The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Okay episode

    Zack can't make the basketball team in high school, even though he was the best player in middle school. Meanwhile, London is kicked out of the cheerleading squad, so some girls form their own. It was okay, and another average episode.
  • This was good

    Both plots were good, and I won't say too much here because I don't have too much. The plots were good and it clearly illustrates that transition from middle school to high school can be very troubling. The cheerleading part was okay, and we see that girl, 'Hayley' again.

    The basketball coach was funny and this episode was pretty entertaining
  • mediocre

    zack has to deal with the fact that in middle school, he was the best player on the basketball team, but now, he is not. cody, london, and others form their own cheerleading squad to compete with a snobby head cheerleader at the school who says they are no good.

    it was alright, neither plot was anything special and there was a very few amount of laughs, for me anyways. i liked zack's plot more so than the sub plot, maybe because i like basketball a lot, anyways, my grade for this episode is in the low "C" range, mediocre
  • London & Cody make a cheerleading squad of their own after not having the right look to join the real squad.

    Really funny episode, nice idea bringing the old characters back including Nia, Jessica & Janice, Dana, Barbara, Leslie & Hailey. Along with special guest star Michael Clarke Duncan as Coach Little. Though missing Max, Bob & Agnes. The episode was fun to watch but the cheers were lackluster. It sent a good message that it doesn't matter what you look like anyone can do cheerleading. Although that's kind of a stereotype. Maddie was missed. Meanwhile, Zack was having some trouble on the basketball team. His run in's with Coach Little were hilarious, "You have your own zip-code". Overall very entertaining episode.
  • Really Exciting

    I really liked how this episode was plotted and it was awesome with all the cheer leading which made it even more exciting with all the cheer leading skills it rocked. Zack made the basketball team in high school but is having some trouble on it and isn't the starr like he was in middle school which definately sucks badly poor Zack. Cody forms a cheerleading aquad and they did an excellent jog with it and I liked this episode and it was silly also. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 because it was good and it just rocked that is all.
  • Wowee!

    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is about 2 twin boys ( Dillon and Cole sprouse) living at the this hotel called the Boston Tipton! There they meet the manager Mr. Moseby who really hates the boys. Then there is Maddie the smart candy counter girl and, who would forget, London Tipton. Well... OMG! No, this can't be! The last episode! And it was getting good! I think that Asley Tisdale is LYING! Anyway, Zack is a male cheer leader? Wow! Is that even possible for boys to do girl things? But it is just not fair that they filmed the last episode of the Suite Life all beacause of Cory in the House! So I hear that they are tearing down the set!!!!!!! I hate this, but I hope it is a rumor.
  • I hope this isn't a series finale because it dosn't seem to end right not a basketball cheerleading episode that can't be the last or maybe it will never air.

    I like "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" but having a finale like the one I read in the review in terrible and should be revised renewed rearranged they need to talk about that. They were not even in High School for long like 3 or 4 episodes wow thats not much now is it nope! The twins are cool but as they get older you can easily tell them apart.They don't even have an air date for this so called last episode and I examined the list and there haven't been many pisodes of the 3rd season and it just started in June and it says it's ending in September that's bizarre!
  • The suite life of zack and cody is about 2 twin boys ( dilin and cole sprouse) living at the this hotel called the bosten tiptin! there they meet the worker Mr. mosebe who realy hates the boys. then there is maddie the smart candy counter girl andlodon

    omg! no this cant be! the last episode! and it was getting good I think that Asley tisdale is telling a lie! anyway zack is a male cheer leader? wow! is that even possible for boys to do girl things? all I have to say is this **** and ewwww god only noes what he looks like! but it is just not fair that they filimed the last episode of the suite life all beacuse of that oter lame showe cory in the house! so I here they are twaring down the set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this but I hope it is a rumer.
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