The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 25

Commercial Breaks

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 20, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The Tipton shoots a commercial. The director happens to be one of Carey's dates from 15 years ago whom she left in the middle of the date. This prevents Carey from trying out for the commercial; but in the end, Carey and the twins end up being in the commercial.moreless

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  • Easily the best episode to me

    A commerical is coming to advertise the Tipton. But the director doesn't like anyone who auditioned. But he picks London just because she is the daughter of Mr. Tipton. But as we know, London is a terrible singer. Later, she's fired. Moseby breaks his leg, and Carey is left to do it. But it turns out she ditched the director years ago. This episode was awesome. It made me hyper. This and Smart And Smarter are my top favorites. Grade: A+.moreless
  • 2nd Best from Season 1, after "Smart and Smarter"

    AWESOME EPISODE! I love how this episode actually took the time to show everyone's performance and how they were all bad. Arwin and Estaban, as usual, cracked me up as did Cody! Anyways, I also love the director of the commerical. That guy was golden!

    Superb stuff! The London performance was hilarious to watch and Mr Moseby surprises us all!

    Best moments: Arwin's rehearsel, Estaban, Moseby's act and the final moments of the episode! AWESOME EPISODE!moreless
  • commercial

    mr. tipton has hired people to shoot a commercial for the tipton. a lot of hopefulls want to be in it, but the star is mr. moseby after lodon is fired for being bad. but mr. moseby gets hurt. carey is great at singing, so will she be in the commercial?

    Overall, great episode, the guy was a big jerk but he was also funny (I'll try to watch, and hold down my lunch, at the same time!), and the plot was great, the end with the commercial is one of their best moments, this episode overall gets an A+moreless
  • This was a very good episode. When everyone at the Tipton finds out that a commercial is going to be shot at the hotel everyone wants to star in the commercial.moreless

    Everyone tries to audition for the commercial and that is hilarious to watch. Then in the end London gets to be the star of the commercial but when they try to actually shoot the commercial London keeps messing everything up. This is also hilarious. Finally Moseby desides to show London how its done and she ends up getting fired and he gets hired as the new star. When they try to shoot the commercial with Moseby, he trips over Estibons pet chicken and gets hurt. Finally Carey ends up being the star of the commercial. Everyone else gets a part in it also and to me the commercial is really cool. The whole episode is very funny. I really liked this one alot.moreless
  • funny...

    I liked this episode of the Suite Life. A commercial is set to be filmed at the Tipton and they are having auditions for the people who will be in it. In the end , almost everyone is in the commercial and it is a musical. I thought it was a pretty funny commercial and a funny auditioning process. This episode had many funny moments and some overdramatic acting and singing. I liked how Carey was being shafted because she once dated the director and left him. That is funny. Overall, funny episode and one of my favorites of the show.moreless
Steve Hytner

Steve Hytner

Herman Spatz

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Christina Grace

Christina Grace


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Joel Schmidt

Joel Schmidt

Audition Pianist

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Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R'Mante


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Brian Stepanek

Brian Stepanek


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Patrick Bristow

Patrick Bristow


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (29)

    • When Carey is singing: "When you stay at the Tipton, the goods times they never stop.", you can see the luggage cart in the background with Zack and Cody. Even though it is slight, if you look closely you can see that Zack and Cody are in the same clothes they were when they entered the commercial, but when they do a close up of them, they are in the gold suits.

    • At the beginning of the episode when Mr. Moseby said that they are holding a commercial for employees. Zack and Cody aren't employees, so why are they in the commercial?

    • When Herman is watching Maddie's act, he stops her because he says he hates spotlights. In the actual final commercial, a spotlight is featured.

    • While singing the song for the commercial, Zack hits Cody in the face with the towel, and then Cody laughs instead of singing. Also, after they throw the towels up in the air the boys are doing their dance routine while they are supposed to be singing, but their mouths never move to the song.

    • When Zack and Cody are dancing, at first they don't have shoes on. When they do the kick-line later, their shoes are on.

    • If you go to the interview in the bonus features of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton DVD, you could see that this episode, along with Smart and Smarterer and Boston Holiday, were originally going to be put on the DVD, but got replaced by Odd Couples, Kisses and Basketball, and French 101 instead.

    • Patrick isn't wearing his glasses in this episode, compared to the other episodes he is in.

    • In the version of the commercial with Carey, Zack and Cody, you can see Mr. Moseby's broken leg at the end of the commercial. This could imply that the hotel could be quite dangerous.

    • Running Gag: People (ie. Zack, Cody, Maddie, Mr. Moseby, etc.) thanking Mr. Tipton by thanking the camera, which he is using to watch all the events.

    • During the first take of Mr. Moseby's commerical, he picks up Maddie and cartwheels her, you can briefly see her undershorts.

    • When Arwin is sweeping with the broom, the camera is far away and his legs are jumping a bit, then when it goes to a close up, it looks like he is walking normally.

    • In the final commercial, just after Arwin mouths "hi mom", the shot goes to Carey, Carey puts her hands up and down, then you see her start putting her hands up, then it goes to a close up of Zack and Cody and you can see in the background that she puts her arms back down and then when the camera zooms out again, her arms are back up again without any movement.

    • Recurring Gag: London keeps forgetting her last name.

    • During the filming of Mr. Moseby's scene, when he jumps up onto the table, a shadow of a camera is noticeable at the bottom of the screen in the center.

    • The Tipton's phone number is 1-800-654-2192 (which is technically not a real working number to the Tipton in reality).

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits (of Season 2): when London is pointing her finger like she is saying, "oh no you didn't" to the co-director, and when Carey is singing right at the end of the proper commercial.

    • On the 2006 Disney DVD, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton," Dylan and Cole Sprouse state that when Zack appears to be carried on Cody's shoulders to appear as a tall man for the commercial audition, that Dylan was not actually carried by Cole but was carried by a stunt woman who is about Cole's height. Cole then reveals that when he peeked out from the tall man's coat, he was actually sitting on the edge of a stool while Dylan and the stuntwoman were standing behind him to give the illusion that Zack was on Cody's shoulders.

    • On the 2006 Disney DVD, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton," Cole Sprouse states that this was his favorite episode to film because of all of the dancing and stunts involved. Dylan also said that this was his favourite episode.

    • In "Commercial Breaks" when Moseby does his version of the commercial, he is sitting on an arm chair, kicks his feet, and you can see London sitting on the coffee table next to the large couch watching him. As he makes his way to that couch to jump on it and topple it over London is gone and is no longer on the coffee table. When the song is done London gets up of the coffee table like she never moved. And there is no sign of her ever getting up and moving.

    • When Arwin auditions and gets rejected, he takes out a bowling ball and says he can juggle. But in a later episode, called "Bowling", Arwin is afraid of bowling balls, pins, or even the word bowling.

    • When Herman shouts, "You three will never be in my commercial!" and then his cell phone rings with Mr. Tipton on it; some viewers were confused about how Mr. Tipton was able to contact Herman immediately to say that the twins and their mom should perform on the commercial. The answer: the web-camera on the TV set made Mr. Tipton see Herman's harsh behavior, thus causing Herman himself to change his mind.

    • When Zack and Cody do their handshake, their mouths are not moving at all; but in the next scene, they move their mouths.

    • London auditions with a song, although at the end of Band in Boston, she accepted the fact that she couldn't sing.

    • Herman tells the dancers who are playing guests in the commercial to do moves but in no point during London or Mr. Moseby's commerical, do we see these dancers or any of their dance moves.

    • Herman says that his assistant is fired, but then when they film Mr. Moseby's scene again, she still follows him around.

    • A mini trampoline is noticeable behind the table that Mr. Moseby jumps on, in the scene were Mr. Moseby replaces London during the commercial take.

    • Cody can dance in this episode, but in the episode "Footloser", he couldn't.

    • On some built-in cable box guides, the information for this episode said: "Maddie's talent for singing is finally discovered." However, Maddie had already revealed her talent for singing in "Band in Boston".

    • When Maddie hit Zack in the stomach with the mic she was out of the spotlight, however, in the next scene, she was closer to Zack and in the spotlight.

  • QUOTES (42)

    • (After Maddie hits Zack with microphone)
      Herman: Why don't you shoo-bop-bop out of my life?

    • (After Cody finishes his dance)
      Herman: Here's my salute to spring. NEXT!
      Cody: You sir, are no friend of the dance.

    • Cody: ...the Tipton is our home.
      Herman: I think I'm actually feeling something ... oh wait, that's just the burrito I ate for lunch.

    • (after London sings off-key)
      Herman: Why on earth should I put you in my commercial?!
      London: Because my daddy owns this hotel, and signs your checks.
      Herman: Brilliant! You are hired!

    • London: (singing off-key) I'm a pearl kind of girl. I like bracelets and rings. Diamonds and rubies and all of those things. Because bling is my favorite thing. We're not talking Zirconium. Bling is my favorite thing.
      Herman: STO-OP! STOP! Bring back the chicken.

    • Patrick: Yippe Ci-Yah; I'm a happy cowboy, today! (Yells and throws the rope around Herman) (To Pianist) It worked!
      Herman: But you never will. Now vamoose.
      Patrick: Fine, but I'd like my rope back. (Pulls on lasso and Herman goes flying over the table)

    • Assistant: This food is for the crew, have you been eating it?
      Zack & Cody: (Mouths full) No....
      (Assistant grabs their plates away)

    • (Maddie opens her mouth to sing)
      Herman: Next! I hate spotlights.
      Zack: So do I! Now a 1 and a 2-
      Maddie: Wait! I worked really hard on this! And a 3 and a 4-
      Zack: You had your chance sister, now make way for a real singer. 5 , 6, 7 ,8-
      Maddie: Hold it! I'm going to sing, you're going to like it and you are going to get out of here!
      (pushes Zack)

    • Arwin: ...Ta-da.
      Herman: Congratulations. I've seen a lot of lousy acts today, but yours was the first one to make me actually fear for my life!
      Arwin: Well that was nothing.
      Herman: You're right!
      Arwin: I can juggle. (takes out a bowling ball)

    • Cody: At least you're in the commercial.
      Carey: Just my legs. Which admittedly are pretty fantastic.
      Zack: Ah, I've seen better.
      (Carey looks at Zack)
      Zack: But I'm sure they were air brushed.

    • Maddie: In my dreams I can see you. Shoo-bop-bop. Your eyes are like the stars that shine so bright.
      When I wake in the morning.
      Zack: Shoo-bop-bop.
      Maddie: Everything just feels so right. Shoo-bop.
      Zack: Shoo-bop.
      Maddie: Shoo-bop.
      Zack & Maddie: Shoo-bop-bo...
      (Maddie hits Zack with the microphone)
      Zack: Ow!

    • Carey: And one of them is standing in line with other people who share the same dream.
      Zack: Great. Hold our place in line and call on us when you get to the front.
      Carey: Okay, now you're dreaming! You're waiting right here.
      Esteban: Actually, you're waiting back there.
      (Everybody points to the back of the line)
      Zack, Cody & Carey: OH MAN!

    • Herman: Stop! I'd know those legs anywhere. The last time I saw them, they were on their way to the ladies room.
      Carey: So you remembered.
      Herman: Let's just put it this way. ...Next!

    • Zack: Boy. Someone got off at the wrong side of the luggage carousel.

    • Carey: Herman, it's been fifteen years.
      Herman: And six days. It's almost our anniversary.
      Carey: And me without a card.

    • Cody: Mom, Zack stole my allowance!
      Zack: I did not steal it! I told you I was gonna take it.

    • Mr. Moseby: I was tripped! By that stupid chicken!
      Esteban: It's not his fault! His hat was too tight.
      Mr. Moseby: No, he did it on purpose. It was foul play.

    • Cody: This could be mom's big break, and she's not getting any younger.
      Zack: Well, neither are we! We're pushing thirteen and I don't have a lot of cute left in me!

    • (After Mr. Moseby finishes his version of the commercial)
      Herman: Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Please tell me there was film in the camera.
      Assistant: I could, but I'd be lying.

    • Herman(to Dudley): I told you. It's step, cluck, cluck, step. Not cluck, step, step, cluck.
      Esteban: He's doing the best he can. You're scaring him.
      Herman: I'm just giving him directions.
      Esteban: While eating a chicken fajita! It could be his brother. You sir, are not nice.
      Herman: Didn't bother me when my mom said it. Doesn't bother me when you said it.

    • Zack: (mature voice) I told you -- (normal voice) I told you we were twins.
      Herman: Hmm. Double the stink!
      Cody: It was his socks!

    • Demina: Is it just me or are your ears bleeding?
      Herman: Oh, we're going to dub the voice!

    • London: I was gonna quit anyway! Because no one makes a fool of London....
      Everybody: Tipton!
      London: I knew that. I was just pausing for dramatic effect. (To Mr. Moseby) Traitor.

    • Herman: London, you're fired!
      London: (gasps) Wait. Do you not remember who I am?
      Herman: No! And apparently, neither do you!

    • Carey: I should just quit.
      Cody: No. You can't give up, Mom. You're always telling us to persevere.
      Zack: Yeah, you should persevere. By the way, what does that mean?

    • Mr. Moseby: (to the employees) Now, I have some disturbing news that concerns all of you.
      Maddie: If this is about the person who accidentally sat on a box of candy and then ate it, she's really, really sorry.
      London: Um, if this isn't about me, could we make it about me? 'Cause, otherwise, me is going.

    • Zack: This is great! This our chance to get on TV!
      Cody: Yeah, I always thought you'd be on TV. I just assumed you'd be in handcuffs.
      Zack: You mean, as a magician?
      Cody: (sarcastically) Yeah, that's it.

    • Cody: With all these people, we're never gonna get picked.
      Zack: Well, you won't, but when I become a star, you can be one of my peeps. Not the main peep, maybe a backup peep.
      Cody: But...
      Zack: Not a peep out of you.

    • Esteban: (at the audition; about his pet chicken Dudley) Isn't he amazing?
      Herman: That's you. Making the tippy-tappy sounds.
      Esteban: Aren't I amazing?

    • Carey: I can't believe it. I know that director. I once had a date with him.
      Cody: Remember to mention we're your kids.
      Carey: He hates me.
      Zack: And your name was?
      Maddie: So, the date didn't go well?
      Carey: Let's put it this way. I crawled out of window before the salad arrived. I can't go up there.
      Cody: I can! He doesn't hate me.
      Zack: Wait until he sees your act.

    • Herman: (to Cody) Who and what are you?

    • Herman: Hey, I kicked you out! Don't think just 'cause you changed your clothes, I won't recognize you.
      Zack: No, you kicked my brother out, and I don't blame you. He's the speed bump on the road of entertainment.
      Herman: Nice try.
      Zack: No, no. Really, we're twins.
      Herman: Please, do you think I was born yesterday?
      Zack: Not with those wrinkles. (flicking wrinkles on forehead) Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun!
      Herman: NEXT!!!

    • London: I'm going to sing and dance. (whispering) At the same time. (winks)
      Herman: And I'm going to try to watch and hold down my lunch. (whispering) At the same time.

    • Carey: (in a luggage suit) Guys, you're embarassing me.
      Cody: We're embarassing you? You're dancing luggage!

    • Herman: (about London's performance) London. Sweetie. You are doing great.
      London: Thanks!
      Herman: If this were a bowling alley.

    • Herman: Okay, people, try to impress me. (sarcastically) Like that's possible.

    • London: (singing) When you stay at the... the... the...
      Mr. Moseby: It's your name!
      London: Oh. (singing) When you stay at the London...
      Mr. Moseby: Your last name!

    • (after London stops singing)
      Herman: Bring back the chicken. Why on earth should I put you in my commercial?
      London: Because my daddy owns this hotel and signs your check.
      Herman: Brilliant! You are hired!

    • Cody: (Talking to Zack) Speaking of feet. Don't you ever change your socks?

    • London: (on her cell phone) Reservations are pouring in. Most of them from families.
      Cody: And that means a lot more kids at the hotel.
      Mr. Moseby: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (Mr. Moseby runs out)
      Zack: I think he took that rather well.

    • Zack: Warm up your dancin' feet

    • The Tipton Commercial Song:

      Esteban: Welcome to the Tipton!
      Maddie: Where everything is sweet.
      Patrick: Try joining us for dinner.
      May we offer you a seat?
      Carey: Next time stay at the Tipton.
      The Tipton puts you on top.
      When you stay at the Tipton,
      the good times, they never stop.
      Because your the star when you travel far,
      the food is always gourmet.
      At the Tipton, its your place to stay.
      Zack, Cody, and Chorus: We belong at the Tipton.
      The Tipton is our place to play.
      Room service, movies and ice cream.
      Maddie and Chorus: In Paris, New York or Bombay.
      Hang your hat by our welcome mat.
      We want you to have it your way (your way)!
      All: At the Tipton.
      At the Tipton.
      At the Tipton.
      Your place to stay!
      Zack and Cody: And bring the family!
      All: The Tipton is the place to stay!
      Mr. Moseby: Check in!
      All: HEY!

  • NOTES (18)


    • At the end of the episode, London says that she was the star of the commercial, hence saying: "I couldn't take my eyes off of me". This is an allusion to Frankie Valli's song "Can't take my eyes off you".

    • The song that London sang, Bling is my Favorite Thing is a spoof of Marilyn Monroe's extremely popular song, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

    • The auditions in the show are just like American Idol; Herman Spatz is acting just like Simon Cowell.

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