The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 3

Day Care

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Day care

    Maddie is looking after some preschooler, but when her family has some breaking news, she leaves the twins in charge of them, and they go missing in the Tipton. Meanwhile, London takes Carey and Moseby to a yoga class to loosen up. This was funny. I couldn't think of a better way to plot this episode. A+.
  • "Daycare" is an awesome episode! :)

    Season 2 is off to a roll! I love it. It had all sorts of moments. Brilliant touch in this episode. I absolutely spent all episode ROFL'ing, especially at Mr Moseby finding his inner peace with yoga training!

    The hide and seek game between the daycare kids and the twins was hilarious and this episode matched up perfectly! 10/10
  • funny..

    i thought this episode was very funny but randal was really weird and creepy but other wise this was a really good episode. i really liked the parts where london was trying to teach mr.mosbey yoga that was really funny. i loved the part where estobon left while the kids were sleeping and slammed the door shut and all kids woke up and when they did there was scary music i thought that was really funny i dont know why i just did. i think this is one of my favorite episodes and one of the best ones in season two if you haven't seen it yet and ur a fan of the show i suggest that you watch it cuz its really good bye!
  • Day Care was one of the funniest and best episodes ever. This episode had Moises Arias in it who later went on to star as Rico on Hannah Montana.

    Moises Arias played Randall in this episode and he was hilarious. Maddie is working at a daycare taking care of kids. When she has to leave she leaves Estabon in charge of the kids but then he has to leave and he leaves Zack and Cody in charge of the kids. The kids drive Zack and Cody crazy and they eventually escape and run wild all around the hotel. All of the kids were funny but Moises Arias was the funniest as Randall. The other story had Moseby and Carey going to a yoga class with London and when London makes the yoga teacher quit she ends up teaching the class. This is one of the funniest and best episodes ever and I wish that they would have let Moises Arias come back on the show more often. He was so funny in this episode. The whole episode was hilarious.
  • It was great!

    Oh . . . My . . . Gosh! Another great episode from thw riters! I think that the early Season 2 episodes were the best and the peak of excellence. This was one of those episodes. I can't believe how young Moises Arias looks in this episode, compared to what he looks like in the latest episodes of Hannah Montana. I loved the little kids in the daycare! And, I loved it when they were on the hunt, looking for them throughout the hotel. I'd wish they'd make another Day Care episode, because if it was like this one, it might be my favorite episode in the series.
  • One of my favorite episodes of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    What makes this episode interesting is that one of my favorite actors is in the episode as a guest star. Zack, and Cody does some series Day Care, but it dosen't stop the children from going beserk once in a while. Randall has a crush on Maddie, but dislikes the twins. London thinks Mr. Moseby, and Carey are stressed, and they need some yoga to relax them. She takes them to yoga class, and teaches them how to relax, and it works until Zack, and Cody's Day Care children go into the yoga class to interrupt the peace, and quiet that the yoga students had.
  • BORING!!!!

    Day Care was really boring! The only funny thing in this episode was London. It was funny when she was arguing with the yoga instructor. The part about Day Care was not funny, and it was boring. I hated that spoiled brat that liked Maddie. He was so annoying. Mr. Moseby and Carey were kind of boring, also. Maddie was OK. Zack, Cody, and Esteban were also OK. I`m kind of sick of this episode. It was also funny when London said And know I know my ABD`s! That part was hilarious. Overall this episode was boring and not as funny as other episodes.
  • Awesome show

    This is a very cool episode. It's damn funny. I love it when london insults the yoga teacher. London: Could I make a suggestion?
    Tia: If it's another comment about my split ends, I would prefer you didn't.
    London: It's not. It's about your lousy yoga technique.
    London: And your split ends.
    Tia: Before I taught yoga, I was a female Golden Glove champion.
    London: So what? All my gloves are golden.
    Tia: I'm trying to teach a class here!
    London: You're trying, but not succeeding. and

    Tia: Let's start with a Bhastrika breathing technique.
    London: (laughs) Where'd you get that, the back of a cereal box? (laughs)
    Tia: Excuse me?
    London: Well, it's just when I was taught yoga the right way, we always began with a Bhramari breathing technique. (winks)
    Tia: I'll have you know I have been teaching yoga for 20 years.
    London: (coughing) Badly.
    Cary: I'm relaxed, but I am entertained
    and lots more it is also funny to see zack and cody takes care of kids. And ohya Esteban's song Rock a bye chicken,
    in the tree top. Watch out for the farmer,
    your head he will chop. ha ha that's hilarious. Seeing moseby and carey doing yoga is also funny but i do know that moseby isn't that flexible. And how Randall and zack fight is also damn funny.
    Zack: Aww, you have a little crush on Maddie! That's so cute!
    Randall: I bet I have more armpit hair than you!
    Cody: Everyone has more armpit hair than him!
    Zack: Hey! They're blonde and they're hard to see!
    Randall: Yeah, all two of them!
    Cody: Heh, good one

    and oh when cody and johnny is fighting

    Johnny: Do you like coloring?
    Cody: I sure do, little one. When I was in first grade, I won a free ice cream sundae for my work on the Enchanted Pony Island coloring book.
    Johnny: You're weird.
    Zack: He's got you pegged.
    (Johnny kicks Cody)
    Cody: Ow! Little boy, it's not nice to kick people in the shin!
    (Johnny stomps on Cody's foot)
    Cody: Ow! Look, kid, I know Santa, and you just made the naughty list!
    Johnny: I'm Jewish
    well that's all.
  • Maddie runs a Daycare Service at the Tipton, and when Maddie has a family obligation to attend to, Zack and Cody take over. Meanwhile, London encourages Mr. Moseby to take yoga to help him relax a bit more.

    Maddie runs a Daycare Service at the Tipton, and when Maddie has a family obligation to attend to, Zack and Cody take over. Meanwhile, London encourages Mr. Moseby to take yoga to help him relax a bit more. Very, very, very, funny and a very adventurus. It is a must see episode.
  • funny episode

    Maddie is managing a daycare center inside the Tipton, when a family emergency gets her to leave her job while Esteban fills in for her, but when Esteban is called by Mr. Moseby to manage the front desk, Esteban has no choice but to leave the daycare duties to Zack and Cody. Everything works out fine when the kids go to sleep but when they wake up the kids go wild. They trick Zack and Cody into playing hide and seek, when their real objective is to run away from the day care center. A lot of wacky stuff happens when the kids roam around the Tipton, this is one hilarious episode.
  • I believe this episode was very unique...this episode had a hannah montana guest star...that was awsome! I loved this was funny when they hunted down the kids in the tipton lobby...that was very very funny.i loved it alot its worth your time!

    This episode was very funny...i love the whole episode not really just one part to be specific i just loved it...yes it COULD have been funnier but it was perfect the way it is...It is a funny and great episode...I think it was very origional..cody is very good with kids..and yet another scene of zack being stupid and falling for the ice cream prank that cody played....but thats zack for ya!! I could point out some zack moments in that episode..But anyways it was a great episode i would love to see it again! I loved it i loved it!
  • This is such a great esisode even though i havn\'t watched it. Cody is cute... who agrees?

    This is a kewl episode. But i hate that kid that also loves Maddie.don\'t you think that most of episodes include crushes??? like that French 101 and Odd Couples and The Fairest of them all...argh!!! i hate that episode where Cody and Zack is fighting over that ugly French girl. GRRRRR... who would like her?? same with Janice and Jessica.... they are sooo ugly and dumb... and agnes!! she is ugly too and she cant pick between Zack or Cody...she is also very rude and call them the most babyish names... and she is really obssessed with Cody and Zack... But that girl that Cody liked in \'The fairest of them all\' was pretty. i gto a bit jealosu there. and i got to admit that Janice and Jessica are quite pretty. But that Vanessa girl on \'a midsummers night\' or something like that was ugly but that Gwen girl was pretty. Am i just going to stand here talking about people and how they pretty or ugly?! actually im sitting down. I love London. She is soo funny. Especially, when she goes \'and now i now my ABDs. Laughing Out Loud and Rolling On Floor Laughing or Laughing my butt off. I can\'t stop laughing. OMG!!
  • Zack and Cody help Maddie run the daycare at the Tipton. Carey and Mr. Mosbey go to Yoga class with London.

    This episodes is one of my personal favorites. I really enjoyed this one because there were multiple funny parts...OK, all the parts were funny.

    The boys end up running the daycare with Estaban because Maddie has to walk her grandmother home. When the kids escape, Zack and Cody go to find them while Estaban has to run the Front Desk, and watch a baby all at the same time!! The boys find them, and then Maddie comes in and gets angry at them. After all the kids escape...again...Maddie, Cody, and Zack search the hotel to find them.

    London says that Mosbey and Carrie need to relax more. So, she teaches them Yoga. During the class, London scares off the teacher with insults and begins to teach the class herself. After Mosbey finally gets relaxed, all the kids come rushing in.

    The two plots of this episode were hilarious. The way the boys try to find the other kids is hilarious. The way they try to trap them, or trick them into getting caught. Randall, the kid who started the whole thing, never gets caught until they run into the Yoga Center. This is one of my favorite episodes that I don't mind watching again and again.
  • I hate that little secret admirer of Maddie I wanna smash him!!! Well if I would be Zack in the story!!!!

    I hate that little secret admirer of Maddie I wanna smash him!!! Well if I would be Zack in the story!!!! Anyway I kinda like this episode because it really signified something it brought some energy and flare which is great! Well hopefully this series won't go downhill you know!
  • Its about a Day Care at the Tipton!

    This episode is awsome! I like it! They chose the right guest starring cast! I think they did pretty good! Except on some parts that looked fake. But you know its their job to keep it real! But I like the episode! Really good to watch! There were some errors when taping. Like when Randall says \\\" I am bored\\\" and then Zack says \\\"Ok then, go to sleep. Nap time every one\\\", you see Esteban walk away. But when Randall says \\\"I just had 12 sugar sticks\\\" you see Esteban behind Zack and Cody again! But its a good episode! I recommend people to watch it!!
  • Maddie is running a daycare center with Zack & Cody's help. London takes over teaching yoga. And Mr Moseby attends the class, but it's not what he bargined for.

    This is another filler episode. It is funny but it get's old after awhile. I liked the plot of the daycare and the kids running lose. Then Maddie leaves and Zack & Cody fall for the "hide and seek while we sneak out" routine. So now the kids are lost. When Maddie says "Cute baby" then realizes it's from the daycare is funny. London ruffs up Mr. Moseby at the yoga class and when he's finally relaxed the kids rush in. That was funny. It was predictable. And the scene where the kids overpower Cody was probable. An Ok episode.
  • In this episode Maddie has an obligation to attend to, leaving Zack and Cody to babysit for her. The twins have a load on their hands with the hyper little kids. London tries to get Mr.Moesby to relax by getting him in a yoga class.

    This episode was very entertaining! The plot is well thought out, and very funny. I really enjoyed this episode!
    One thing that makes this episode so entertaining is that it put older kids vs. younger kids. The hilarious antics of the little kids were enough to make anyone burst out laughing!
    Another thing that made this episode so exciting was that, it could have actually happened! I mean, your best friend could have something to do leaving you with all the kids she offered to babysit! This episode was very adventurous, and will probably go down as a suite life of Zack and Cody classic!
  • loved every minute!

    this episode i absolutely looooooooved!it was like the first episode i saw of season 2 or one of the first and it definetly made me want to watch more of the new season!it was really funny with the whole maddie leaving the daycare thing.i also thought it was really funny when the little boy at the daycare is saying that he likes maddie and zack say's 'i can't believe this i'm losing you to a younger man"!my favourite part would be when the little kids run wild though!this was a really well written episode in my opinion.hope this review helps!

  • A new crush, a limboing granny, an annoying brother, and a crying baby. a few things you can only find in this episode. Randal a kid at the tipton day care loves maddie and hates zack.

    i love this episode it's funny and enjoyable. Little brats run wild and all the boys can do is chase them. maddie leaves, london takes over a yoga class, and estabon sings about a chicken. this episode is definately in my top ten. so many people tell zack they hate him. london once again showed her talent for making fun of people. disney did a great job and the stars of suite life brought us another classic. if i had to pick three episodes to watch for the next week this would be one of them, along with odd couples and going for the gold.
  • Hmmmmm...

    I have mixed feelings about this one. Some of it was hillarious! I loved the way the kids terrorized Zack and Cody, making them realize what a tough job taking care of kids is. BUT....the yoga thing was a little weird. They tried to make it funny, but it still didn't sit right with me. Alot of religions don't approve of yoga, so to me, the whole thing was a little awkward. Maybe they should try and make all religions feel a little more at ease. I don't know.
  • this eppisode is about how to fight with your brother but i love it . they should make french girls fight over them

    i watched this show its good and hilariuos and i love thid show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sooo cool and funny they should make french girls fight over them also i give a good review to this show and the producers and everyone else who enjoys yhis show cause its freaking funny dude u should watch it also i love the first 10 episodes of the second season i wonder if they r gonna keep up for ever cause they r off the chain and cool.i have a signed shirt of them and guess what u can go to and u can see pics of them from the movie big daddy to the comedy the suite life
  • this episode is one of my favorites!! the right amount of silliness and a good lesson is learned!!

    The kids are absolutely adorable and they cause the typical havoc that any child their age would cause in a fancy hotel.

    All of the regular characters were at their finest, showing them give out some great comedy.

    I, myself, was supposed to be typing up a ten page paper, bt instead I was watching the episode on my laptop. My dad was also doing his work on the other computer at the same time. So while I was watching this episode, I was attempting to stifle my laughter. It was really hard, trying not to laugh.

    So watch this episode!!

  • This is my favorite episode of Season 2!

    This is my favorite episode of Season 2! Everything is great about it and it is a must see episode! Basically, Maddie works at the Day Care to raise extra money for herself. Zack and Cody are helping her out. Zack is in it mostly to impress Maddie. When Maddie has to leave for an hour, she leaves Zack, Cody and Esteban in charge of the kids. They do an ok job until the kids play hide and seek. They all run into The Tipton hotel and they split up. Zack and Cody have to find each kid before Maddie gets back. Unfortunately, Esteban is being put in charge of everything else at The Tipton while Mr. Moseby is taking a yoga class. Zack and Cody have to hunt down the kids before Maddie gets back. Meanwhile, London realizes that Mr. Moseby and Carey are not relaxed and she enrolls them in a Yoga class for a day. London ends up teaching the class after criticizing the teacher about how she teaches Yoga. What London has them all do is pretty funny and you will burst out laughing for some parts. Eventually, all the Day Care kids run into the Yoga room and Maddie along with Zack and Cody run after them and they have a long discussion with Mr. Moseby about how the kids got away and who was responsible for them. Zack and Cody talk all about how kids never listen to you etc. The episode ends with Maddie talking to London about how stressed she is and London grabs Maddie's ear. It is a technique for relaxation and Maddie says, "I love you London." London grins and replies, "Everybody does." The episode ends with Maddie in a daze of relaxation. Overall, this is my favorite episode of Season 2 and we can hope to expect more like this!

  • In this episode maddie is running a daycare service at the tipton. She suddenly has to leave when she finds out her grandma is doing the limbo in the lobby. London is teaching Mr.Mosbey and carey to do yoga. In the mean time zack and cody are running the

    I loved this episode it was really funny and it was good how they added more rooms to the show such as the yoga room and the day care place. The little kids were really funny and cole and dylan looked really good (i loved cole\'s shirt on him):P All up it was really exciting.
  • This is the second best after French 101!

    The actors and actresses just get better and better at working together and at what they do. I love Dylan and Cole (zack and cody)! especially Dylan (zack)! He is a hottie! Some people think I'm obsessed but I really don't care! I have over 350 pictures of the twins on my computer!
  • I loved this episode.

    I loved this episode.This episode was so cool.n funny. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . I love the name Emily.Dylan Sprouse is all mine ! LoL.u can have Cole Sprouse though.Who cares that they\'re twins.I still like dylan sprouse better.I don no if i even no 50 words to put in the summery.
  • Must see episode.

    Sooo funny. Maddie's Grandma gets in trouble for doing the limbo in her pajamas in the lobby. Maddie has to take her home so she has to leave Esteban incharge. Moesby does yoga with london to relax but london makes it worse. Everything goes crazy an it is so hillarious.
  • "Day Care" was a great episode. Not the best, but hilarious nonetheless.


    "Day Care" was hilarious and brought back the classic comedy after two romance-focused episodes.

    Although it wasn't the best episode, I promise it to be satisfying to anyone who loves the classic comedy of season 1. Randall's crush on Maddie sort of forwards him to be the ringleader in the rebellion against Zack, who also crushes on Maddie. The continuous funny moments such as the walkie-talkie decoy and Zack's "Teddy Trick" as I call it, leave you laughing for ages to come. All in all, this episode was great. It most definately makes my top ten. I can't wait to see it again.
  • One word...HILARIOUS!

    This episode was great! It was very funny! The actor who played Randal is really talented! Ashley Tisdale's hairstyle made her look just amazing...she looked so pretty! :P The bottom line is:

    Funny episode
    Talented, cute kids
    Ashley Tisdale being usual

    I hope the writers make more episodes like this one! This is one of my favorites now!
  • well maddie runs a day care center and zack and cody need to take care of it. then they loose all of the kids.!

    Well i loved this episode. i mean i liked the part when cody (cole sprouse) put the ice cream cup on the ground and zack(Dylan sprouse) ran up and ate it. i love you Cole and Dylan Sprouse you are so hott. i can not wait until i get to see the all new one called Hecks Kitchen. oh i am so happy.
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