The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Disney Channel (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Suite Life Goes Hollywood Part 2
    • The Suite Life Goes Hollywood Part 1
    • 9/1/08
      When Mr. Tipton comes to the Tipton, he plans to fire someone from the running. As Mr. Tipton chooses, the entire hotel crew remembers the good deeds they did, and how they really don't want to be fired.
    • 8/16/08
      Carey soon discovers that she is the ship's lounge singer when Zack and Cody surprise her with a cruise vacation. A 24-hour Web-show marathon is conducted by Mr. Moseby, Maddie, and London, who are trying to raise money for the homeless.
    • 8/9/08
      Maddie, Cody and Zack compete to get the best guest for London's online chat show. Luckily, The Cheetah Girls and Chris Brown are staying at the Tipton, but who will end up winning the competition?
    • Benchwarmers
      Episode 19
      London doesn't make the cheerleading squad, so London, Cody and friends decide to form their own cheerleading squad. Meanwhile, Zack is having some trouble on the basketball team.
    • 4/19/08
      Zack and Cody befriend Travis, a kid whom they rope into helping them impress their dates. All the boys want is for Travis to cook a gourmet meal and perform a Japanese tea ceremony. Maddie finds a stranger's phone and suspects it belongs to her crush, David, because his ringtone is a Vivaldi song, which Maddie knows he likes.moreless
    • Foiled Again
      Episode 17
      Tony Hawk stays at the Tipton Hotel. Zack and Cody have to work on their science project together about microorganisms. When Zack finds something interesting in the kitchen, he gets the whole Tipton and Cody worried. Maddie and London both develop a crush on their fencing instructor.
    • Tiptonline
      Episode 16
      Cody helps London with her online video website. Meanwhile, Zack and Mr. Moseby become addicted to a certain video game.
    • 11/17/07
      Zack and Cody each invite a girl over to their dad's empty apartment. Meanwhile, London teaches Esteban how to act rich because his family has seized power in his native country.
    • Orchestra
      Episode 14
      Cody is currently dating Barbara. During music class, a famous Russian violinist by the name of Sergei starts flirting with Barbara. One of the classmates starts a rumor stating that Barbara and Sergei are moving back to Russia, and are going to sell llamas. Cody gets extremely jealous and he must find a way to get Barbara back.moreless
    • Team Tipton
      Episode 13
      Maddie is back and is not getting along with Nia, while Estaban is not getting along with Patrick, and the rest of staff aren't getting along either. So, Mr. Moseby hires a professional to help the team get along. Meanwhile, when Zack causes some customers to leave, he and Cody schedule a bug convention at the Tipton to make it up to Mr. Moseby. However, due to his fear of bugs, he accidentally releases the bugs into the Tipton.moreless
    • Arwinstein
      Episode 12
      Zack and Cody accidentally release a monster-like robot into the Tipton. London throws a Halloween party.
    • 9/15/07
      Zack tries to negotiate a better contract for Carey as the Tipton's nightly singer, but ends up making things worse for Carey. Nia and London both want Cody's help with their science projects, but they frustrate Cody so badly, thats he bails out on them. How will London and Nia finish their projects without Cody's help?moreless
    • 8/26/07

      On the first day at Cleevers High School for Zack, Cody, Nia, and London, Zack tries to impress a sophomore student, but she explains that they could never be together, because of the age difference. Mark wants to become a nerd like Cody. Nia gets in a fight with a bully. London tries to buy her friends and knocks down their locker, and they all end up in detention.

    • 8/12/07
      Maddie and London both audition for the role of Sharpay Evans in a school stage production of "High School Musical". Carey and Mr. Moseby try and help improve London's singing and dancing.
    • 8/5/07
      Arwin becomes depressed after he learns that his mother moved out after getting married, so Zack and Cody convince Carey to let Arwin sleepover for the night. When Arwin won't leave them, Zack and Cody decide to convince Arwin to turn his mother's apartment into a bachelor pad. Meanwhile, Lance breaks up with London and London tries everything to win him back.moreless
    • Sleepover Suite
      Episode 7
      Zack and Cody rent out London's Suite while she is out of town so that Stacie, a cute girl from school, can have a sleepover birthday party at the hotel.
    • Baggage
      Episode 6
      A competing minimart challenges Zack and Cody to see who can bag items faster. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby's niece, Nia, goofs off with London.
    • Who's the Boss?
      Episode 5
      Zack gets a job at the minimart, but has to deal with Cody bossing him around. Meanwhile, London doesn't know how to present Lance to her friends.
    • Super Twins
      Episode 4
      Zack and Cody wish for superhero powers when they see a shooting star. Their wish comes true and they learn that Mr. Moseby is their villain, who wants to turn all kids into miniature adults.
    • Sink or Swim
      Episode 3
      The tabloids report London doesn't know how to swim, so she takes swimming lessons. Zack has been offered to work at the hotel as a plumber or to work at a local market.
    • 6/30/07
      Cody searches for a summer job, and finds a "help wanted" sign at the local mini-mart. When the owner realizes Cody is friends with London, he will only hire Cody if he will set him up on a date with her. Zack discovers he is the smartest student in his summer-school class, and all the other kids make fun of him.moreless
    • Graduation
      Episode 1
      Cody is graduating from 8th grade as class valedictorian. Zack, however, is horrified to learn that he has to attend summer school (since he has failed English) and is afraid to tell his parents. Meanwhile, Maddie becomes a camp counselor at a run down facility called "Camp Heaven on Earth" with less than ideal girls under her wing, until London comes to her rescue.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1