The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 21, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Cody runs for class president; Zack decides to run as well, but for the wrong reasons. Mr. Moseby gets annoyed with one of the staff members.

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  • Recycled and reused again and again

    Zack and Cody are running against each other in a school election for president, and London is helping Zack and Maddie is helping Cody. Everybody likes Zack for his ice cream and skateboard park promises, but hates Cody for his academic promises. In the end, Zack resigns. Not that funny. This idea has been seen too often. And there's nothing original.
  • Not the very best Season 2.

    I don't have too much to say about this one. It was kinda boring, for a massive SLOZAC fan, and only the last scene was worthwhile.

    It was funny but Zack just felt too harsh and too much of a jerk here.
  • Seen Similar Stuff Before

    I've seen this type of plot before, where two best friends, or brother/sister get in an election for school president, and they use tactics to influence the vote. Usually the outcome is they drop out and make up, but in this, Cody ended up winning. That wasn't too surprising for me to see either. The overall plot wasn't that exciting nor was it very funny, I did not think anyway. My overall grade would be about a C, so I think it was nothing short of an average episode. PS, Bob {his actor} dressing as a girl, was funny and creepymoreless
  • This really wasn't a great episode. It had some funny moments but it really wasn't a favorite of mine.

    Zack and Cody run against each other for class president. Cody tries to win votes by taking on the issues and Zack tries to get votes through bribes and empty promises. London helps Zack and Maddie helps Cody. In the end Cody wins when Zack drops out of the election because he realizes that Cody would be the better person for the job. Like I said, it was a good episode and had some funny moments but it wasn't really that great and it wasn't a favorite of mine. The whole idea of the episode was kind of stale and I've see this kind of thing done alot of times on alot of different shows. Not bad but not great either.moreless
  • elections...

    I have seen a ton of movies and tv shows that have played on the student elections idea. The Suite Life decided they wanted to have elections also, and I think it was a bad idea. Cody runs for student office and Zack runs just to win. They use a lot of propaganda and resources to get the students to vote for them. It was really unrealistic on how must propaganda they got. Student elections are not that serious. Anyways, Arwin goes off and tries to modernized the Tipton. Overall, this was not a very good episode and it didn't have a good story.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • The school looks very different in this episode than in all of the other episodes. The reason for this is unknown.

    • When the school is cheering for Zack, there is a boy with braces in the middle staring off in another direction, barely cheering. He should be watching Zack.

    • In the scene where Max is handing out towels and London comes in with mini conditioners and shampoos; Max has a line where she says, "No you see when you have shampoo...", and she goes off screen in London's direction. The scene cuts to London, but Max isn't anywhere to be found.

    • When Zack says to London "I'm guessing you've done this before," London answers "Let's just say somebody worked here before Moseby." How is that possible, as Mr. Moseby helped London take her first steps across the Tipton Hotel as said in a former episode.

    • During the assembly when Bob's sister is cheering for him, you can tell that it's just the guy who plays Bob in girl clothes and pigtails.

    • In the assembly where the candidates are giving their speeches, the huge stack of papers just fall off the desk when Cody comes in. A stack of papers that big couldn't just fall off that easily.

    • When both Arwin and Cody are using Arwin's jet pack, you can tell that they are using green screens. It just looks so fake.

    • On the button that Zack is wearing which shows a picture of himself, his hair is longer than it really is. The person on the button doesn't even look like him.

    • In the scene where Cody's talking with Maddie about what Zack's doing, the ends of his hair start out in, then they go out, then back in. It happens to both Cody and Zack in all of the season two episodes and the later season one episodes. It only happens when they have the longer hair.

    • When Maddie, London, Zack, and Cody are all standing in the lobby talking about running for president, London's scarf moves up, then down, then up, then back down.

    • When Zack is talking to Maddie about deciding to run for president, she is holding two newspapers. Then she puts one down, but when the camera looks at her she's holding two again.

    • When Zack and Cody are in their suite; Cody is wearing a yellow shirt. The collar of Cody's shirt goes from up, to down, to up again

  • QUOTES (76)

    • Arwin: Well, I for one, am voting for Cody.
      Max: You don't go to school here.
      Arwin: Well, if I went to school here, I would vote for Cody.

    • Cody: At the end of the day...
      Max: We grab our blankie and go "Night Night"?

    • Cody: Thanks. Sorry about the mustache.
      Zack: Sorry about the baby picture!

    • Cody: It's not fair! Zack's promising Ice Cream and Skate parks!
      Maddie: You can't give up! I'm tired of London buying everything she wants!

    • Zack: I'm running for class president!
      Maddie: Great! What's your platform?
      Zack: "Vote for Zack"!
      Maddie: That's your slogan. Your platform covers the issues that matter to you. What do you care about?
      Zack: I care about people...who vote for Zack!
      Cody: I, on the other hand, am running 'cause I actually care about the school. Zack's only goal is to go to Hawaii.
      Zack: No, that's my main goal! My other goal is to impress the babes with my power.

    • Zack: Cody actually has some great ideas! I got nothing!
      Bob: What about ice creams and skate parks?
      Zack: Like that will ever happen! What?! You still believe in the tooth fairy?

    • (After the kids start chanting "Cody")
      London: None of you are getting shower caps!

    • Zack: Hey! Quit picking on him!
      Max: You've been picking on him all week!
      Zack: That's because he's my brother! It's my job! You gotta give him a chance! (To Cody) Get out of my way! (Zack pushes Cody out of the way)

    • Maddie: I can't watch this!
      London: That's okay! (takes out video camera from purse.) I'll show it to you later!

    • (After Cody falls)
      Arwin: At least you were wearing your helmet! And...your patted underwear!

    • Arwin: I would like to present you a man born planted on his feet....Cody Martin!
      (Cody comes in flying, and everyone chants Cody)

    • Zack: Remember! Cody wrong for 8th grade!....Wrong for America!

    • Bob: Okay! Thank you! Thank you! Hold the applauses! (Bob laughs, but the kids are just looking at him)

    • Bob: Hi I'm Bob! I'll like to be president because, well is not like I have anything to do, my cable went out so....remember a vote for Bob, is a vote for Bob!

    • Arwin: Mr. Moseby! I am sorry for landing on that guest! I guess I am not no Earl Erwin!

    • Maddie: We know Zack is going to do something flashy! And this is my boys last chance to "Wow the voters"!
      Arwin: I'll get my skates and my Ukulele.

    • Cody: Yeah you no good cheater!
      Zack: Loser!
      Cody: Wimp!
      Zack: Cry baby!
      Carey: And I thought this election wasn't going to get between you!

    • Zack: He deserves it! He ruined all my posters!
      Carey: Cody that was wrong!
      Cody: Well he is trying to buy the election!
      Carey: That was wrong too!

    • Maddie: I'm tired of London buying everything she wants! I'm going to show her that our democratic process is not for sale! Cody: How? Maddie: We're going to steal it... with dirty tricks! Cody: But doesn't that go against everything you believe in? Maddie: Yes!

    • London: Your guy is going down!
      Maddie: Say's you!

    • Arwin: Uh! I'm going to have to use the manual break!

    • Arwin: Let me make it up to you with my new 24-hour bell hop!
      Mr. Moseby: No!
      Arwin: Yes!

    • Cody: Now you are promising happiness?
      Zack: Hey! Hey! Hey! Get your own campaign vehicle!

    • Zack: Mom! I've just decided to run for school president!
      Carey: This should go smoothly!

    • Cody: I'm going to become school presidents and make some changes around here! Starting with this meatloaf!
      Bob: That's not meatloaf that's a brownie!

    • Bob: I see we got the same lunch! Macaroni and cheese and soup! Agnes: That's macaroni and cheese? I thought it was a cookie!

    • Cody: I'm going to the office to sign up!
      Zack: Oh while you are there will you return that guys pants?

    • Maddie: So Cody how'd it go today?
      Cody: Well I got the whole science club to vote for me!
      Maddie: My guy has the whole science club voting for him, tell them how much that is!
      Cody: 4!

    • Arwin: Mr. Moseby, I know the elevator thing didn't work out as well as we'd hoped...(Mr. Moseby looks at Arwin) or I hoped. Mr. Moseby: If there's ever an elevator Olympics we are sure to win the gold!

    • Cody: Hey! Ambassador? Queen? Who's going to be your court gesture!?
      Zack: Drop out now and you get the job! (Makes noise like clown nose)

    • (Kids are laughing)
      Zack: Well I see my people are still adoring me!
      Max: Well you do make them laugh!
      Zack: What do you mean?
      (Zack looks at posters)
      Zack: A vote for Zack is a vote for a doofus?! ... Cody!

    • Zack: You're just jealous that I'm winning the election!
      Cody: Did you see all those kids laughing at you?
      Zack: Who your geek friends? All you proofed that you are childish and that I look great on a mustache!
      Cody: You would look better with a bag over your head!
      (In the living room)
      Carey: Well I guess I'll be eating alone!

    • Cody: I promise to go on legislature to give kids an extra 2 minutes to get from and to classes!
      Agnes: Thats nice Cody!
      Cody: Agnes! Are you voting for me?
      Agnes: No I'm voting for Zack, he promised me that when he became president he would make me his queen!

    • Max: Vote for Zack! He will wipe out the floor with Cody! Get it! Towels? (Starts laughing)

    • Max: We are running out of towels!
      London: Don't worry I brought some shampoos!
      Max: Right! We will tell them to wash Cody out of their hair! (Starts laughing)

    • Cody: What other stupid promises is he making?!
      (Poster changes into Ice Cream and kids "Wow")
      Cody: Okay now his gone to far!

    • Bob: At this time I will like to formally withdraw from the race! (Everyone starts cheering) I would of gotten sun burn in Hawaii anyway!

    • Cody: No the issues! Starting with academics!
      Kids: Boo!!
      Zack: Oh that is just....not a bad idea!

    • London: Maddie! Dear neive Maddie!
      Maddie: Thats naive
      Zack: You bet it is!

    • Max: Cody throw in the towel! (Looks at Maddie) Get it? Throw! Towel! (Starts laughing)

    • Cody: You know most of your body heat escapes from your head to your feet!
      Bob: And we will like to escape from this speech!

    • (After Arwin falls)
      Arwin: Great! Now I turned off the lights!
      (Mr. Moseby pulls down his shirt)
      Arwin: Oh they are back on!

    • Cody: You can't run for school president! You don't even know where it is!
      Zack: Yea I do! It's the last stop on the bus!

    • Cody: I'm running for school president!
      Carey: Honey that's great! (Carey looks at Zack)
      Zack: Eh!

    • Maddie: Come on Cody, let's talk strategy.
      London: Come on Zack, lets talk outfits.

    • (Zack walks in) Zack: Hey London, I got that picture you wanted of Cody. I got those pictures of Cody. If they want to play dirty, then we'll dirtier. London: Yeah, and if they play dirtier, then we'll play (Looks at picture) This is perfect! This will crush em! (Laughs Evilly) Zack: Are you sure we aren't going overboard?? London: No, going overboard is putting someone on a cargo ship to South Africa, where they will spend the rest of there life working in the copper mines. Zack: Have you done this before?? London: Let's just say someone worked here before Moseby. (Smiles Evilly)

    • Carey: Zack, maybe you should run for something, like Treasurer. You like money.
      Zack: Who wants to go to boring student council meetings?
      Cody: Even if one of those boring meetings is in... Hawaii?
      Zack: Hawaii?
      Cody: That's right. It turns out this year's convention of middle school presidents is on Maui.
      Carey & Zack: Wowee.
      Zack: Mom, I've just decided to run for school president!

    • PA Announcer: Attention students. Just a reminder that school elections are in three weeks. So, show your spirit, run for something. Also, to the person who stole my pants, could you please return them? No questions asked.
      Cody: That's what I'm gonna do.
      Bob: You're gonna return that guy's pants?

    • Cody: Well now that I have your attention, I'd like to focus on the issues.
      Max: Like the look on your face when you hit the ground!

    • Agnes: Fellow students, the PA announcer couldn't be here today. Someone stole all his clothes. Whoo! So, I'll be your impartial moderator. And when Zack's selected, your queen.
      Maddie: Way to be impartial!

    • Maddie: So, still trying to bribe your way to victory?
      London: Yeah, and it's still working. Where's your candidate?
      Maddie: Oh, he'll be here, and he's going to make your silly, little shampoos look like... silly, little shampoos!

    • Bob: Why don't you want to wipe me up? You don't think my candidacy is a threat to you?
      Zack: I didn't know you were running.
      Bob: Yeah, me neither.

    • Cody: Arwin, the speeches for class president are today. This is my last chance to show the voters that a serious candidate, who wants to improve their math and science programs, can also be exciting.
      (Arwin starts snoring)
      Cody: Arwin!

    • Zack: Vote for Cody or don't vote at all cause I am dropping out of the race.
      Bob: Zack's right, let's just not vote.
      Zack: That's not what I meant!

    • Agnes: Ladies and gentlemen, your future president and my future king, all hail Zack Martin!
      (Zack walks over to the microphone and Agnes starts hugging Zack and won't let go)
      Zack: Thank you! Thank you. Thank you.... (to Agnes) Thank you..

    • Mr. Moseby: Actually, since the employees heard you were building robots to replace them, efficiency has gone up 32.5%.
      Arwin: How did you arrive at that number?
      Mr. Moseby: I made it up.

    • Zack: You back-stabbing, low-life jerk!
      Carey: (about Cody) You better be talking to him.
      Zack: I am.
      Carey: Well, don't talk to him like that!

    • Cody: (to Maddie) This stinks. I'm offering good ideas, but Zack's promising ice cream, supermodels, and skate parks. I don't even want to vote for me anymore.

    • (on Arwin's out-of-control luggage cart)
      Arwin: It's got a mind of its own!
      Mr. Moseby: That's more than I can say for you!

    • Cody: What is this?
      Max: It's a poster of our future president.
      Cody: I thought you were voting for me.
      Max: Oh, I was, but Zack promised I could be an ambassador.
      Cody: To where?
      Max: Who cares? I get a jacket.

    • Cody: Here you go, Bob.
      Bob: What's this?
      Cody: It's my platform. The list of things I want to do as President.
      Bob: Oh, do I have to read it?
      Cody: Well, you do if you want to be an informed voter.
      Bob: Oh. (crumbles up flyer; throws it on the floor)
      Cody: The least you could do is recycle! That's number 3!

    • Zack: I like what I'm hearing here, London. I should have gone to you for advice.
      Maddie: (laughs) About politics? Please. She thinks debate is what you use to catch da-fish.

    • Zack: Maddie, I need your help. I'm running for school president.
      Maddie: Congratulations! What's your platform?
      Zack: Vote for Zack!
      Maddie: No, that's your slogan. Your platform covers the issues that matter to you. What do you care about?
      Zack: I care about people... who vote for Zack!

    • Zack: I'm gonna kick your butt in the election.
      Cody: Will not. You're all flash and no substance. People will see right through you. Right, Mom?
      Zack: Mom's on my side now. Right, mommy?
      Carey: I'm on both your sides.
      Zack: Hey, that's a cop-out!
      Carey: Yes, it is. Have some cake.

    • Agnes: (Talking to Zack) Is there a special pen for me?
      Zack: Uhh... sure....
      (Zack takes a random pen)
      Zack: Here you go!
      Agnes: Don't worry. I'll only use it to write lectures... of love....

    • Arwin: (on top of the bellhop that won't stop moving) Mr. Moseby, I'm king of the world!
      (Zack and Cody walk into the lobby and see the runaway bellhop with Mr. Moseby and Arwin on it.)
      Zack: Oh sure! And we're not allowed to play in the lobby!

    • Zack: I'm all for helping with the arts.
      (Behind Zack and Cody a poster comes up with a picture of Zack standing next to a picture of a supermodel)
      Cody: A supermodel?
      Zack: Vote for me and there will be supermodels in every art class! Males too!

    • Cody: (To Zack) Zack's only running because his only goal is that he gets to go to Hawaii.
      Zack: That's my main goal! My other goal is to impress all the babes with my power.

    • Agnes: Cody I just want you to know, I'm voting for you. Can you make me your queen. Cody: How about Hall Monitor? Agnes: Can I wear a crown? Cody: Sure. Agnes: Done.

    • Maddie: (to Cody) Well, how about I help you with your campaign? We'll prove that people care about the issues.
      London: Well, we'll prove that the only thing people care about is a winning smile and great hair.
      Zack: Both of which I have.
      Cody: I have your hair and your smile.
      Zack: Yeah, but on me, it works.

    • Maddie: A campaign should be centered around ideas. That's how you get votes.
      London: No, it isn't. You get votes the same way you get shoes: you buy them.

    • Zack: I don't know what I should have for lunch. What are you having?
      Cody: Meatloaf and apple pie.
      Zack: Which one is which?
      Cody: I have no idea.

    • Max: The food here stinks! No wonder the daily special is the Heimlich maneuver.

    • Cody: Just promise me no one will get hurt.
      Maddie: I can't make that promise.
      Cody: Oddly, I'm okay with that.

    • Mr. Moseby: This will increase the proficiency by 13.4%
      Arwin: How did you come to that figure?
      Mr. Moseby: I made it up

    • Cody: Guess what mom? This will soon be the Presidential Suite.
      Carey: Is Mr. Moseby kicking us out?

  • NOTES (24)


    • Arwin rides the motorized luggage cart through the lobby screaming: "I'm king of the world!" Leonardo DiCaprio screamed the same line as Jack Dawson from the bow of the Titanic in the 1997 movie, "Titanic".

    • Near the end of this episode, Cody is seen riding a jet pack and then spins out of control by bouncing off the walls and knocking over posters. The same thing happened in an episode of another Disney Channel series, That's So Raven, Food for Thought, where Raven had her overinflated jogging suit bouncing around her school cafeteria. Coincidentally, director Rich Correll directed both of these shows.

    • This episode was on 11/7/06 which was Election Day for the United States.

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to the 1999 comedy film, Election, starring Reese Witherspoon, which was about the election of a high school's student council president.

    • Title: Election

      This episode aired on March 21, 2006. In the State of Illinois, March 21, 2006 happened to be the General Primary Election Day.

    • The Tooth Fairy:

      The Tooth Fairy is an imaginary person that gives children money for their lost teeth. The Tooth Fairy is mentioned in this episode.