The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 30

Club Twin

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack and Cody convince Mr. Moseby to open a club for kids in the hotel's lounge in which they would manage. London has her own line of cosmetics in which she needs help coming up with a name for it.

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  • Why Can't you vote for Max as MVP

    Alyson Stoner steels all the attention of everything she's in.
  • Average Season 2 episode

    Zack and Cody want to start a club in the lounge to help Moseby earn more money. Cody directs it well at first, but then Zack takes over and they get more money, But he gets greedy for money, as usual. Meanwhile, London offers Maddis "Simply London" products, but they backfire. It was another one of Season 2's mediocre episodes.
  • Funny episode!

    Both plots were interesting. I loved this episode, especially when Barbara goes high after drinking too much! This episode was brilliant! It had great moments. Still, not one of the best episodes after all but it made me laugh,.
  • fair

    zack and cody make their own club at the tipton, but will things go the way they imagine they will?

    It was alright i always find it boring... it wasn't as funny as other episodes, I did not think at least, and the plot was kind of boring. It gets a better grade than others because the plot, while boring in some areas, was also not boring in other areas. And whilst it is not one of their funniest episodes of the series, it did have some good amount of humor... so my grade for this is a C+ or somoreless
  • This is another favorite episode of mine and it was very funny in my opinion.

    Zack and Cody deside to open a dance club at the Tipton. Cody is in charge but when he fails Zack takes charge and it starts out pretty good. He gets alot of business and makes alot of money with Club Twin. But the success goes to his head and he ends up going overboard and the whole thing comes crashing down on him. He books singers and dancers that are really old. He almost burns the place down. Everything that he does backfires in some way and the results are hilarious. I really liked this episode. It was one of the funniest episodes of the series and it is a favorite of mine.moreless
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  • QUOTES (22)

    • Zack: I'm going to turn Club Twin into the biggest thing Boston has ever seen. Because I am The Man.
      Cody: What does that make me?
      Zack: You? You're the brother of The Man. Now give The Man back his money.

    • (Young Rebels come in)
      Cody: Oh, don't be the Young Rebels, don't be the Young Rebels, don't be the Young Rebels.
      One of the Young Rebels: We're the Young Rebels.

    • (After Zack pays Moseby)
      Carey: You sleep with a huge wad of cash in your pajamas?
      Zack: Like a baby.

    • London: But do they normally follow a chair?
      (Boys sniff chair)
      Maddie: And that chair doesn't even have nice legs! Gimme that! (takes bottle & sprays)
      (Boy takes chair)

      Maddie: Hope you two are happy together!

    • (After shoving a boy out of line at the soda bar during 60's night)
      Barbara: There's thirsty people back here!
      Bob: Boy, for a hippie, you're not very mellow.
      Barbara: Give me that! (Guzzles down a soda and sighs in relief)
      Bob: I'm watching you! (Barbara holds up 2 fingers giving the peace sign)

    • Cody: Zack, this is great! The salty snacks are making the kids drink more, and the sugary drinks are fueling their energy. It goes against everything I believe in, and I couldn't be happier.
      Barbara: (Dancing up a storm) Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh baby! (Kisses Cody)
      Cody: Correction. Now I couldn't be happier!

    • Cody: (To Zack) Nice job, Midas. Everything you touched turned to old!

    • Zack: You know, I'm glad that you mentioned that, because I heard about this great new franchise, right? And I was thinking that we might dip into our savings.
      Cody: You don't have any savings.
      Zack: Well, I was thinking that we might dip into your savings.
      Cody: You are not touching Piggy!

    • Agnes: (to Zack & Cody) I want you to know, people are going to tell you that you really messed up. Last night was a disaster and you made fools of yourselves. I just wanted to say I'm one of those people. (leaves)

    • Betty: Hey boys, we're the caged women! (Growls like a tiger)
      Zack: Yeah, well, who let you out?
      Doreen: No, no. We're the dancers. Yeah, the Go-go dancers (They show their dance moves)
      Zack: No offense lady, but it looks like your go-go went-went.
      Betty: Mmmm, I love these cages. If it really doesn't matter, I'd like to dance in the cage nearest to the bathroom in case I really have to "go-go".
      Cody: Zack, you told me you booked two dancers who looked like they were from the '60s, not two dancers in their 60s!
      Zack: Well, they looked great in the pictures.
      Cody: You didn't notice the Brontosaurus in the background?!

    • Cody: Wait, next week is Hawaiian night?
      Zack: Oh yeah. And then the week after that is a night in Paris.
      Cody: Can we hold off on next week until we get through this week? Your Go-go dancers haven't even shown up yet.
      Zack: Don't worry. These babes are gonna be hot!
      (Two old women enter)
      Betty: Wow! Far out, man!
      Cody: Those "babes" wouldn't be hot even if they were on fire.
      Doreen: Wow, this place is outta sight! (Puts on her glasses) Yeah, now I can see. It's very nice.

    • Zack: Who turned our club into a success?
      Cody: You.
      Zack: And who was right about spending money to make money?
      Cody: You.
      Zack: And when we were 5, who convinced you that if you ate your toenails a foot would grow on your stomach?
      Cody: You.
      Zack: And yet you still doubt me.

    • Zack: We'll do a '60s night. Lava lamps, psychedelic posters, live music, and go-go girls.
      Cody: Or, or, or...
      Zack: What, are you a seal?

    • Zack: I am King Midas...everything I touch turns to gold!
      Cody (sarcastically): You really need to work on that low self-esteem thing.

    • Zack: All right, Max, dance with as many guys as possible, because the more they sweat, the more drinks they'll buy.
      Max: What's in it for me?
      Zack: Ten bucks and a big, old kiss from Zack.
      Max: I'll take the cash. Hold the lips.

    • Cody: Was it really that bad?
      Zack: The only reason I'm still you have the room key.
      Cody: Well, don't worry, I'm sure next week will go better.
      Zack: Oh, it will, for two reasons. Number one, I'm going to be in charge.
      Cody: What's the second reason?
      Zack: You won't be. (pops a balloon)
      Cody: Hey that cost 25 cents!
      (Zack pops another balloon)
      Cody: 50!
      (Zack pops another balloon)
      Cody: 75!
      (Zack pops another balloon)
      Cody: Quit it! (runs after him)

    • Zack: And all it will cost you is some start-up fees. I figure 12 G's.
      Mr. Moseby: Here's one G. Go!

    • Maddie: Boy, you're simple. Oh, how about calling your cosmetics Simply London?
      London: Ooh! I like that! I'm going to tell Daddy. Simply... what was the last part again?

    • London: Maddie, if I have some really exciting news to tell you about me, do I have to ask about you first?
      Maddie: Well, you do if you want to be polite.
      (pause; London just stares at her)
      Maddie: Go on.

    • Cody: All we want to do is earn a few bucks so we can get into this new teen club. But whenever we ask Mom for some money, she just gives us coupons.
      Zack: And it's hard to bribe your way past the bouncer with .12 cents off Toaster Strudel.

    • Maddie: Hey, guys. So, how'd the summer hunt job go?
      Cody: I tell ya, it's tough to secure employment in an economic climate where interest rates are climbing and large cap stocks are fluctuating wildly.
      Zack: Plus, we got turned down by Taco Schmaco.
      Maddie: Well, Señor Schmaco does like employees to see over the counter.

    • Barbara: I can't have anything that has sugar, caffeine, or bubbles.

  • NOTES (15)


    • The morning after Zack takes over and the clubs a hit, he's seen with a licorice stick in his mouth, but not eating it. This is very similar to the way that many business men on TV put a cigar in their mouth but don't smoke it.

    • Zack: I am King Midas...everything I touch turns to gold!

      This quote refers to King Midas, a man who had the ability to turn anything to gold by simply touching it. He thought this to be a great gift, until his daughter turned into a golden statue.

    • "A Night in Paris" means that they will have the lounge look like Paris, France. Zack said "I was thinking of a Night in Paris as a theme night."