The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 9

Band in Boston

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 20, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

There is a Battle of the Bands competition being held at the Tipton Hotel. Zack and Cody, along with Max and Tapeworm compete against Maddie's band in which has London in the band.

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  • I love Max!

    This is a great episode, and of course, it has Alyson Stoner playing Max. My favourite part is;

    Mr. Moseby: Boys

    Max: I'm a girl

    Mr. Moesby: Whatever

    Lol! haha Could have more Max
  • Great

    Cody breaks up from his band due to no one caring about the song itself. Meanwhile, Maddie's band's instruments aren't working, so London pays for them. But there is a catch. They must put London in their band. And she is a terrible singer. A+.
  • Great episode and teaches you the difficulty of working in groups!

    One of the best things about this episode is Zack and Cody finally being in something like a band. They're great, and so they deservingly won! Anyways, Zack and Cody get sick and tired of each other's ignorance of each other! LOL! So they decide to split up. Cody finds himself a new band consisting of him, Muriel and Arwin! LOL! Zack remains with Max and Tapeworm!

    Maddie's plot had some funny scenes especially when Moseby comes and says, "Did something die in here?" HAHA! Vintage Phil Lewis! And it was awesome to see Lance the lifeguard return after his breakup with Maddie.

    Great episode and it truly teaches you about the difficulties that you can face in teamwork.moreless
  • Rock and roll!

    Zack and Cody fight over clothes and songs. So Cody left band temporary. But in the end of this episode, Cody returned back in the band. They won the contest! I am huge fan of this twins! They can sing! But, I don't like to watch scenes of Maddie and London, they fight over being lead singer. Because it will hurt each other's feelings. Maddie refused to tell London that London stink sing! Anyway, other side, Arwin is one of best character in this show rocks! Arwin is so funny and help this show improves lot! He made me laugh so hard in all scenes and boys too!moreless
  • This episode was really cool for alot of reasons. It was funny, the story was cool, and we got to see Zack and Cody sing for the first time.

    Zack and Cody form a group called Rock Squared with Max and Tapeworm. They want to be in a battle of the bands. Maddie is also in the battle of the bands with Lance in a group called Waterworks. London joins Waterworks and ruins Maddies chance of winning with her terrible singing. Zack and Cody almost ruin their chances of winning with their constant fighting. I liked the fact that Zack and Cody sing in this episode and the song they sang, Schools Out, was pretty cool. In the end Zack and Cody win the battle of the bands and the prize is that they get to cut a demo CD. The only problem I had with this episode is that they never followed through with the demo CD or a record deal. It was never mentioned in the series again. Otherwise, this was a very funny and very good episode.moreless
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Dennis Bendersky


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • When the boys are thrown onto the stage there is a sock on Cody's shirt. It disappears, and then it comes back.

    • When you look at when Waterworks is playing, they're all wearing blue.

    • We learn in this episode that Lance has a band and plays the guitar.

    • This is the first time that Zack and Cody play their instruments and sing.

    • None of the Rock Squared members actually play their instruments. Zack just slid his hand up and down the guitar to make it look like he was playing, and Cody never even touches the keys on his keyboard, Max just slid her hand on the Bass Guitar, and Tapeworm never touches the drum set.

    • When Cody (Cole Sprouse) says the song name "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt," he starts to smile but he plays it off casually.

    • When Zack rips the piece of paper up that has the song on it, the song has many verses but there is only one verse and one chorus that is sung.

    • When Zack rips the piece of paper that has the song on it, he doesn't rip the writing in half which would mean the song is still there, and not cut in half the way it was meant to be.

    • Zack said that he was shopping for his outfit for the night, but he wears a different outfit on the real night.

    • Zack asks Max and Tapeworm what they thought of his dance and they all say it is cool; however, he never does that dance at the end.

    • Lance told Maddie that there was water all over their instruments, but the water doesn't effect the guitar he was holding.

    • At the start of the episode they start with the chorus and then they go to another verse, but when they perform live, they don't sing that verse.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits: when Maddie is singing in practice, and where Zack and Cody go down the laundry pipe.

    • If you heard closely in the Rock Squared song in the part of "Schools out, gonna lose control" well in the part "gonna lose control", you clearly heard that the song is previously saved; because neither Zack, nor Cody are singing. Put it like a background sound, but the next "gonna lose control", you clearly hear Zack's voice.

    • When Arwin, Zack, and Cody are talking, the door behind them is opened and on the shot where they are leaving with the jet propelled skates, the door is closed.

    • When Arwin begs the twins to let him in their band, his hand is on top of Cody's hand and then in the next shot, it's not.

    • When Cody said, "Wow, that is lucky!", his elbow was resting on the edge of the hamper and on the next shot, it was inside the hamper.

    • When Carey is talking to the band and telling them they need a new place to practice, the door is ajar behind her, then it is closed, then ajar again.

    • When London is complaining about being in the back, the mic is in her right hand and then when Maddie starts to push her down the steps, it's suddenly in her left hand.

    • When Max pushes Zack and Cody into the closet, she locks the door. How do Zack and Cody both not know Max locked the door, when Max said to Murial, right near the closet door, to unlock the door to let Zack and Cody out. Also, why did Max and Tapeworm leave, when they knew they couldn't do anything without Zack and Cody, being the two lead people in the band.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Zack: Mom said I was right.
      Cody: She said I was right!
      Zack: Mom's losing it.
      Cody: At least that's something we agree on.
      Zack: You have to admit, you were being kinda bossy.
      Cody: I had to be bossy because you were goofing off!
      Zack: I wasn't goofing off! I was just trying to find our look. I wanted us to be the best band ever.
      Cody: So did I!
      Zack: Well, at least that's two things we agree on.
      Cody: Wanna agree on something else? If we don't get out of here we won't have any chances of winning!
      Zack: I agree.
      Cody: Yeah I agree.
      Zack: Ok stop agreeing, your annoying me now.

    • London: After all, I sing good.
      Maddie: (Correcting her grammar) No, it's you sing well.
      London: Thank you, Maddie!

    • Maddie: London, I should have told you that you weren't a very good singer.
      London: A very 'well' singer.

    • Maddie: (Talking to Lance) It's a good thing you're cute.
      (Lance starts to smile)

    • London: (Warming up higher and higher then screeches) Lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa
      Mr. Moseby: Better and better everyday London....break a leg! (Walks up to Maddie) That way she won't be able to get up on stage.

    • (Zack's band is practicing their song in the stage room, and Mr. Moseby unplugs their amps)
      Zack: Man not again!
      Cody: We cant work with these constant interruption!
      Mr. Moseby: Sorry Boys.
      Max: I'm a girl.
      Mr. Moseby: Whatever.

    • (Water Works rehearsing)
      Maddie: Staring out the window, the rain falls hard. Can't escape the feeling...
      Maddie and London: I'm drowning now.
      Maddie: Beneath the river- (stops when London runs into her)
      London: Caught in the pouring rain of true...(goes off key and stops singing)

    • Carey: Did I ever tell you about when I was in my first band?
      Cody: Yes.
      Carey: And how we couldn't work together and eventually broke up?
      Cody: Yes. And then your boyfriend stole your car and ran off with your best friend.
      Carey: Yeah. We don't want to relive that part. Now what can you learn from that.
      Cody: That I was right and Zack was wrong.
      Carey: That's not what(Cody leaves)...Oh well I'll try again later

    • Tapeworm: What do we do? We're next, and Zack and Cody still aren't here.
      Max: We'll do what all great rock stars do.
      Tapeworm: Trash a hotel room?
      Max: We stall.

    • Cody: If we do not get out of this closet we will never win that contest.
      Zack: I agree. Let's get out of here.
      Cody: I agree.
      Zack: Okay, stop agreeing, you are annoying me now.

    • Cody: Zachary!
      Zack: Codery!

    • Muriel: But I really wanted to get my groove thang on!

    • Cody: I can't understand the words. What I wrote is, I missed the bus as it came around.
      Zack: Who cares?
      Cody: I do! "School's Out" is an exposé of the trials and tribulations andemoned to the public school experience!
      Zack: Do you know what he just said?
      Max: Yeah, he never gets girls.

    • Carey: Guys, guys! Hello!?
      Cody: Tapeworm! Hey, what's the big idea? We need to practice for the Battle of the Bands!
      Zack: Yeah, they're holding it here at the Tipton. And the winner...
      Max: Which is gonna be us...
      Zack: Gets to cut a Demo CD!
      Carey: Listen-
      Zack: We're gonna become rock stars!
      Cody: And perform all over the world!
      Tapeworm: Yeah!
      Carey: Guys! You're gonna have to practice some place else! There's been some complaints.
      Zack: Who?
      Muriel: (Pulling earplugs out of her ears) Everybody in Boston!

    • London: (Singing) You're the one I want, the only one I need, the only one for me!!!!
      Lance: I think I lost sight in my right eye!
      Mr. Moseby: Is something dying in here?
      Maddie: Yes. Our chances of winning.

    • London: I don't like this tangerine!
      Maddie: No that's a TAMBORINE! A tangerine is what the audience is gonna throw at you!

    • Tapeworm: (About Zack and Cody disappearing) They've been sucked in through a black hole and are hurdling through time and space.
      Max: Or they could have crawled into that air vent!
      Tapeworm: (Thinking she's weird) Now let's not get carried away. (Max stares)

    • (London is singing real badly)
      Lance: I think I just lost sight in my right eye.

    • Zack: Hit me with some sugar, sweet thang!
      Maddie: I'd rather hit you with some deodorant. What is that smell?

    • Maddie: (Talking to Lance) Wow, I can't believe you thought of that yourself.
      Lance: Well you know what they say.
      Maddie: No, what?
      Lance: I don't know I thought you did.

    • Cody: You got pudding in my whistle!
      Tapeworm: And you got whistle in my pudding!

    • Carey: Did I ever tell you about when I was in my first band?
      Zack: Yes.
      Carey: And how we couldn't work together and eventually broke up?
      Zack: Yes. And then your boyfriend stole your car and ran off with your best friend.
      Carey: Yeah yeah okay. And what did we learn from that story?
      Zack: You need to pick better men?

    • Maddie: Use your own mic. London: Mine isn't working. Maddie: Too bad (singing) the only one, yeah London: But I'm supposed to sing. Maddie: Not now! (Singing) the only one, yeah London: Why not? (Takes mic from Maddie and sings badly) The only one, yeah! Maddie: (Into microphone) Because you're a lousy singer!

    • Max: Everyone knows nothing rhymes with orange
      Tapeworm: Oh yeah? What about forange?
      Max: Thank you Dr. Suess.

    • Max: Will you guys stop fighting?
      Cody: We are not fighting we are having a creative discussion.
      Zack: We are too fighting.
      Cody: Creative discussion!
      Zack: Fight!
      Cody: Discussion!
      Max: I can't believe you guys are fighting about if you're have a fight!

    • London: What happened?
      Lance: Uh.. we're done the song is over.
      London: How was I supposed to know?
      Maddie: When everyone else stopped.

    • Lance: Everything is like wet. Man I thought water was good but it has a evil side.

    • Mr.Moesby: Okay boys!
      Max: I'm a girl.
      Mr.Moesby: Whatever.

    • Zack, Cody, Max, & Tapeworm: (The band Rock Squared start to play and sing) 1, 2, 3 I missed the bus as it came around. And during gym class, my pants fell down. Looked in my locker, couldn't find my books. And now all the teachers give me dirty looks. Came around with my backpack on. Then hittin' the books till the crack of dawn. I stare at the clock and wait for the bell. If it doesn't ring soon I'm gonna yell: SCHOOL'S OUT! Let's rock and roll. SCHOOL'S OUT! Gonna lose control. SCHOOL'S OUT! Recess never end. SCHOOL'S OUT! Party with my friends. SCHOOL'S OUT! Let's rock and roll. SCHOOL'S OUT! Gonna lose control. SCHOOL'S OUT! Recess never end. SCHOOL'S OUT! Party with my friends. SCHOOL'S OUT!

  • NOTES (9)


    • The title is a pun of an old saying, "Banned in Boston," which originated many years ago when Boston used to be a conservative town that banned books.