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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 21

Christmas at the Tipton

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 10, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack, Cody, and the entire gang get snowed in at the Tipton. Maddie rigs a "Secret Santa" bowl so that London will get her a gift.

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  • The holidays are here

    Cody sees their parents hugging and thinks they're going to marry. Maddie thinks she's going to get a great gift from London. It was a perfect Christmas episode.
  • Great Christmas episode!

    Very special episode from SLOZAC. Interesting plots and great to see Kurt in the last episode as well! Maddie's part was interesting, but you have to feel she was being mean. Cody believes that his mum and dad may be back together.

    Great plot...The Arwin gag in this episode is funny! The ending is a very meaningful one with the birth of baby, representing the birth of Jesus.
  • Christmas

    Cody thinks Kurt and Carey are going to get back together when they start having fun during Christmas. But will they? get back together? Maddie rigs a secret santa thing at the tipton so she gets london, hoping she will get something great, but instead london makes maddie something, instead of buying something expensive.

    Whilst I thought Maddie was kind of out of character I thought the rest was great. Christmas shows are generally great, and I think this was a great christmas episode too. My grade for this episode, you probably already guessed, is a very high A+. Perfectmoreless
  • This has to be one of the best holiday shows I've ever seen. It's only shown at Christmas time of corse but still it's a favorite of mine.

    This has to be one of the funniest episodes ever. Kurt comes to pick up Zack and Cody so that they can spend Christmas together and Cody wishes that Kurt and Carey would get remarried. Maddie fixes a secret santa drawing so that London will get her for sure. And a huge snow storm traps everyone at the Tipton. The funniest scenes to me were the ones where Zack and Cody get trapped in an elevator that broke down with a pregnant woman who is about to give birth. There are some of the funniest scenes in this part of the episode that I have ever seen before. And when London desides to make Maddie a sweater for her Christmas presant the sweater looks so funny. The whole episode is great and I look forward to seeing it every year around Christmas time.moreless
  • A Holiday Classic!

    I loved this. It was a very special episode and wonderful Christmas special. If you want a holiday special watch this! The twins Dad, Kurt comes to visit. Carey and Kurt sing together in the lounge as requested by Mr Moseby. Cody gets the idea that his parents will get back together although Zack is not convinced. Meanwhile Maddie rings the employee secret santa bowl so London will pick her and buy an extravagent gift. After talking with Moseby, London decides a homemade gift is better than what money can buy and makes Maddie a knitted sweater, but Maddie doesnt appriciate Londons hard work. The hotel is flooded with guests as everyone is snowed in and a couple Mary and Joseph come to stay. Pregnant Mary gets stuck in the elevator with the twins when Cody walks off dissapointed that his parents arent reuniting. Everyone tries to help and things get worse when Mary starts to give birth in the elevator with only Zack and Cody by her side. When the doors open, Mary has the baby with help from Moseby,Carey and Kurt. Maddie decided London worked hard to give her a nice gift and apologizes for being ungrateful. Carey tells Cody that although she and Kurt arent a couple they are still a family.

    Watch this! Its brilliant and anyone will love the laughsmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • London shouldn't be participating in the employee secret Santa because she is not a Tipton employee.

    • Running Gag: Arwin follows someone closely, and they turn around and surprise him. He then screams three times and then says 'hi'.

    • When London asks Maddie what her birthstone is she says Diamonds, so either she lied to get some or her birthday is in April.

    • When the bellhop is bringing the towels, he is right beside Arwin about to pass him; then they do a wide shot and he is further back and passes Arwin again.

    • If Arwin had gotten 1,000,000 (1 million) light bulbs to use for the Tipton Hotel, and if each light bulb produces 75 watts of power multiply that by 1,000,000 you get the following amount: 75 x 1,000,000 = 75,000,000 watts of power, that's enough power to power an entire city for years.

    • When Kurt starts talking about how the baby looked like Zack and Cody when they were born, he puts his arm around Carey but in the next shot his arm is gone.

    • When Mary and Joseph start to go into the elevator waiting for it to close, it is open a good 10+ seconds and nobody goes in/out. When Joseph exits the elevator and Zack and Cody go in, it only takes a few seconds until it closes.

    • The band playing in this episode was the same band that was in the episode the "Prince and the Plunger".

    • Carey's necklace is on backwards for two scenes.

    • Arwin is wearing a gold scarf at the start of the show, and about a minute later still during the same scene when he presses the button it is gone.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits (of Season 2) when Carey is sunbathing in the suite, and when Mr. Moseby shows Maddie his watch he got himself for Secret Santa.

    • Maddie's hair changes from soft curls, to soft curls gone bad and back to soft curls again.

    • When London picked a name out of the bowl, she should have known how to spell Maddie's name, but later she spelled it wrong. Couldn't London have just looked at the piece of paper?

    • The baby can't come out of Mary's stomach within a matter of minutes. Usually people are in labor for a longer period of time.

    • When Zack and Cody finally get out of the elevator when Mary is in labor, you see a bellhop walk over with a stack of white blankets. Then he sets them down right next to Moseby. Then Moseby asks for some sort of blanket and Maddie tosses her pink sweater over. The white blankets were right next to him. He could have seen them and used them. Then when he picks the baby up and shows her to everyone, the white blankets are sitting next to him, unused.

    • In the scene of this episode when they were delivering the baby in the hotel, you would be able to tell that the scene was so fake. For one, the baby was too clean. Second, the baby looked too old to be a new born. Afterward, when Maddie got her sweater back, it was completely clean and dry.

    • When Mr. Moseby is carrying the new-born baby, we can see that the baby already has a white outfit on.

    • On the Disney DVD titled Disney Channel Holiday, on the menu selection; Zack is spelled as Zach in the title of the show.

    • When they say that the snow is 10 feet deep, they show pictures of the outside of the Tipton and there is only a small amount of snow.

    • In the scene that Mary is going into labor: Before Mr. Moseby says he'll need two volunteers, Kurt is standing next to Carey on Mr. Moseby's left. Not even a minute later, when Mr. Moseby picks Kurt as a volunteer, he is standing on Mr. Moseby's right.

    • The pregnant woman in this episode is referred to as Mary more than once, but on the credits she is called Maria.

  • QUOTES (46)

    • Mosbey: Estaban, the hotel limo is just out front, see if the driver can make it to the airport. Free of charge of course.
      Zack: You would really do that for us Mr. Mosbey?
      Mosbey: Of course Zack. I want you boys to have the best Christmas possible even if it means being far, far, far away from my hotel!

    • Maddie: London, where are you going? Your supposed to be going that way, shopping for your secret Santa.
      London: But the snow is like 10 feet deep outside.
      Maddie: Yes, but its only 20 blocks to your favorite jewelry store. And you could always send someone!
      London: Your right. I forgot, I have that power. Estaban!!

    • Esteban: Ay-yi-yi-yi.
      Mr. Moseby: Feeling chilly?
      Esteban: The snow is so deep my hands are frozen to the bags.
      Mr. Moseby: Put them under your armpits for wamrth.
      Esteban: Okay, but it tickles.

    • Maddie: Mr. Moseby, have you picked a name for the employees' Secret Santa yet?
      Mr. Moseby: No I haven't. But I hope I pick me like I did last year. I gave myself this lovely wristwatch.

    • Mr. Moseby: I'm sorry, but all of our rooms are taken. Although we do have three resturants and each one of them has four stars. Well thats 12 stars if you eat at all three. (Starts laughing)

    • Cody: I wonder whats taking dad so long.
      Carey: Poor guy's probably trudging through 6 feet of snow.

    • Cody: Mom, I know you're looking for fun and sun, but don't you wanna go snowboarding with us and dad?
      Carey: Mhmm . . . No.
      Cody: C'mon it's Christmas and I was hoping we all could be together like family.

    • Mr. Moseby: (Talking super-fast) I hope the spirit of Christmas in each and every one of us burns as bright is the light on our tree. Short enough?
      London: Perfect!

    • Mr. Moseby: During this special time of year-
      London: Is this gonna be a long speech? I have shopping to do.

    • Mr. Moseby: Do you hear little voices and thumping from above?
      Arwin: It's Santa! It's Santa! Quick! Everybody pretend like you're sleeping! (lays head on Mr. Moseby's shoulder)
      Carey: It sounds like Zack and Cody.
      Arwin: Oh, I know. I was just, uh, pretending, you know, for the kids.

    • Maddie: London! Have you picked your Secret Santa yet?
      London: Ooh! No, I haven't. More shopping! Yay me! (Starts clapping).
      Maddie: Who'd ya pick?
      London: Can't say. It's a secret.

    • Carey: Even though we're not getting remarried...
      Kurt: We're still a family.
      Cody: Not like them.
      Carey: Yes, like them. That baby has two parents who love her, just like you guys.
      Cody: I guess.
      Kurt: I...I know.

    • Kurt: Easy! That's my guitar hand!

    • Cody: Just breath in and out.
      Zack: How's this? (breathes)
      Cody: Not you, her!

    • Mary: (screaming) Oh, I don't feel so well!
      Zack: You probably ate too much.
      Cody: She's pregnant, dufus!
      Zack: Maybe the baby ate too much.

    • Carey: I'm in Mexico. Hasta la Bye Bye.

    • Mr. Moseby: Blanket, blanket (lady sneezes) bless you, tissue.

    • Cody: Help! (bangs on the elevator door) Help!
      Zack: So this is what I missed in health class?
      Zack & Cody: Help! (bangs on the elevator door)

    • Zack: You've watch way too much tv.
      Cody: (nods)

    • Zack: It was just a friendly hug.
      Cody: Yeah but I've seen it in the movies. It starts with a friendly hug, then a very friendly hug, and then a passionate hug.
      Zack: It would take a miracle.

    • Zack: Don't hug or Cody will think that you will get back together.
      Cody: No I wont. (Cody walks away)

    • (Zack and Cody are stuck in the broken elevator with Mary, who's pregnant)
      Moseby: How's Mary doing? Can she hold on?
      Zack: I'll ask her!
      Mary: (screams)
      Zack: That would be a no!

    • Joe: The elevator's stuck!
      Arwin: The blizzard probably froze the circuit breakers. I'll fix 'em!
      Esteban: Oh, I will help.
      Arwin: Thank you. It's outside on the roof.
      Esteban: Good luck.

    • Maddie: (after receiving London's gift) But I wanted a car... that would keep all of me warm.
      London: I made it with my own two hands.
      Maddie: It looks like you made it with your own two feet!
      London: (gasps) I thought you'd be happy that I put so much effort into it. You're always accusing me of being superficial.
      Maddie: And you had to pick Christmas to become deep?!

    • Carey: Better go change.
      Kurt: Yeah, and I better go learn some of your lame songs.
      (Carey glares)
      Kurt: Same songs.

    • Zack: (to Cody) Do you remember that Christmas when I accidentally spent more money on your gift than you did on mine? That was as close to a miracle as you're ever going to get.

    • Arwin: Uh, we're running low on heating oil and none of the delivery trucks can get through.
      Mr. Moseby: How long can we hold out?
      Arwin: Well, according to my calculations... (heater shuts down) ...now.

    • Mr. Moseby: You know, if you're looking to impress someone with a gift, try making something. (pulls out an embroidered handkerchief) My grandmother made me this embroidered handkerchief. It's the best gift I've ever gotten.
      London: That looks like a lot of work for something you blow your nose into.

    • Maddie: (to Mr. Moseby) I wish my family gave me presents like you give yourself. Do you know what they gave me last Christmas? A flashlight. And for my birthday, batteries... for my flashlight!

    • (After Mr. Mosbey is trampled)
      Arwin: Oh no! Mr. Mosbey! Quick! Get in this toy ambulance! See, these little paramedics are here to help you!

    • Maddie: Hey, London, what's this stitch under the third arm?
      London: It's your name! M-a-t-e-e. Maddie.
      Maddie: (sarcastically) Oh! Good thing I've been spelling my name wrong ALL these years!

    • Zack: What are you talking about? Your going to Club Desperate in the Caribbean.
      Carey: No, it's in Mexico. And it's Club Desperado.

    • Cody: Tell us more about that magic moment, when your eyes first met.
      Carey: Well, my eyes were trying to meet the drumers, but your father kept getting in the way.

    • Cody: Isn't this weird? Mary and Joseph traveling together...
      Zack: On Christmas Eve...
      Maddie: And there's no room for them at the inn..
      Arwin: And a child is born.
      Esteban: What a coincidence!
      London: I don't get it.

    • Mr. Moseby: Carey, you must know what to do. You've had a baby.
      Kurt: Two!
      Mr. Moseby: Even better.
      Carey: I'm sorry. I was a little too busy screaming to take notes.

    • Arwin: (emerges with a chainsaw) Saw the halls, and bows, and desktops. Fa La La La La La!
      Mr. Moseby: Arwin!
      Arwin: What?
      Mr. Moseby: Not the front desk!
      Arwin: But it's so big and wooden.
      Mr. Moseby: No!

    • Kurt: Then you hold the note for 8 bars.
      Cody: Well, what do you do while you're holding the note?
      Kurt: Smile at the crowd and look cool.
      Zack: Is this how you get babes?
      Carey: It's how he got me.

    • Kurt: It's not my fault we're snowed in. And if the hotel had an extra room I would have rented it.
      Carey: Well, I hope you're comfortable on the floor.
      Kurt: Sure. It'll be just like when we were married.

    • Zack & Cody: Yo, Dad!
      Kurt: Snowball fight! (hits Carey with a snowball while she's bending over)
      Carey: Oh!
      Kurt: Uh...Merry Christmas, Carey.
      Carey: Ho Ho Ho!
      Kurt: (laughs) Come here guys.
      Zack & Cody: Dad!
      Kurt: How you been?
      Zack & Cody: Nothin' much.
      Carey: (hits Kurt with snowball on the back of his head) Happy New Year!

    • Esteban: This is all so beautiful. I just love watching the white fluffy things fall from the sky.
      Cody: It's called snow, Esteban.
      Esteban: Oh well, it's like the heavens have dandruff.

    • Esteban: Please don't make me go out into the white blanket of death. The snow of no return. Or the blizzard that will freeze your gizzard.
      Maddie: Oh, toughen up. It's not that bad.
      Esteban: But I'm not dressed for a blizzard. (walks away)
      Maddie: Oh, come back here you coward! Stop thinking of yourself. London wants to buy a gift for someone deserving. And I mean deserving! (tackles Esteban)

    • Mr. Moseby: You know, a lot of celebrities have taken up handicrafts for relaxation.
      London: Ooh! Once, my chauffeur parked his car in a handicraft space. He got in big trouble.

    • Mary: I think my water broke!
      Zack: Don't worry. I'm sure Arwin can fix it.
      Cody: She means the baby's coming!
      Zack: How do you know all this?!
      Cody: Because unlike you, I stayed awake in health class.

    • Zack: Wow! You must have used a million bulbs!
      Arwin: Buy 999,999, get one free.

    • Arwin: Joy to the world, let's burn some chairs!

    • London: By the way, do you know what your birth stone is?
      Maddie: A diamond! Or an Italian sports car!

  • NOTES (16)


    • Jesus Christ
      The couple's names are Mary and Joe. This is a reference to Mary and Joseph, who gave birth to Jesus Christ in the stable.