The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

A girl at school likes Cody, but after he hires Zack to help, she falls for Zack instead. London's dog Ivana and Maddie's dog Scamp fall in love.

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  • Crushed

    A girl named Agnes likes Cody. But he doesn't like her. So he asks Zack to go out with her, and she falls for him, too. Will the twins get rid of her? Meanwhile, Maddie finds her dog likes London's dog, but London doesn't like Maddie's dog. Both plots were pretty tiring. I was watching at the clock to see when it would end.
  • Funny episode!

    Certainly not my favorites from Season 1 or from SLOZAC, but I still liked it. Its the introduction of Agnes, the weird character. Zack and Cody's part was hilarious, but I also loved Maddie and London's part, how their dogs fell in love.

    Go watch ity!
  • This episode was funny but I have to admit, I don't like the character Agnes. I think that she is annoying and she is not really funny at all.

    The episode itself was funny. Cody is being followed around by Agnes and she insists that he is her boyfriend even though he insists that he's not. This was the first time that we saw Agnes in the series and I didn't like the character. I liked the episode but not the character. Eventually Agnes ends up falling in love with Zack and then both Zack and Cody work together to try to get rid of Agnes. What was funny was how she kept following Cody around and he kept trying to get rid of her. What wasn't funny was the fact that I'm not a fan of the Agnes character and the Maddie and London part in this episode wasn't even funny enough for me to talk about here.moreless
  • This episode was so funny

    This episode was probably my favorite episode of The Suite Life. It starts out with Cody trying to rush to Biology class to avoid nerdy Agnus, who has a huge crush on Cody. Agnes sets Cody up on a date at the Tipton diner but he doesn't want to go so he asks Zack to go to the date for him so Agnus will think Zack is Cody and Zack will gross her out to make her think Cody is gross. Then, Agnus finds out that it's not really Cody but she thinks Zack went for him because he wants her for himself! Overall, this episode was above average and very, very funny. I also kinda have a crush on Allie Grant but it's probably because she's younger than me and I tend to develop crushes on younger people. But anyway, great episode. 10/10.moreless
  • Again, not one of my favorite episodes.

    Crushed is an average episode. Like Pilot Your Own Life, it is a little above average, but not a lot. It was overplayed when it was first on, but it's not on as much. I think that Maddie's dog is cute. Him and Ivanna play together in this episode and it's funny. Thus was also the first appearance of Agnes. She appeared in later episodes. She was a little funny, but she's weird. I liked the subplot with the dogs and Maddie and London better though. If this episode was on TV, I probably wouldn't watch it, unless there was nothing to do.moreless
Rolando Rodriquez

Rolando Rodriquez

Chris Bayo

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Gabriel Sunday

Gabriel Sunday

Scamp/Lord Corcoran

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Emily Stone

Emily Stone


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Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R'Mante


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Patrick Bristow

Patrick Bristow


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • Ivana falls for Scamp in this episode even though in an earlier one it was revealed she already had a boyfriend.

    • Esteban apparently doesn't know how to play hide and seek or marco polo as he thinks marco polo is hide and seek and then he thinks marco polo is marco poyo.

    • Agnes' line, "Don't speak!" is in another Zack & Cody episode "Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet".

    • This is the first episode in series that premiered on Friday the 13th.

    • At the end of the episode, Moseby says "Whoever's father doesn't own this hotel is fired.", why would he say that since he would be fired as well.

    • When Zack is pulling the spaghetti out of his nose, you can tell that it really isn't coming out of his nose.

    • After Zack says "Although you did look lovely with those pigeons in your hair." he puts his hands to his side but in the next shot you can clearly see they are folded.

    • After Zack says "Hi, Aggie.", You can see he is trying to hold back from laughing.

    • When Zack runs away from Agnes there seems to be more papers on the ground than he dropped.

    • When Esteban goes to take Ivana and Scamp's favorite food upstairs, the stage lights reflect on the tray and you can see there is no ceiling at the Tipton.

    • There is no way Ivana could have as many puppies as she did. Pomeranians usually have just one to three puppies. They can't support any more than that since they're so small.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Ivana comes in the hotel on a leash with London. But when Maddie puts Scamp on the floor with Ivana, Ivana is no longer on a leash.

    • When Maddie comes in the restaurant looking for Scamps, she's standing on Patrick's right side. Then, when the camera goes down to Scamps when he's talking to Ivana, Maddie's feet are not there. And when Ivana jumps down off the table to run off with Scamps, Maddie's feet can be seen again standing on Patrick's left side this time.

    • At the beginning of the episode, when Agnes is showing Cody her picture of them on Saturn's rings, Cody's hand is on her shoulder after saying he likes it. But right after, the camera goes back to just Agnes and Cody's hand is not on her shoulder anymore.

    • In past episodes, London could understand what Ivana was saying but in this episode she couldn't.

    • Agnes tells Cody she'll pay him $5.00 if he tells her where Zack went. He tells her, but she didn't give him the money.

    • After Lord Corcoran "asks" Patrick for the check, the scene goes back to Agnes and Zack, but neither Patrick or Lord Corcoran are at the table behind them anymore.

    • When Agnes is talking to Patrick at the restaurant, she takes her glasses off. Yet in the next scene, her glasses are back on again.

    • At the start of the episode, when Agnes is about to show Cody a picture of them on their wedding cake, there are other kids behind them next to the lockers. But when Cody leaves quickly, the other kids are gone as well.

  • QUOTES (40)

    • Cody: Agnes, what Zack is trying to say is, you came on a little strong.
      Zack: No, what Zack is trying to say is, (opens door) leave.

    • Cody: (looking at picture) That is so...
      Zack: Weird!
      Agnes: But I worked really hard on it!
      (Zack starts getting afraid)

    • Zack: Well hopefully my friend won't be from planet Whooooo!

    • London: I smell puppies!
      (Claps excitedly)

      Patrick: Well whatever it is, I'm not cleaning it up!

    • London: Aww. Well she does look happy.
      Esteban: And if shes happy, arent you happy?
      London: Yeah. Mommys happy.
      Ivana: I dont know about you but I hear wedding bells!
      Maddie: Well this oughta bring mommy down. Now we're in-laws!! (hugs London)
      London: (screams) NO!

    • Cody: Mom, I don't want to end up like Johnny Nelmick, the boy Agnes liked last year.
      Carey: What happened to him?
      Cody: He disappeared...
      Zack: He moved to Arizona.
      Cody: That's the official story!
      Zack: Now, now, I'm sure your just being a little paranoid...Codylicious!

    • Agnes: You're not my Codykins!
      (Agnes corners Zack)
      Agnes: I don't like to be fooled... Zack.
      Zack: I'm sorry! It's just that-
      Agnes: I know what's going on.
      Zack: You do?
      Agnes: Of course. You want me for yourself.
      Zack: Whoa there, girl! I coughed on your food, I pulled a noodle out of my nose!
      Agnes: And strangely, I loved it. And you.
      Zack: (sounds like he's about to cry) But you love Cody!

    • Cody: I won't run away. And it's not just because you nailed my feet to the floor. Which by the way, is taking some of the enjoyment away from this delicious mac-n-cheese.

    • Mr. Moseby: Please tell me you haven't lost your dog in my hotel.
      Maddie: I didn't lose him. We're just playing hide and go seek and he's winning!
      Esteban: Oh yes. He's very good. Marco (in a tiny voice) pollo.
      Mr. Moseby: First of all, that's not hide-n-seek. Secondly, you don't answer yourself, and thirdly, it's polo!

    • (Cody wakes up screaming, turns to his left and sees Agnes on the couch)
      Cody: AAAAHHH!!! (sees Zack), how'd she get in here?
      Zack: I let her in.
      Cody: Why?
      Zack: Kicks?

    • London: Ooh, I think they like each other.
      Ivana: You also think one and one is four.

    • Zack: Let's cut the ropes!
      Cody: Dont' be ridiculous! She might fall and hurt somebody!
      Zack: That's a risk I'm willing to take.

    • Zack: Oh, hey, Agnes!
      Cody: AAHHH! That's not funny. Why, oh, why was I cursed with these devastating good looks?
      Zack: Imagine how hard it is to be the handsome twin.

    • Cody: Oh, hi, Agnes!
      Zack: Very funny, but that won't work.
      Agnes: Hi, Zack!
      Zack: AHH!

    • Agnes: Hi, Zackie.
      Zack: Hi, Aggie.
      Agnes: Thanks for inviting me over. You know, this is much easier than scaling the side of the building.
      Zack: Although you did look beautiful with those pigeons in your hair.
      Agnes: I did, didn't I?

    • Agnes: You're My Little Rebel. Agnes Likes!
      Zack: But...
      Agnes: (puts finger on Zack's lips) Shh. Don't speak. Your eyes speak for you.
      Zack: I wished they'd shut up!

    • Agnes: Excuse me, could you play the violin when my date arrives?
      Patrick: Good idea, then I'll ride a unicycle juggle some bananas.
      Agnes: Could you?
      Patrick: Could this evening get even worse?
      Zack: Yo, dude.
      Patrick: Apparently, it can.

    • Cody: I was having a nightmare about Agnes. How am I gonna get rid of her?
      Zack: Maybe she'll have a lousy time on your date. After all, you are boring as a stick. Actually worse, you can play with a stick.

    • Mr. Moseby: Now, Madeline, we have strict rules about dogs in this hotel.
      Maddie: But Ivana gets to come in.
      Mr. Moseby: She's a Tipton.
      Maddie: But my house is being fumigated and Scamps has nowhere to go. Please. Look at his wittle face.
      (Mr. Moseby looks at Maddie and she is doing the puppy dog face and Mr. Moseby looks at Esteban and he too is doing the puppy dog face)

    • Esteban: Oh, what a cute doggy. Does he know any tricks?
      Maddie: Tons. Oh, here is his best one. (to Scamps) Mr. Moseby's coming. Hide!
      (Scamps runs off)
      Esteban: Ooh, I know that one, too! But he always finds me.

    • Zack: Hey, Agnes, Cody was just talking about you.
      Agnes: You were talking about me?
      Cody: Yes. I mean, no. I mean, gotta go!

    • Zack: What do I get out of it?
      Cody: I'll do all your homework for the next month.
      Zack: Through college.
      Cody: High school. Face it, you'll never make it to college.
      Zack: Good point, deal.

    • Agnes: Where's Zack?
      Cody: There's nothing you can do to make me tell.
      Agnes: Five bucks.
      Cody: Soccer practice.

    • Carey: So, Agnes tells me you guys have a date tomorrow? Cody: We don't have a date. Carey: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What do you guys call it when one friend goes out to dinner with another friend? Zack: Creepy beyond belief.

    • Moseby: I don't want my rugs soiled... that goes for all of you.

    • Moseby: Stop licking, it's disguisting...and it tickles!

    • Agnes: Where's Cody?
      Zack: I'm not telling you!
      Agnes: Five bucks.
      Zack: Biology

    • London: (to Maddie) No offense, but your dog is an idiot.

    • London: How dare you let a dog in here!
      Patrick: My bad!

    • Zack: Let me get the door for you. Unless you prefer the window.

    • Carey: (about Agnes) What a sweetie. She's a keeper.
      Zack: Yeah, in the basement.

    • Cody: Unlike you, I'm not enjoying your pain.

    • Cody: Welcome to planet WHOOOO!

    • Zack: Are you ready for plan "Get Rid of Agnes"?
      Cody: I was ready the second I met her.

    • Esteban: Think like a dog, think like a dog, think like a dog! (starts acting like a dog)

    • Patrick: Menus? ... Okay, I'm losing my mind.

    • (Cody wakes up screaming)
      Zack: Dude, I've been watching you scream for 10 mintues.
      Cody: Why didn't you wake me?
      Zack: There's nothing on TV.

    • Cody: Although, I could feed myself if you just untie me.
      Agnes: But if I untie you, you might run away again.

    • Zack: That would be the right thing to do, young Cody...

    • Zack: Hey, Agnes!
      Cody: I'm not falling for that again.
      Agnes: Hi, Cody!
      Cody: AHHH!

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