quite funny. Zack lost one of the challenges. Loser have to w ear a dress. Some of the gags are lame.

    Overall this wasn't a bad show. still okay i guess. Love the dramatic part in the end. Sloooow Motion. Team Zack won! Or not. NOOOO. Zack sleeps on a bag of potatoes while carey tried to buy a fish. While wayne is wearing a dress... Dont forget Zack and Cody.

    Zack admitted for the first time!
  • Competition and Goofing off

    A competing minimart issues a competition to see who can bag items faster, Zack and Cody accept the challenge. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby's niece Nia is visiting and becomes London's new friend. When London and Nia disobey Moseby and go to a concert and trow a party in the hotel Moseby has to ground both London and Nia. Nia asks if she is going back to her home but Moseby says that he made a promise to her mom that he would turn her into a lady. Zack and Cody lose the competition and have to dress up as Betsy Ross because they were awake all night form London and Nia's party.
  • It was okay..

    In this episode the store Zack and Cody work at(Paul Revere Mini-Mart) have a grocery bagging contest with their rival supermarket.Also Mr. Moesby's niece Nia comes and takes Maddie's place at the candy counter since Maddie is taking a summer job at a camp.Nia is a major trouble maker when she starts hanging out with London things get worse. She and London go to a concert and then throw a wild hotel party afterward resulting in both London and Nia getting grounded by Mr. Moesby. For Zack and Cody things aren't much better..Zack pulls an all nighter right before the big bagging contest and messes up there chances of winning.Overall I would have to say this episode was funny but not the best,I'm a Maddie fan so I didn't really like Nia,I found her to be very annoying. But the Zack and Cody scenes were funny.
  • insanely hilarious

    While Zack and Cody work their shift at a mini mart, a manager from a competing minimart comes in and dares their manager to a shopping race. The loser will have to dress in a silly outfit outside the winner's store. Mr. Moseby's niece takes advantage of london so she could get what she wants. A lot of stuff happens in this episode, it's packed with all sorts of jokes, it's funny from the very start til the very end. the writers came up with a really funny episode again. I just can't stop laughing watching this episode. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Lol. One of the great episodes. Two mini-marts in a bag competition. Now, I get why they called this episode 'Baggage'. Lol. I'd watch it again. Won't you?

    Lol. One of the great episodes. Two mini-marts in a bag competition. Now, I get why they called this episode 'Baggage'. Lol. I'd watch it again. Won't you?Lol. One of the great episodes. Two mini-marts in a bag competition. Now, I get why they called this episode 'Baggage'. Lol. I'd watch it again. Won't you?Lol. One of the great episodes. Two mini-marts in a bag competition. Now, I get why they called this episode 'Baggage'. Lol. I'd watch it again. Won't you?
  • A hilarious episode and London was sooo funny!

    Baggage was definitely one of the funniest episodes so far. It was awesome! This episode marks the first time in which Nia, Moseby's niece, appeared. She is played by Giovonnie Samuels. She was also in All That and in the That's So Raven episode, Country Cousins. Her and London are great together. London was really funny in this episode and she cracked me up sooo hard! It was funny when she was trying to get the gum off her far head by using her tounge. Ha ha ha! I reccomend this episode and if you missed it, it's on youtube!
  • Minimarts compete to win a bagging contest. Meanwhile London and Nia get into mischief.

    This episode is forgettable to me. The Besty Ross mart challenges the Paul Revere mart to a bagging contest. Unfortunately the Betsy Ross team win the race and Zack, Cody and their boss Wayne have to wear dresses as their fate for losing. London and Nia defy Mr.Moseby's rules against going to a concert and are now grounded. The episode seems very filler to me. It was funny but not as funny as some episodes. It's kind of boring without Maddie there in this episode. I'm anticipating her return. I'm enjoying this season more and more as it moves along.
  • Its Paul Revere vs. Betsy Ross. Kinda like Tipton vs. St. Mark, eh?

    Well there is another matchup between something Zack and Cody related vs. another business with an evil owner. St. Mark: That lady with the long name and the hairy mole. This time the evil man was some evil man, that I don't know the names of, but anyways, I liked the episode. I was hoping for the episode Sleepover Suite after I saw the commercial of the second episode of the double-header, but they fulled us with the scene with Zack dancing on the coffee table, or whatever it was. That girl Cody was dancing with was pretty gorgeous, also. Bu-yea! The only bad aprt was that I didn't get to see the part after the second commercial break where it showed Wayne, Zack and Cody in dresses. Oh well, it doesn't matter, it'd be a shame to watch anyway. Ugh It just sends a shiver down my liver just thinking about it.