The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Disney Channel
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London doesn't make the cheerleading squad, so London, Cody and friends decide to form their own cheerleading squad. Meanwhile, Zack is having some trouble on the basketball team.

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  • Okay episode

    Zack can't make the basketball team in high school, even though he was the best player in middle school. Meanwhile, London is kicked out of the cheerleading squad, so some girls form their own. It was okay, and another average episode.
  • This was good

    Both plots were good, and I won't say too much here because I don't have too much. The plots were good and it clearly illustrates that transition from middle school to high school can be very troubling. The cheerleading part was okay, and we see that girl, 'Hayley' again.

    The basketball coach was funny and this episode was pretty entertaining
  • mediocre

    zack has to deal with the fact that in middle school, he was the best player on the basketball team, but now, he is not. cody, london, and others form their own cheerleading squad to compete with a snobby head cheerleader at the school who says they are no good.

    it was alright, neither plot was anything special and there was a very few amount of laughs, for me anyways. i liked zack's plot more so than the sub plot, maybe because i like basketball a lot, anyways, my grade for this episode is in the low "C" range, mediocremoreless
  • London & Cody make a cheerleading squad of their own after not having the right look to join the real squad.

    Really funny episode, nice idea bringing the old characters back including Nia, Jessica & Janice, Dana, Barbara, Leslie & Hailey. Along with special guest star Michael Clarke Duncan as Coach Little. Though missing Max, Bob & Agnes. The episode was fun to watch but the cheers were lackluster. It sent a good message that it doesn't matter what you look like anyone can do cheerleading. Although that's kind of a stereotype. Maddie was missed. Meanwhile, Zack was having some trouble on the basketball team. His run in's with Coach Little were hilarious, "You have your own zip-code". Overall very entertaining episode.moreless
  • Really Exciting

    I really liked how this episode was plotted and it was awesome with all the cheer leading which made it even more exciting with all the cheer leading skills it rocked. Zack made the basketball team in high school but is having some trouble on it and isn't the starr like he was in middle school which definately sucks badly poor Zack. Cody forms a cheerleading aquad and they did an excellent jog with it and I liked this episode and it was silly also. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 because it was good and it just rocked that is all.moreless
Camilla Rosso

Camilla Rosso


Guest Star

Rebecca Rosso

Rebecca Rosso


Guest Star

Kaycee Stroh

Kaycee Stroh


Guest Star

Sophie Oda

Sophie Oda

Barbara Brownstein

Recurring Role

Giovonnie Samuels

Giovonnie Samuels


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Factual Error: When Zack is aiming for his free-throw, he says that he sees two baskets. However, he then goes on to say "I'll aim for the one in the middle." If there are 2 baskets, there can be no middle basket.

    • This is the first episode where Cody where's a regular t-shirt instead of his usual collared, button-up shirts and sweater vests, etc.

    • At the last game, Janice and Jessica disappear behind Carey and Zack just before Zack goes into the game.

    • When Zack entered the basketball game, he drew an offensive foul from the opposing player, but that would not have put him on the free throw line.

    • Vance, the troublemaking jock who was seen in First Day of High School, was apparently Nia's boyfriend, but they broke up when he went for the head cheerleader. Strangely, he didn't appear in this episode.

    • In this episode, Nia (Giovonnie Samuels) shows off her cheerleading skills in a cheer-off. Giovonnie Samuels played the cheerleader Kirresha, who participated in a cheerleading competition, in Bring It On: All Or Nothing.

    • Cheerleading goes based on the fact that all cheerleaders are all snobs and mean towards others, which may not be true.

    • The cheerleading uniform London wears in this episode is the same exact one she wore in Bowling.

    • Choreographer for this episode was Toni Basil, most known for her "Mickey" music video, in which she starred as a cheerleader.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Coach Little: Free throws are your strength.
      Zack: What are my weaknesses?
      Coach Little: Just about everything else.

    • Zack: But Coach, I see two baskets. Oh well, I guess I'll just aim for the one in the middle.

    • Haley: I once hid four weeks with no one finding me.
      Nia: I got a feeling no one was looking for her.

    • Dana: May the best squad win.
      Barbara: Proper grammar is "the better squad" and you're on, girl!

    • London: Whoa! Someone give me a B, give me a I, give me a T, E, R! What does that spell?
      Barbara: Biter.
      London: I meant to spell bitter.
      Cody: You know, that' pretty close for London.

    • Mr. Moseby: Cheerleading has made me the man I am today.
      Carey: Short and fussy?
      Mr. Moseby: Well-dressed and your boss.

    • (After seeing how London moves)
      Dana: You need to move!
      London: But I love where I live.
      Dana: Next!

    • Coach Little: Alright, your gonna be guarding number 53.
      Zack: You mean the really really big kid? Ya know, I'd rather get you another frosty grape soda.
      Coach Little: No, he's not that big.
      Zack: Easy for you to say, you have your own zip code!

    • Nia: Oh, you like spirit? You're about to become one!

    • Carey: Fine. If the three of you want to enslave yourselves to the evil cult of cheer, go right ahead.
      London: Whoa. Give me a B, give me a I, give me a T-E-R! What does that spell?
      Barbara: Biter.
      London: I meant to spell bitter.
      Cody: You know, that's pretty close for London.

    • Leslie: I was the one that convinced them to get the shorter skirts. Ankles!

    • Cody: See, you'd never see Barbara trying out for cheerleading. She's way too intellectual for that.
      Barbara: Look, Cody! My pom-poms match my glitter!
      Cody: Barbara, what are you doing here?
      Barbara: Well, I'm in high school now, and I wanna show people that there's more to me than just... math and science. (pushes glasses up)
      Cody: Barbara, you don't wanna go out there, flouncing around, wearing some short, tight, little skirt. (gets a look on his face like he's imagining what she'd look like in a cheerleading uniform and gasps) Go and get 'em, honey, and don't take no for an answer!
      Barbara: (to Dana) Hi! My routine is based on a poem by the great William Butler Yeats.
      Dana: Yikes.
      Barbara: I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree. (tries to do a cartwheel and falls with her glasses off her face) Okay, can't see.
      Dana: Next!
      Cody: That was great, honey! No one got hurt. We should go.

    • Dana: Okay, twins, twins, let's do this. 5, 6, 7, 8.
      Janice and Jessica: (cheering) Jam and biscuits, scones and tea, we will beat you A to Z! Go team! Really go!

    • Dana: Now, uhh, let's see who's got the stuff.
      Zack: (to Cody) Ooh, I love stuff.

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