The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 17

Boston Tea Party

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 30, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack dreams that he has gone back in time to the Boston Tea Party with his family and friends, where an act of protest by Maddie inspires the him to launch a present-day battle to save a historical park in Boston that's being threatened to be demolished.moreless

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  • 1700s

    Zack dreams about his ancestors in colonial times and realizes the tree in the park is a special landmark. It was not a purely good episode, but it still is respectable.
  • Another episode of the series that was good but not a favorite of mine. It was o.k. but I didn't think that it was very funny.

    Zack and Cody find out that their favorite park is being taken down. Cody wants to try to save the park but Zack thinks that it's hopeless. Then Zack has a dream about the Boston Tea Party and when he wakes up he realizes that the tree in the park is a historical monument and because of this they can't tear it or the park down. The episode was pretty good but I really didn't think that it was very funny. It was interesting and the story was good but it just wasn't a very funny episode in my opinion. I would have liked it better if it was a little more funny.moreless
  • funny

    A City council tells Zack and Cody that the park across the boston tipton is scheduled to be demolished to give way to a parking lot. Cody writes a letter to the mayor complaining about the move to demolish the park. While he reads it to Zack, Zack falls asleep and dreams about the Boston Tea Party. In his dream, everyone around the tipton is taken back in time, in the time when the USA was still a colony of the british government. It's a really good episode, it's so funny. The actors played their parts really well, i was laughing through the whole show.moreless
  • Hilarious!

    Boston Tea Party was a very interesting episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. It was very funny. It was so great. Carey (Kim Rhodes) sounded like her throat wasn't well. Her voice was funny! Ha ha ha! Irene the Concierge finally had a speaking line. It was funny. Here it is:

    London: Irene, have you set up my reservations at the Happy Badger yet?

    Irene: I'll do it right away Lady Tipton! Hey Bartholomew! Two for dinner tonight at 7:00!

    Bartholomew: Booth or table?!

    Irene: Booth or table?

    London: Booth.

    Irene: BOOTH!

    LOL! That was funny. So overall, a very good episode and it's very silly.moreless
  • Zack has a dream about the Boston Tea Party. Cody, Zack, and Carey try to fight for a trademark that the construction workers were gonna destroy.

    I liked this episode alot. It is one of my favorites so I gave it a ten. I think it's funny at the beggining of the episode when Zack is stuck in a tree. I thought that it would've been Cody stuck in a tree, though. Anyway, I also think it's cool how they used this episode as a little history by putting a bit of the Boston Tea Party in it. Well, that's what the show's called, obviously. Anyway, I also think it's funny when it shows Bob coming in as Little Bo Peep. And when London comes in saying she got a haircut, but her hair is super long, but it's put up.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • When Arwin was showing his vacuum device to Moseby in the dream, Moseby says that it has a few "bugs" in it, but in fact, the term "has a bug" did not exist at that time, it was invented way after when the room-sized computers were made...

    • In this episode Carey says to the boys in the flashback that they need to study for their American history test. A few lines later she announces that she's designing a flag for our new country, but she just called it America.

    • At first when you see Arwin's ball of yarn it is yellow. When you see Mr. Moseby fall over him when he's unconscious it is a creamy color, but then it goes back to being yellow at the end.

    • When they are all in Zacks dream the clothes Cole and Dylan were wearing were very similar to the outfit they wore in "Big Daddy", when Julian was Benjamin Franklin for the play, and also Arwin was supposed to be like Benjamin Franklin in this episode.

    • You can tell that Dylan Sprouse (Zack) shoes are purposely loose at the start of the episode.

    • It's doubtful Esteban would have gotten a summons for jury duty on the very same day he learns he's a U.S. citizen.

    • This is the third time Zack's armpit hair has been brought up.
      1. "Grounded on the 23rd Floor" - Zack and Cody are looking his armpit hair.
      2. "Day Care" - Zack argues that his armpit hair are "blond and hard to see".
      3. "Boston Tea Party" - Zack admits to having only one armpit hair.

    • Arwin has the old-fashioned vacuum, and all the stuff pops out, its real dark and in one part of his mouth. Then the shot cuts to Moseby, then back to Arwin, but the black stuff is spread all around his face like a beard, and it is lighter.

    • The construction worker driving the bulldozer wouldn't run over Carey and the twins because it would kill them and he'd probably get arrested or sued.

    • When Arwin bunked his head on the tree and fell, you can see a woman and man laugh and smile at the fall.

    • Esteban's "lucky rabbit foot" is fake.

    • Look Close: In the last scene at the tree, you can see London in the background starting to take off her purse while she is still on camera.Brenda Song must not have realized that she still could be seen.

    • Every time Zack &/or Cody dream, it is always on the couch.

    • In the beginning of this episode Arwin's yarn was is the shape of a yarn ball, but in the end if the episode when Arwin walks into the tree branch he falls on to the yarn its now in the shape of a log.

    • Kim Rhodes must have been losing her voice during the taping of this episode, because she is hoarse.

  • QUOTES (41)

    • Crier: But on the bright side, we just won the revolution!
      Zack: Wow, that was fast.
      Carey: What do you expect? This is a dream.
      Zack: Is it?
      Bob: (walks in the room wearing petticoats) Yeah, it better be. Next time, could you dream I was a Viking?

    • Mr. Moseby: Maddie, now get back to work, we need to raise the price on the sweet milks.
      Maddie: But you just raised them ten minutes ago.
      Mr. Moseby: Well the president has raised the taxes on everything again including sugar and tea.
      London: (pass across a couple)Making way passes! Don't you love my new hair? I just got it cut. I hear the short look is in.
      Maddie: Mr. Moseby I tell you, no one can buy that overpriced tea.
      London: Except me.

    • Arwin: Hey guys, check out of my old stuff. I found it the basement.
      Maddie: Wow, Arwin you're right. This stuff is amazing.
      Arwin: Oh, no no no. I talk about this bally yarn. No wonder cats love this stuff.

    • Carey: My point is if you believe in something strongly enough, you should fight for it, no matter what the odds.
      Cody: I see your point mom. I'm going to write a strongly worded letter, with explanation points and an illiterate use of underlining!
      Carey: I'm proud of you son, my little hero.
      Zack: Ha, your little hero sleeps with a bunny rabbit night-light.

    • Zack: They're removing trees in the park across the street.
      Carey: No, they can't do that. We should fight this! (show the needle on Cody face)
      Cody: Wow mom, what are you going to do? Hem them to death? (pulls his pants and the table-cover stuck to them because Carey had sewn the pants and table -cloth together)
      Zack: Well, her sewing is dangerous.

    • London: Stop! If you get any dirt on this dress, daddy will take away your bullydozer!

    • Cody: Mom, we got the worst news ever!
      Carey: Cheap Charlie's is going out of business!?

    • Zack: Listen, Quill-boy...paper may beat rock, but cannon make HUGE hole in paper.

    • Zack: (To Moseby about their skateboards) I believe he (Arwin) called it ... television.
      (crowd laughs)
      Arwin: I had a vision and I had to tell you about it.

    • Carey, Cody, Maddie and Zack: (Repeatedly) Don't mess with me, or the tree of liberty.

    • London: (walking in with a very tall hairstyle) Maketh way peasants, don't you love my hair? I just got it cut I hear the short look is in.

    • Carrie: I am making a flag. This will show the British we are not to be trifled with. (shows flag of bunny) Don't Tread on Me! Cody: Love the saying, but the bunny isn't exactly scary. Carrie: (disillusioned) Its supposed to be a bear.

    • London: Emotionally I'm with them (the protestors), but you know...(shows off her dress) Atora Vitali.

    • Arwin: I'm gonna tie myself to this tree, so you'll have to go through me. Hey, that rhymes!
      Vinnie: I got a cute poem. Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't wait to run over you!
      Arwin: Well, you are going to have a long wait. (turns around and hits his head on the tree; he falls to the ground unconscious)

    • Cody: You were right. There's no use in fighting City Hall. Zack: No, I was wrong. You can fight City Hall. Cody: Dude, pick a side. Zack: I just had a dream, and it taught me two things. No matter how small you are, if you're fighting for something you believe in, you can win. Cody: What's the second thing? Zack: Bob looks terrible in petticoats. Wait...I just thought of a way to save our park. Can they tear it down if it has historical significance? Cody: Probably not. But you're 360 double-kick over the water fountain doesn't count. Zack: That's not what I'm talking about. And by the way, it should count.

    • Moseby: Bill, bill, bill...Hey Bill, your mail's here.

    • Cody: Zack figured it out!
      Mr. Moseby: No, seriously.
      Zack: I have my moments.

    • Carey: What are you doing?
      Zack: Counting my armpit hair. 1...done.

    • Maddie: Esteban don't worry, you're gonna do great on the test.
      Esteban: Ok, ok. Remind me again, what's the President's cabinet?
      London: Oh, that's easy! That's where Mrs. President keeps all the cleaning supplies.
      Maddie: (to Esteban) Ignore her and you'll do fine.

    • Zack: Stand still!
      Cody: Quit kicking!
      Zack: I'm only kicking 'cause you're not standing still!

    • Carey: Boys, it's time to get upstairs and study for your American History test.
      Zack: Mother, there is no history. Yesterday we got off the boat, and today we bathed in the creek.

    • London: Ten pounds of tea, please.
      Maddie: Who drinks ten pounds of tea?
      London: Nobody, silly. I bathe in it. Huzzah for me!

    • Cody: Sir, notice it dosent say dear sir.
      Zack: Oo that may make him cry.
      Carey: Zack at least your brother is fighting for something he believes in. By the way how many pages is that letter.
      Cody: Eighteen. Single spaced. Okay here it goes.
      Carey: Ohh! Im late for rehearsal. Im sure its great though honey. Love you bye.
      Cody: No problem i'll just read it to Zack.
      Zack: I picked a bad day to be Zack.

    • London: Irene, have you set up my reservations at the Happy Badger yet?
      Irene the Concierge: I'll do it right away Lady Tipton! Hey, Bartholomew! Two for dinner tonight at 7:00!
      Bartholomew: Booth or table?!
      Irene the Concierge: Booth or table?
      London: Booth
      Irene the Concierge: BOOTH!

    • Vinnie: Hey, kids, you like to play here in the park?
      Cody: Yeah!
      Zack: We love it!
      Vinnie: Too bad. We're paving it over.
      Cody: You can't do that!
      Zack: Yeah, this is where we play!
      Vinnie: Come back in 6 months. You can play in the parking lot. Bring a push broom. You can make a few bucks.

    • Esteban: It might not always be that way. In fact, I envision a country that will one day reach from sea to shining sea.
      Zack: Yeah. And someday man will walk on the moon.
      Maddie: Yeah, right.
      Arwin: Actually, I'm working on that, but I am going to need a very long rope.

    • Crier: (crying) Nothing's going right. My cow ran dry. My wooden teeth have termites. And my girlfriend left me for the village fool.
      (everyone looks at Arwin)
      Arwin: Don't look at me. I didn't even run for Fool this year.

    • Maddie: This is a great day!
      Esteban: We've made history!
      Zack: Oh, great. More for me to study.
      Cody: You were there, and you're still probably going to fail.

    • Esteban: Just think how wonderful it will be when we're all citizens and can vote.
      Cody: Can Zack and I vote?
      Esteban: No, you're only kids.
      Carey: Can Maddie and I vote?
      Esteban: No, you're only women.
      Maddie: So who can vote?
      Esteban: Those who are qualified to. Me and Arwin.
      Maddie: Don't we have any other choices?

    • Esteban: Oh, Maddie, guess what? I'm going to take a test and become a citizen of the United States. All 13 of them.
      Maddie: There are 50 states.
      Esteban: I better get a new pamphlet. (blows dust off pamphlet)

    • Carey: I once dated this guy.
      Zack & Cody: Ugh!
      Carey: What?
      Cody: You fought city hall and won.
      Zack: And then your boyfriend dumped you.
      Carey: Did I tell you this story before?
      Zack: No, that's just how all your boyfriend stories end.

    • Zack: You know, Mom, I've learned a lot in my 13 years. And one of the things I've learned is when a little guy tries to fight a big guy, the little guy ends up head-first in the garbage.
      Carey: Oh, honey, did that happen to you?
      Zack: No. Cody. (laughs) I was watching from behind the lockers.

    • Maddie: Who was the first president of the United States?
      London: Ooh, ooh! I know, I know! He chopped down a cherry tree, had icky wooden teeth. Don't tell me.
      Esteban: It's George Washington!
      London: No, that's not it.
      Maddie: Yes, it is. The guy on the $1 bill.
      London: They make a $1 bill?!

    • Moseby: Here's your first perk, jury duty.
      (Maddie and London console him)
      Esteban: No, this is great! I get to serve my country already! I need two weeks off.

    • Zack: Maddie and London, I need you to alert the media!
      Maddie: But how do we get their attention?
      London: Hello? I walk outside.
      (Starts walking away from the door)
      Maddie: And outside would be that way! (Points at the door)

    • Zack: (dreaming) Little Bob Peep lost his sheep...

    • Chocolate Salesman: Sorry, King Charles just raised the taxes on chocolate.
      Zack: Oh no he di-idn't. Give me chocolate or give me death!

    • Maddie: I bet you can't name a single founding father!
      London: Can so! My father founded Tipton Industries!
      Maddie: No, no, I meant -
      London: I'm bored. Bye!

    • Maddie: He's right. My take-home pay is so small, I won't even be able to afford a used horse. And I'm like getting my license like this year! Esteban: She's a Valley Forge girl.

    • Esteban: The people are revolting!
      London: You're telling me? Have you seen how they dress? (Everyone looks at her) What am I wrong? (She starts leaving)
      Esteban: Oh, we dress the best we can! Considering most of our money goes to English taxes. (sounding as Texas)
      Maddie: You mean taxes?
      Esteban: That's what I said!

    • Maddie: Give me liberty
      Cody: Or give me death
      Zack: Is there a third choice?

  • NOTES (21)


    • "...paper may beat rock, but cannonball makes HUGE hole in paper."

      This is a reference to a well-known game commonly called "Paper, Rock, Scissors." In the game - played with hand gestures - paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors, and scissors cut paper.

    • When Esteban was saying women could not vote, during the 1770s, it was because women were not allowed to vote until the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920.

    • Don't Tread on Me:

      The flag that Carey is sewing has this saying on it. It refers to an actual flag during the American Revolution with the same phrase on it. However, the animal on the flag was a rattlesnake. It was a symbol to show the English that if they tread to hard on the colonies, then they would bite back. (Just like a rattlesnake).

    • Manifest Destiny:

      When Esteban mentions that the United States will spread from sea to sea, it was referring to Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was an idea, prominent in the 19th century, that intended the U.S. to stretch from ocean to ocean (Atlantic to Pacific).

    • Betsy Ross
      Carey was dressed up as Betsy Ross because she was designing a new flag for the new country. Plus, she was also sewing something all the time.

    • Ben Franklin

      In this episode, Arwin is dressed as Ben Franklin, a famous inventor and scientist from the eighteenth century.

    • Valley Forge Girl:

      When Maddie says "And I'm like getting my license like this year", Esteban says she is a valley forge girl.

      This is an allusion to Valley Girls who talk full of themselves, and use the word "like" in every other word or sentence.

    • Quote: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.

      "Give me liberty or give me death" is a famous quote from a speech made by Patrick Henry to the Virginia House of Burgesses.

      The speech was given March 23, 1775, at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia, and is credited with having singlehandedly convinced the Virginia House of Burgesses to pass a resolution delivering the Virginia troops to the Revolutionary War. In attendance were Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Reportedly, the crowd, upon hearing the speech, jumped up and shouted, "To Arms! To Arms!"

    • Title: Boston Tea Party

      The Boston Tea Party is a historical event that happened in American History. It took place on December 16, 1773. It was a protest by the Colonists against Great Britain's tax on tea. The Colonists dumped over 300 crates of tea into Boston Harbor. The harbor turned temporarily brown.