The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 9

Books & Birdhouses

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 23, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Cody is disappointed when he finds out that Zack is doing better than him in woodshop at school. London takes credit for a book that Maddie wrote.

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  • Unrealistic

    Zack and Cody sign up for woodshop. Zack is doing perfect, but Cody is struggling greatly. Meanwhile, London steals the credit for a book which was Maddie's idea. This was a bit fake. How can certain classmates, particularly, Zack and Bob, make wooden clocks and chairs in less than an hour? It takes weeks for a prject to complete.
  • Okay episode

    This episode had its moments. I actually liked London's part over Cody's in this episode.

    The acting was still great, but the episode at times felt really boring, especially the woodshop scenes. However, their teacher gave me a few laughs as did Bob.
  • This is an episode that real life can't live up to.

    In this episode of the suite life of zack and cody, zack and cody go into woodshop. zack is doing great, but cody is almost failing. this episode really can't live up too real life. in woodshop, the teacher doesn't just leave the class room. they help you out. also projects can't be done in just one hour. projects can take up to about a week, that has so unrealistec when they finished everything so fast. I think that this episode should be redone and be more reality based.

    Overall, this is a pretty bad episode, that isn't in real life.moreless
  • Zack excells while Cody gets in over his head.

    Cody has always been the smart one and has always been better at school, but Zack's lack of ambition just doesn't stop his skills in right-brained courses. Cody joins woodshop, but with Zack being in the class, Cody gets a little cocky and ends up failing. Classes that revolve around creativity ain't so easy if you can't handle the dirty work. Yep, creative boy right here! In the subplot, London and Maddie have a short story assignment. Maddie give London an idea for a good story, London takes it, she gets an "A", and the story is being published! And all the credit goes to... no, not Maddie, London! And now Maddie is not happy. (I don't blame her). In the end, the book is found to platurized by another book, and London gets caught. Oh, but the catch is that even though London nearly got what she deserved, Maddie gets punished instead! I don't like that nun, she's never nice to Maddie and London always gets the better end of the stick. I'm still wondering if London learned anything from all this.

    Anyway, while Cody is still failing, he learns that you don't have to be perfect at everything and lets Zack have the credit for his good work. Well, that, and being a good brother.moreless
  • This was another episode that was good but not great and not exactly one of my favorites. Some things were funny but it wasn't really that great of an episode.

    The part of the story with London and Maddie was boring and not even worth talking about. As for the story with Cody taking woodshop with Zack, it had some funny moments but to be honest, this was one of the more boring episodes of the series. The funniest part was when Cody made that crazy looking birdhouse that didn't look anything like a birdhouse. Other than that there really isn't much to say about this episode. There were a few funny moments but when I say a few I mean very few. This is not a favorite episode of mine at all.moreless
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Phil Abrams


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Patricia Bethune


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Carey says she'll make Cody cookies (to make him feel better about getting a C in wood shop); in other episodes, Carey is a bad cook.


    • Nitpick: Maddie said London wrote her short story down, but she actually typed it.

    • London can win a game of Solitaire, but yet she can't spell dog.

    • When London is reading the book to the little kids, the girl to the right of her (in the back) is mouthing out London's lines, "My name is Ivana, I live in the Tipton, it's a very special hotel." And also says her lines, "Scuse me, London's talking!"

    • When Zack and Cody are in woodshop (Cody's first class), they are wearing completely different clothes when they get home (when Cody tells Carey that Zack gave him a demerit).

    • Sister Dominick tells Maddie that envy is one of the seven deadly sins, and Maddie then tells London that stealing is also a deadly sin, but it's not. The seven deadly sins are anger, envy, avarice (greed), sloth (laziness), gluttony (over indulgence), lust, and pride.

    • When they start the finals Cody is on the right side of Zack, but then a little while after he is on the left.

    • At the end when Zack gives Cody his clock with the eagle thing on top, they pan over to Zack, then back to Cody, and the eagle thing is gone, then they cut away, and when they pan back to Cody, one can see the eagle thing is back on the clock.

    • Cody was holding a piece of wood while he was in his suite, but in the next wide shot the wood was on the table not in his hands, then in Cody's next close-up, the wood is back in his hands.

    • In the beginning, Carey asks Zack and Cody how the first day of their new semester was. In the end, Zack and Cody are taking their final for the class. How can this be if they just started the semester?

    • When the woodshop teacher is grading their assignments; the camera turns to Cody, and there is no eagle on the clock, but when it turns to the teacher there's an eagle on the clock.

    • This episode makes it seem like it's the first time Cody has taken woodshop. But in Smart & Smarterer he was already taking woodshop, and was getting good grades in it.

  • QUOTES (41)

    • Mr. Woodburn: Remember, this counts for 1/3 of your final grade. Cody: (Panicking) A! Zack: Would you relax? You're going to do fine! Bob: No, he won't. He's hopeless. Zack: Not helping. Bob: Not lying.

    • London: Remember kids, reading makes you smartererer.

    • (After Zack switches their projects) Cody: You can't do that! Zack: Sure I can. I don't mind getting another bad grade, and getting an A means everything to you.

    • Sister Dominick: Ladies, what is going on here?!
      London: Maddie's jealous of my being a famous author on top of being rich and beautiful!

    • London: Sister Dominick, Maddie is jealous of me on top of being rich and beautiful!
      Sister Dominick: Oh Maddie! Maddie! Maddie! Maddie! Jealousy doesn't make a person in fact it is one of the deadly sins!
      Maddie: So is stealing!

    • Maddie: My name is Ivana. I live at the Tipton. It's a very special hotel. Wait a minute I wrote this!
      London: No you spoke it! I wrote it!
      Maddie: Writing it down doesn't make you the author!
      London: But it gets me an A! (chants) A! A!

    • London: Moseby! Look was daddy got me! A Golden Pen!
      Mr. Moseby: Well it was A job well done! Hahaha (Looks at Maddie) Oh! Well London I didn't know you had it in you!
      Maddie: Maybe she had it right beside her!

    • Mr. Woodburn: ....and thats how the screw driver got its name! When you need a driver you use .... a screw driver!

    • Cody: But this shirt is 100 percent linen! If I tuck it in then take it out, it'll be wrinkled!
      Zack: Well there's a 100 percent chance you'll be wrinkled when you get sucked into a sander!

    • London: Thats fantastic!
      Maddie: You like it?
      London: No I won! And the little cards are dancing!

    • Carey: Oh honey! It must be hard for you to get a C!
      Cody: You know Mom, I think I'll be okay!
      Carey: You are?
      Cody: Yea, I mean the sky didn't fall, the world didn't stop spinning and I learned that I could take woodshop passed fail!

    • Maddie: That is cruel and unusual punishment!
      Sister Dominick: No, reading your story was. "Frozen to death" Pfft give me a break!

    • Bob: Watch it! If I get a splinter back there I will never get it out!

    • Maddie: London, don't you want to say something to Mr. Moseby? London: (to Mr. Moseby) Yeah, it's an idea about a new book. It's about a girl who breaks her promise and gets taken away by an evil leprachaun. Maddie: (after walking away) Darn leprechaun!

    • Zack: So? I get F's all the time. It's no big deal.
      Cody: But I've never gotten an F, and I don't want to start now!
      (Zack takes Cody's project and switches it with his own)
      Zack: Like I said, I get F's all the time...It's no big deal...

    • Zack: These safety rules were made for your own protection.
      Cody: Oh, yeah? And who came up with them?
      Bob: 9-finger Nick.

    • Zack: Maybe you should take notes.
      Cody: It's just woodshop.
      Mr. Woodburn: You think is easy, is that it, son?
      Cody: Well, uh...
      Mr. Woodburn: Do you know your woods? Mahogany? Walnut? Oak? Maple?
      Cody: Well, no, but...
      Zack: Rosewood? Teak? Pine? Hemlock? Fur?
      Mr. Woodburn: Spruce, Ash, Birch, Elm?
      Zack: Poplar, Spanish Cedar?
      Mr. Woodburn: Douglas Fir?
      Zack: Cottonwood?
      Mr. Woodburn: Balsa?
      Zack: Cherry?
      Mr. Woodburn: This is all news to you, isn't it, fella?
      (Zack & Mr. Woodburn nod to each other)

    • London: (to Maddie) I don't know if you know this, but I'm not exactly what you call "smart."
      Maddie: Okay, okay, I won't say anything. As long as the next A is one you get on your own.
      London: Deal. And you promise not to tell?
      Maddie: Yes, I promise I won't tell. Or may the evil Fitzpatrick leprechaun steal me away in the night.
      London: You actually believe in evil leprechauns?
      Maddie: Not all of them are nice, you know.

    • Carey: Well, the best part is I have this gorgeous clock and this lovely wheelbarrow.
      Cody: It's a birdhouse.
      Carey: That's what I said.

    • Travis: Excuse me, I'm looking for the author of "Ivana Lives in a Hotel."
      London & Maddie: (at the same time) That's me!
      Travis: The author of that book is being sued for a million dollars by Hartstrings Press.
      London & Maddie: (at the same time) She wrote it! (they point at each other)

    • Maddie: Yeah, London, was it hard to write it?
      London: I just listened to the voice inside my head.
      Billy: I thought the Q & A was after the reading.
      London: So did I. So put a sock in it, Maddie!

    • Maddie: Sister, I think London has something to tell you about her book.
      Sister Dominick: You do? What is it, London?
      London: Well, Sister Dominick, you should know...
      Sister Dominick: Yes?
      London: When they make my book into a movie, I want Britney Spears to play me!
      Sister Dominick: Oh, I love her! She's such a talented actress!

    • Carey: Hey, guys.
      Cody: Mom, Zack gave me a demerit in woodshop because he's jealous of my perfect 4.0 grade average.
      Zack: Did not! He's just jealous because there's something at school I'm better at!
      Cody: Not true!
      Zack: So true!
      Cody: Not true!
      Zack: So true!
      Carey: Nice to see you guys, too. My day was fine, thanks. A foot rub? I'd love one.

    • Maddie: London, you've been singing "I've got an A" for 5 hours. When are you going to stop?
      London: When it starts to get on people's nerves.
      Maddie: Well, that was 4 hours and 59 minutes ago.
      London: You're just grumpy because your short story got a "B." (singing) You got a B, you got a B!
      Maddie: That's because Sister Dominick failed to see my symbolism and my clever use of metaphor and irony.
      London: I don't know what you just said, but you got a B! You got a B! And I got an A! A! A! A!

    • Maddie: In fact, it can make a great children's story. My name is Ivana. I live at the Tipton. It's a very special hotel.
      London: Uh-huh.
      Maddie: There's Maddie and Moseby. There's Zack and there's Cody, and London who loves me so well.
      London: Ooh! What a great story! How can you make it up on the spot? Is there a name for that?
      Maddie: Intelligence.

    • Maddie: Well, let's hear some of your story.
      London: Okay, it's about Ivana. (reading) "I am a dog who lives in a hotel."
      Maddie: Yes?
      London: That's it.
      Maddie: That's all you wrote?
      London: Hello? Short story. Duh!

    • Maddie: There. I'm done with my short story for English class. Wanna hear it?
      London: No, I'm playing Solitaire.

    • Carey: Cody, how was your new math class?
      Cody: You mean advanced calculus, covering functions, limits, conversions, sequences, and multi-variables?
      Carey: (confused) Yeah, that one.
      Cory: They cancelled it! I was the only who showed up!
      Zack: I heard about that even the teacher didn't show up!

    • Carey: Oh, hey, guys. How's the first day of the new semester?
      Zack: Woodshop is going great. Mr. Woodburn loves me. He's letting me work with mahogany.
      Carey: Excuse me, did you just say a teacher loves you?
      Zack: Yeah, I know. Threw me for a loop, too.

    • Zack: (About his woodshop project) I got an A.
      Carey: Oh honey that's great!
      Cody: I got a C.
      Carey: Oh honey it's ok! I'll make you cookies.
      Zack: How come you never bake me cookies when I get a C?
      Carey: Honey, there's not enough dough in the world.

    • Cody: (Talking about his woodshop project) It's supposed to be a birdhouse.
      Mr. Woodburn: (To Cody about his horrible woodshop project) If its a birdhouse, it gets a F. If its a wheelbarrow it gets a C.
      Cody: Its a wheelbarrow!

    • Billy: (To London) I think Britney Spears should play you in the movie!
      Emily: She's really talented!

    • Mr. Moseby: (To a boy on the floor) Oh, no, no, no, don't put gum in my sock. That's a bad thing!

    • Zack: (To Cody) Would you relax you're going to do fine!
      Bob: No he's not. He's hopeless!
      Zack: Not helping.
      Bob: Not lying!

    • Cody: Woah! I had the worst dream. We were taking woodshop and you were the star pupil. It was unbelievable. It's okay, calm down.
      Zack: Too bad it's true and our finals our today.
      Cody: Noooooooooo! (starts panting)
      Zack: Yeeeeeeeeeeees! (mocks panting) Get dressed.

    • Cody: If I don't ace woodshop, I'll end up being one of those guys selling hotdogs on the street and sleeping in a taxi!
      Zack: Hmm... how much does that pay?

    • London: And if I know daddy, it'll be something with an A.
      Mr. Moseby: Could be.
      London: Like... A yacht!

    • Zack: (To Cody) You just wasted a good piece of wood. Do you think wood grows on trees!?

    • London: Gimme an A! What's that spell? It spells A! Hey, hey, hey!

    • Cody: How hard is it to make a stupid box?
      Zack: It's not just a stupid box. It's got automatic drawers!
      Cody: And what? No dancing girls?
      (Zack pushes a button and two figurine girls pop up and start dancing)

    • Cody: Take an easy class? Like woodshop?
      Zack: What makes you think woodshop is easy?
      Cody: Duh, you're taking it.

  • NOTES (15)