The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 28

Birdman of Boston

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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When a hawk comes and lays her egg Arwin scares it away and somebody has to take care of it. Cody agrees, and he does a good job at parenting. Maddie tries to protest about Moseby's insistence at getting rid of the bird.

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  • Abysmal

    Zack and Cody find a hawk which has made a nest on the Tipton balcony. So Cody decides to take care of it and names it Bubba. Moseby wantes it out. So everyone gets in an argument about what to do with the hawk. This was stupid. This is one episode that made me want to quit the show. London wasn't in it. Season 1 is started to look better compared to Season 2.moreless
  • Very funny! Who cares if its unrealistic?

    Arwin was the highlight of this episode- Nuff said. I loved how Maddie herself was against Mr Moseby releasing the hawk. Its a great episode filled with moments.

    Easily my favorite scene was where Arwin walks up to Moseby, covers his face with a magazine. That entire scene made me laugh out loud, especially when he said "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose BUT you cannot pick your friend's nose!" HILARIOUS ARWIN!

  • A bit of a tear-jerker for me.

    Although by this point the series started to decline, this episode wasn't too horrible. I myself am horrible at good-byes whether it's to a best friend, human or animal, or to an acquaintance. I understand how hard it is to let go of something you're attached to, so I wasn't all surprised when I started getting emotional when Bubba left.

    That being said, this is still far from being anywhere near the best quality I know this show could be. It had it's humorous moments, it's serious moments, and it's boring moments, but I think the storytelling was a little weak...moreless
  • This was a really good episode. It wasn't the greatest and it wasn't very funny but I liked the story in this one.

    After a hawk is scared away from the Tipton Cody discovers that the hawk left behind an egg. Cody is afraid that the baby hawk inside the egg will die without its mother so Cody adopts the egg and takes care of it like its mother. The episode wasn't funny but I did like the story in this one. It was a more serious episode and I actually liked that. Cody did a very good job in this episode and even though the episode wasn't funny, it did have some funny moments that were actually really good. And this was a really good episode. Not the best but very good.moreless
  • Zack and Cody find a bird perched on London's balcony. Zack tries to film it and make money. Meanwhile, the bird runs away and leaves its egg in the nest. Cody tries to help it hatch. But he worries about what will happen when its ready to fly away.moreless

    This episode was another complete waste. However, the lame jokes and poor story line was not new in the least bit. Throughout the entire episode, I was watching the clock to see when it would be over. This was one of the last episodes I watched before I completely stopped liking this show! It was just another one of the plain, pointless, and boring story of the twins' boring and dull lives. I have yet to find on good thing about this episode. The actors didn't even do a good job. I could easily tell how fake this episode was. It was just another dumb and pathetic episode in the long list of episodes.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

  • QUOTES (25)

    • (Zack and Cody walk in to London's suite and find Arwin, and Mr. Moseby there.) Cody: Hey! (Arwin and Mr. Moseby get frightened) Zack: You're here to watch London's big screen TV? 'Cause we got dibs on that!(Arwin and Moseby relax and sigh in relief)

    • Cody: It moved! The chick moved inside the egg! There's life in me!

    • Mr. Moseby: From now on, it's bye-bye birdie!
      Patrick: Oh, I love that musical!

    • Cody: Except, she's already laid her egg here! (Arwin comes up and stares at the egg) Cody: Don't stare at it, you'll scare the egg away.

    • (Zack gets spooked by the mother hawk)
      Cody: Relax! She's just feathering her nest with London's pink pashmina.
      Zack: You know, I don't know what scares me more--that hawk, or the fact that you know what a pashmina is.

    • Mr. Moseby: (looking up at the bird) Oh please! It's a kite!(Zack and Cody stare as the bird leaves a stain on Mr. Moseby's suit)
      Cody: A kite wouldn't do that.
      Zack: A flying saucer might!

    • Grace: That bird flew off with my engagement ring!
      Tim: That ring cost me a month's salary!
      Grace: A month?!?
      Carey: Ooooh. Yeah. Rule of thumb is at least 3 months salary on an engagement ring.
      Tim: Three months? For a plasma TV maybe, but a ring?
      Grace: That's it! The wedding is off, cheapskate! (walks out of the restaurant)
      Tim: What? Honey, honey, wait! (goes after her)
      Carey: And that's why.

    • Cody: It's coming, it's coming! (pause) The baby's here.
      Zack: And he's gonna be a big star.
      Cody: I don't care, as long as he has four talons on each foot, I don't care.

    • Zack: I am the "Save The Hawk Foundation."

    • Mr. Moseby: Patrick.
      Patrick: Mr. Moseby, joining us for dinner? Might I suggest the duck a la splat.
      (Patrick & Maddie laugh)
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, you heard?
      Patrick: Or the chicken bomb-ay.
      (Patrick & Maddie continue laughing; Mr. Moseby glares at Patrick)
      Patrick: A little bird told me. (laughs with Maddie)
      Mr. Moseby: It's very funny, Patrick, yeah. Keep it up, and the next restaurant you work at you'll be wearing a paper hat!
      Patrick: Okay, okay, I'm done. That last one was cheap.
      Maddie: Cheep, cheep! (laughs)
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, would you stop!

    • Maddie: (protesting outside) The Tipton hates hawks! The Tipton hates hawks! The Tipton...
      Mr. Moseby: Madeline, please! Look, a zoo isn't so bad.
      Maddie: Then why aren't you living in one?
      Mr. Moseby: I am.

    • Mr. Moseby: Maddie, you cannot parade around here with that sign!
      Maddie: As a citizen of these United States of America, whose proud symbol is the bald eagle, best friend to the hawk, I have a right to express myself freely.
      Patrick: As do I. As maitre'd, I demand the immediate removal of that baby hawk before it presents a real danger to life, liberty, and my daily special.
      Maddie: Bird hater!
      Patrick: Bird hugger!
      Mr. Moseby: Both of you need to calm down. I talked to the zoo, and they're willing to take the baby hawk as an honored guest.
      Patrick: Oh, brilliant solution. Everyone's happy.
      Maddie: I know Cody, and he'll never put his baby in a cage.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, well, maybe the zoo will also take the twins. Oh, happy day!

    • Cody: (To Carey) Mom, when you left, did your mother cry?
      Carey: Only after I was gone.

    • Zack: Maddie, what do you got that's full of fat, sugared-chocolate, and peanuts?
      Maddie: My Aunt Bessy?
      Zack: I'd rather have a candy bar.

    • Carey: Okay, I brought a blanket and a hot water bottle.
      Cody: No, don't you know anything about mothering?
      Carey: Apparently not.
      Cody: If you touch the egg, it will get the human scent on it and the mother will never come back.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, let me at it!
      (Carey smacks his hand away)

    • Mr. Moseby: (about Arwin's invention) Now, what's the red light for?
      Arwin: No, don't touch that! I put it there to look cool.

    • Mr. Moseby: I just got off the phone with Mr. Tipton regarding this hawk that has taken up residence in our hotel.
      Arwin: You know, in high school my, uh, nickname was "The Hawk."
      Mr. Moseby: Really?
      Arwin: No. I did try to get that going, though. Actually, they called me "nose picker."
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, Arwin...
      Arwin: You pick one nostril in 2nd grade and they label you for life.
      Mr. Moseby: Okay, Arwin, we don't need to...
      Arwin: You know, in retrospect, maybe the problem was it wasn't my nose.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh...
      Arwin: I just felt so bad for her, you know. You know, you can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your friend's nose.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, Arwin, just stop!

    • (Arwin opens the door and sees the hawk.)
      Arwin: Holy pterodactyl! (pauses and looks to Moseby) Not exactly a parakeet, is it?
      Moseby: No, no, it's a pair of claws.

    • Mr. Moseby: That bird needs to check-out pronto!
      Cody: You can't move her.
      Zack: It's wrong.
      Mr. Moseby: It's wrong? Ha! Look who's talking? The president and vice president of the "Do Everything Wrong Association of America"!
      Cody: If you do anything to frighten or harm that bird, we'll...
      Mr. Moseby: You'll what?
      Cody: We'll report you to the TGATPPWSHA.
      Mr. Moseby & Zack: The what?
      Cody: The Government Agency That Punishes People Who Scare Hawks Away!
      Zack: Oh, yeah. They play rough.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, you and I both know there's no such agency.
      Cody: But there is a Mr. Tipton, and he loves things that are wild. We'll call Mr. Tipton and tell him everything!
      Mr. Moseby: He has homes in 12 countries. You don't know where he is.
      Zack: Madrid. It was in today's paper.
      Mr. Moseby: You don't have his phone number.
      Cody: It was on London's speed dial.
      Mr. Moseby: You don't have the nerve.
      Zack: We climbed 10 stories up a laundry chute. We got nothin' but nerve.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, I will get both of you, and your little hawk, too!

    • Cody: The hawk is back.
      Zack: Where's it been?
      Cody: I don't know. What am I supposed to do, ask her?
      Zack: Why not? You talk to plants.

    • Cody: Oh. Carey: What's wrong? Cody: The egg, it's opening. My water broke, oh my gosh I'm giving birth! Carey: Easy, easy breath. Arwin: Ok now, push! Cody: Push what? Arwin: I don't know I saw it in a movie. Zack: This is beautiful. Arwin: I know the miracle of birth. Zack: No, I'm talking about how much money we're going to make! (Cody, Carey and Arwin stare.) Zack: For the Save the Hawk Foundation. Carey: It's coming, it's coming. (Bird breaks through) The babies here. Zack: And he's going to be a big star. Cody: I don't care, as long as he has 4 talons on each foot, I don't care.

    • Zack: You know, I've never seen an eagle before.
      Cody: And you still haven't. This is a hawk.

    • Cody: (to London's plants) Ooh, and how are you today? Is that a new leaf? When mommy London gets back, she'll be so proud of you.
      Zack: What are you doing?
      Cody: Talking to the plants.
      Zack: I'm sure they'll ignore you, just like I do.

    • Zack: You know, this "watering plants for people who are on vacation" thing is easy.
      Cody: Easy for you. You're planted on the couch.

    • Mr. Moseby: Oh, what's going on?
      Cody: There's something circling the hotel. I think it's a hang glider.
      Zack: Get real. It's a flying saucer.
      Cody: Don't be ridiculous. If it were a flying saucer, we'd all be vaporized.

  • NOTES (15)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Mr. Moseby: Starting today, it is Bye Bye Birdie!
      Patrick: Oh, I loved that musical!

      Patrick was obviously referring to the musical Bye Bye Birdie, which came out in 1963.

    • When Zack and Cody say, "way to go dude!" it is from another TV show, Full House, when Michelle says it. It's also ironic that Cole (Cody) and Dylan (Zack) signed a contract with DuelStar; the company owned by the Olsen Twins (Michelle on Full House).

    • Zack and Cody say "way to go dude". This is a quote from the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

    • When Zack asks Cody if he can make the hawk egg do anything and Cody responds, "What do you want it to do, Stupid Egg Tricks?", this is an allusion to the popular segment, Stupid Pet Tricks on the popular late-night CBS series, The Late Show with David Letterman, and its predecessor on NBC, Late Night with David Letterman.

    • When Carey serenades the newly engaged couple of Tim and Grace in the Tipton restaurant, she sings the popular Christian hymn, Amazing Grace, but alters the worlds.

      The original lyrics are:
      "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
      That saved a wretch like me!"

      But Carey changed it to: "That saved a wretch like TIM".

    • When Mr. Moseby enters London's suite and says, "Alright, where is it? Where is it" referring to the hawk, his impression is an allusion to the late actor James Cagney, who was popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

    • When Mr. Moseby talks about getting rid of the hawk and says, "It's Bye-Bye Birdie" and Patrick replies that he loved that musical, this is an allusion to the popular play and 1963 theatrical film, Bye Bye Birdie.

    • Zack Quote: We climbed 10 stories up a laundry chute. We've got nothing but nerve!

      This could be an allusion to the song "I've Got Nerve" by Hannah Montana.

    • The magazine Arwin was reading, "Newsview", is probably an allusion to magazine, "Newsweek".

    • Moseby: I'll get you 2 and your little hawk too!

      Is an allusion to the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard Of Oz", when she says, "I'll get you and your little dog too!"

    • The baby hawk, Bubba, is probably an allusion to Dylan and Cole Sprouse dog named Bubba

    • The Birdman of Boston is an allusion of the famous Birdman of Alcatraz. He was a prisoner in the all famous inescapable Alcatraz island prison of San Francisco, California. He was there for murder. He was called the birdman because he would feed the birds that came to the island.