The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 14

Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 22, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

London has a crush on Todd, who is the owner's Son at the rival Hotel aross the Street, but there is a problem, because the person who owns it is Mr. Tipton's Rival in the Hotel business. So london and Todd try to see how they can hide their secret. In the meantime, for a Ball being held in the Tipton, Zack and Cody are Baking Cookies, but soon their Teamwork turns into an argument. Can the Twins Mend their fight?moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Ilsa again

    London likes a boy from the Saint Mark hotel and Zack and Cody bake chocolate chip cookies for a Halloween ball at the Tipton. This episode is really not my favorite. I can't believe that nothing happens to Ilsa at the end. Romance has always been a boring genre for me, and I most likely will not read Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet. But I stll think there will be worse episodes than this. The funniest part was obviously the pie fight.moreless
  • Brilliant parody of Romeo & Juliet

    London meets Todd Mark, the son of the owner of the St. Mark Hotel and both fall in love with each other. However, Ilsa (manager of St. Mark) at Mr Moseby do everything to keep them away as Todd's father and Mr Tipton are enemies. Meanwhile, Cody is hired to bake cookies for the orthodontist convention and Zack takes advantage of him.

    I loved this episode even though Zack and Cody weren't the main characters. This episode also further improves London and Maddie's friendship. There were both comedy and emotional moments. Brilliantly done episodemoreless
  • love

    london likes the tipton's enemy, the manager of the St. Mark's son. Will they be able to date despite their parents' rivalry with each other? Cody and Zack bake food for a party at the Tipton, but will they end up fighting with each other?

    It was good, I really liked it. Zack and Cody's plot, whilst kind of boring, I did like London's plot, it is kind of a shame I think we never saw Todd again, he could have made a great character, I think, oh and by the way, this episode gets an A+ from me. Perfectmoreless
  • This episode really wasn't as good as the rest of them were. Out of all of the episodes I think that this one was actually my least favorite. I liked it, but not as much as I liked the other episodes.moreless

    London falls in love with Todd St.Mark, the son of the guy who owns the St.Mark Hotel. Todds dad hates the Tiptons and he doesn't want London and Todd to be together. Ilsa returns in this episode. She is the new manager at the St.Mark hotel and she is doing everything that she can to keep London and Todd away from each other. Maddie is trying everything that she can do to get London and Todd together. Meanwhile, Cody is baking cookies for the Beakon Hill Ball. Zack is working him like a slave. The thing that I didn't like about this episode is the story was kind of boring with London and Todd and I really didn't like Todd. The best part of the whole episode was the pie fight at the ball. Other than that I really can't think of too many good things about this episode. Like I said, it was o.k. but it was also my least favorite episode of the series.moreless
  • London meets the son of the Tipton's rival hotel. Both of them fall in love, but, Mr. Moseby and the manipulative, plotting hotel manager of the St. Mark hotel, Ilsa Shicklegrubermeiger-von Helsing der Keppelugerhofer. Meanwhile, Cody sells cookiesmoreless

    London Tipton meets the son of the Tipton's rival hotel, the St. Mark, Todd. Both of them fall in love, but unfortunately, Mr. Moseby and the manipulative, plotting hotel manager of the St. Mark hotel, Ilsa Shicklegrubermeiger-von Helsing der Keppelugerhofer. It is just like Romeo and Juliet! Todd is not allowed to be with any Tipton, so Maddie Fitzpatrick, who is London's best friend, tries to help London and Todd to find a great place to be together. Maddie tries to protect London's and Todd's hidden place area where they are having a romantic dinner, and soon Todd has to leave. Later, Zack and Cody sell cookies. Cody accidentally starts a food fight, and Todd and London have there first kiss. Todd goes to a Dentist School and leaves London for good.moreless
Ben Ziff

Ben Ziff

Todd St. Mark

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Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea


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Channing Chase

Channing Chase

Mrs. Dumont

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Estelle Harris

Estelle Harris


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • At the beginning of the scene where Ilsa aks Mr. Moseby where Todd is, a boom mic is visible briefly in the top left of the screen.

    • London is the only one at the party that didn't get hit with a pie, even though it is shown she has cream on her face. All of the other main characters did get hit at least by one pie or more.

    • We find out that Ilsa has a pet dog named Blitzkrieg.

    • Carey gets a pie aimed at her three times.

    • In the scene where Maddie and London are looking for Todd, Maddie is snapping off guys' masks to see if it's Todd underneath. One guy's mask (that Maddie snaps) is gold-colored and is shaped like a bird's face. If you look very carefully in the Disney Channel movie, "Twitches" the exact same mask is on one manequin in one scene. To give a hint, it's in the scene where Camryn is walking down the staircase of the store, carrying a dress. On the second manequin to her right, there's the mask.

    • It is revealed that the Tipton has cooling racks in the kitchen that are made out of tungsten. Tungsten is a metal that is manufactured and stays very is also incredibly expensive.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits (of Season 2) when Carey gets hit by a pie, and when Cody cracks an egg over Zack.

    • When Cody is about to throw his first pie at Zack in the ballroom, he throws it downwards but it changes shot and it has all of a sudden gone upwards.

    • In the Tipton kitchen, Zack says 'Cooking is easy'; this is something London says in the episode 'Poor Little Rich Girl', when she thinks she is cooking correctly.

    • When Cody dumps the eggs on Zack's head you can see that Zack is trying not to laugh.

    • When Maddie is going back and forth from Todd to London, and she goes to London it says she's on the 23rd Floor, but she's able to see Todd. You can't talk to someone 23 floors below you.

    • After Todd and London say good-bye, Todd goes straight to the door and leaves. However, Ilsa walks in the opposite direction.

    • When London and Todd kiss, in the background you can see Ilsa smiling which is very out-of-character.

    • Maddie carrys a huge plant to Todd, but in a later episode, she can't lift a stack of magazines.

    • When Zack said "Here, wipe off your filth with this twenty", he really only handed Cody a one dollar bill.

  • QUOTES (41)

    • Ilsa: Per your father's instructions, I am locking you in your room, taking away all your communication devices unt your giant plastic tooth!
      Todd: No! Not Tommy Tooth!
      Ilsa: Unt Freida Floss!

    • London: I guest you gonna lock me in my room now, huh?
      Mr. Moseby: I'm sure that your father would want.
      London: Good. If I can't see Todd, I will spend the rest of my life in my room.
      Mr. Moseby: Do you really like this guy, don't you?
      London: I would love him even if he were poor.
      Mr. Moseby: Really?
      London: (thought in a second) yes.
      Mr. Moseby: Now the next case, If you want to see Todd, it's not my job for me to stop you.
      London: Won't you get into trouble with my father?
      Mr. Moseby: Sometimes when you care about someone, you have to think of them before yourself.
      London: Thanks, Moseby.

    • London: I won't ever find Todd in here. I won't ever have the first kiss.
      London: Aah, get off from me pie face.
      Todd: It's me, Todd.
      London: Todd, oh you did come.
      Todd: Of course I did. I want to tell you that I love you and do this. (Kiss London)
      Maddie: It's some people get anything they want. Happy Chanukah, London!

    • Mr. Moseby: This time you have to stop this instant!
      Ilsa: Mr. Moseby! (Throw the pie in Mr. Moseby's face)
      Mr. Moseby: Right after this. (Handle two pie from Zack and Cody)

    • London: Which one is Todd ?
      Maddie: The one in the mask.
      London: (see a bunch of mans in mask) Oh, that narrows it down.

    • Zack: Let's go, let's go, let's go!
      Cody: You know, I feel like before I did it for love. Now I'm doing it for money and…I feel dirty.
      Zack: Why don't you wipe the filth off this twenty. (give Cody twenty bucks) Get back to work. (Starts counting his money)
      Cody: Why aren't you working? Why don't you help out and separate eggs for me.
      Zack: (separate a bunch of four eggs into two groups) Done! Cooking is easy.

    • Todd: I thought of this moment differently, but I have to tell you something...
      London: Yes, Todd.
      Todd: London, I …
      Maddie: Ilsa's here!
      Todd: Gotta go.(run away)
      Muriel: Nice boy. He doesn't say much.
      London: He was about to.

    • Ilsa: Mr. Moseby, dance as you can. I don't think Mr. Tipton will be very happy when he finds out his pretty daughter is dating Todd Saint Mark.
      Mr. Moseby: Hah?
      Ilsa: They've been in constant communication. Where are they?
      Mr. Moseby: I'm sure I have no idea. (See Maddie goes by) Maddie, have you seen London and Todd?
      Maddie: No, apparently. Not at all. Never exciting. See ya (run away and been caught by Ila)
      Maddie: OK, OK. They're on …the roof.

    • Maddie: You seem so end up to the wall!
      Loddon: I've been test messaging with Todd for the past 24 hours.
      Maddie: Why don't you just go to the Saint Mark?
      Loddon: I've never made passes there. There no way we can meet that our fathers won't find out.
      Maddie: This is so romantic.

    • Mr Moseby: Oh, you lost Todd. Which by the way not the only thing that you lost, it turns out that the masquerade ball now been held at the Tipton
      IIsa: None sense. That ball's been held in Saint Mark over thirty years.
      Mr. Moseby: Not any more. We've stole it from you (laugh and start dancing)

    • Mr. Moseby: Oh you've not mentioned the tungsten cooling racks?
      Carey: Honey, you need to rest.

    • Mr. Moseby: You two are absolutely been selling unauthorized cookies in my lobby.
      Zack: You could have sold cookies in the bigly hall party. You know how exciting type like crunching the cookies.
      Mr. Moseby: I'll take five hundreds.
      Zack: Done.
      Cody: Not done. I'm cooking out.
      Carey: Zack, your brother's tired.
      Cody: Thanks, mom. I just worry looking another stove.
      Mr. Moseby: What about the one in the hotel kitchen?

    • Mr. Moseby: Is it true that you two selling unauthorized cookies in my hotel?
      Zack: No. Not true Mr. Moseby.
      Mr. Moseby: Um hum. And why is the kitchen a mess?

    • London: Hey, weren't you watching when you're going?
      Todd: I'm so sorry.
      London: (after looking at his face for a while) No, no, it's my fault.
      Todd: Forgive me for starring, but your teeth look like perfect little pearls.
      London: Oh, thanks. You cannot keep yourself for dentists.

    • IIsa: This is my only happy news. I've became the manager of the St. Mark Hotel across the street.
      Zack: Oh, no.
      IIsa: Oh, yes. And I've been not rest until the Tipton is a parking lot and you are parking the cars. (snarl at Mr. Moseby)
      Cody: Mr Moseby, that was awesome you weren't scared of her.
      Mr. Moseby: (frighten and fall down)

    • Zack: I'm sorry I worked you like a pack mule. I was just thinking of the money. ...Lots and lots of money, bagloads of money-
      Carey: Zack!
      Zack: Sorry.
      Cody: It's okay if you wanted to make money off my cookies, but I just need time to make them just right...and 75% of the profits.
      Zack: 40!
      Cody: 50!
      Zack: Done.
      (Zack and Cody do a spit shake.)
      Carey: Yeah, but I get 10% of both of your cuts.
      Zack: Done.
      (Zack and Cody spit on their hands to do a spit shake with Carey.)
      Carey: ...It's not worth it.

    • London:Maddie? That Romeo and Juliet book has a happy ending right?
      Maddie:Yes... (turns around and walks away while mouthing no)

    • Zack: Did you just flick flour in my face?
      Cody: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.
      Zack: Well maybe I flicked some back! (Flicks flour in Cody's face) And maybe I didn't.
      Cody: Well I know you didn't because if you did, I'd have to do this! (Cracks egg over Zack's head) And THAT'S how you separate an egg!
      Zack: Well this is how you separate a pie, from it's pan! (Throw's pie in Cody's face)

    • Maddie: What you two need is a secret romantic hideaway.
      (Switches to Maddie and London in the laundry room with a candlelit dinner for two.)
      London: The laundry room? This is your idea of romantic? No wonder you don't get dates!
      Maddie: Hey, it was either this, or the mens' room on the third floor.
      London: I love it!

    • Maddie: Well, you know what Shakespeare said? The course of true love never did run smooth.
      London: Huh?
      Maddie: Love stinks.
      London: Oh, I know!

    • London: Ooh! Tell me how to say I love you in "Shakespeare" talk!
      Maddie: Ahem! My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep.
      London: Got it.
      (Calls out to Todd)
      London: I love you too, sweet cheeks!
      Maddie: Nice rewrite.

    • (London and Maddie are entering the masquerade)
      London: So Todd really wanted to kiss me?
      Maddie: No, he wanted to kiss the plant.
      London: Why would he want to kiss the plant?
      Maddie: He doesn't! He wants to kiss you!
      London: So Todd really wanted to kiss me?
      Maddie: It's a special night. Don't make me slap you.

    • (Maddie hands Todd the big potted plant from London)
      Todd: I have to give her something better.
      Maddie: Can you keep it under 80 pounds?
      (Todd thinks for a second)
      Todd: A kiss!
      Maddie: Okay, but I'm not passing it on!
      (Maddie puckers lips)
      Todd: Yeah it's just not the same.

    • Muriel: My doctor says I should stay away from chocolate... and younger men.
      London: Don't you have work to do?
      (Muriel stares at her)
      Muriel: What's your point?

    • Todd: Maddie, thank you so much for setting this up for us. And in return, when I become a dentist, I'll fix that overbite.
      (Maddie covers her mouth)
      Maddie: Some people think it's... cute.

    • Todd: It's llsa! (Hides behind London)
      London: You know her?
      Todd: Yeah, she runs my dad's hotel across the street. If he finds out I'm here, I'll be in big trouble!
      London: You're Todd St. Mark? I'm London Tipton! My daddy hates your dad.
      Todd: My daddy hates your dad.
      London: We have so much in common!

    • Mr. Moseby: Oh, I thought I smelled a rat, but it turns out it was a mole!
      llsa: What mole?
      Mr. Moseby: Do you own a mirror?

    • llsa: Well, it seems that he heard you have a problem with cockalakas. That's german for cockroaches! (Stomps feet)
      Mr. Moseby: Well, he must have heard that lie from the head cockalaka herself!

    • (Zack takes cash that Hotel Guest left)
      Zack: Alright! Cody's cookies are gonna make me rich!
      (Cody stares at Zack)
      Cody: Ahem!
      Zack: Did I say me? I meant us!

    • Cody: Hey, Maddie. Can you try some of my cookies?
      Maddie: Sure. (Bites into a cookie)
      Cody: What do you think?
      Zack: Careful. If you tell him there's too many walnuts, he'll lock himself in the bathroom and cry.
      Maddie: Cody, these are amazing. You know, girls like guys who can cook.
      Zack: I helped!

    • Carey: Get behind me, boys! Don't look her in the mole - I mean, eye.

    • Carey: Cody, don't you have something to say to your brother?
      Cody: I'm sorry I flicked flour at your face.
      Carey: Zack?
      Zack: I'm sorry you're my brother.
      Carey: Zack!

    • Ilsa: I love the twins.

    • (Ilsa yanks the hair on her mole, and puts it in the punch)
      Ilsa: Ecch! That's disgusting! There is a hair in the punch bowl. Yeah, that will never happen at the St. Mark. Enjoy!

    • Cody: Um, Mom's a slob.
      Carey: I'm a what?
      Zack: Job. Your doing a great job as a single mom. I mean look at us we're adorable.

    • Hotel Guest: Mmm, (Eating one of Cody's cookies) These are fantastic. How much are they?
      Cody: They're free.
      Zack: For five dollars.

    • London: Todd!
      Todd: London!
      Mr. Moseby: London!
      Ilsa: Todd!
      Maddie: (Raises hand) Maddie.

    • Ilsa: Where is he?
      Mr. Moseby: He who?
      Ilsa: You know who.
      Mr. Moseby: Who, he?
      Ilsa: My who he.
      Mr. Moseby: Who?
      Ilsa: Oh stop with your silly bird games. Todd! He snuck out!

    • Cody: Come back here and take this banana cream pie like a man!

    • Ilsa: Actually, since you had me fired from ze Tipton Organization, I've gotten married.
      Carey: You're kidding.
      Ilsa: (Holds up hand with wedding ring) No. My married name is Ilsa Shickelgrubermeiger-(hyphen)-von Helsing der Keppelugerhofer.
      Carey: You're kidding.
      Cody: That must take you forever to write on your underwear!
      Ilsa: I have a stamp.

    • Zack & Cody: Mr. Moseby! Mr. Moseby!
      Zack: It's a hideous monster!
      Cody: And it's coming this way!
      Mr. Moseby: Boys, I can assure you there are no such things as monsters.
      Zack: Oh yeah? (Points at door) Look!
      (Eerie music plays; Ilsa Shickelgrubermeiger walks in.)
      Ilsa: I'm back!

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