The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 10

First Day of High School

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 26, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Impressive

    Zack and Cody enter high school, and London must now attend their school because she got kicked out of every private school in Boston. Zack immediately gets a detention, as does Moseby's niece. It was good. I'm impressed.
  • First day goes all wrong!

    Great episode! All the characters, London, Nia, Zack and Cody as well as Bob start their first day of high school and everyone gets into a load of trouble. Great episode and a mischievous one indeed.

    However, I must say London's character has gone all wrong, just horrible, since the "Sink or Swim" episode of Season 3. She's just plain dumb, no emotions behind anything and just not funny anymore. Its sad, because she once was extremely funny and a person we could connect with and feel sympathy

    Apart from London, this episode is awesome
  • If one word could describe an episode of anything to someone then I would say this episode was WOW! London going to public school and trying to buy her friends, Zack and Cody BOTH getting sent to the principles office for fighting.

    Ok its the first day of high school for at least Zack and Cody, and Maybe London to who never goes to school like ever well be that as it may it is her first year at a public school. But we have Zack hitting on the prettiest girl he sees, Cody being a dork as usual. And Bob being a Jock or is he being a joke? humm? And now Mark wants to change his image from the bad boy that has never beaten anyone up to a nerd. Little Princess London is becoming smart London because she "learned something on the first day of school" that you can't buy your friends. A lesson that Nia was trying to tell her the whole time, oh speaking of Nia after she and Zack had a date with the principle for fighting with a bully that was trying to beat up Zack. She ends up dating the bully, weird. Everyone is getting in on the detention thing, even Mosby and Carrie get detention!
  • Cody and Zach start their first day of highschool and have some problems along with mia and london.

    This episode was exciting because it was cody and Zach's first day of highschool and it interesting to see how the twins adapted to the new level of school. I thought it was
    very shocking to see Cody fight and get in trouble for the
    first time in his life and London learned how to deal with public school,but it was funny how she didn't really understand it too well and in the process trying to buy her friends and build a structure near her locker.Zach was trying to get a girlfriend who is a sophmore and got detention with Mia who got in a fight with the jock, vance.
    Even though this episode was interesting, I thought that the plot made highschool slightly exaggerating.Whats up with Cody's friend Bob? He wants to become a jock even though he not and treats Cody bad because cody is a nerd.
    Later, Moseby and Carey were in trouble with the principal
    and was a good funny way of ending the episode.
    Other than the exaggeration of the episode it was a exciting, above average episode.
  • First Day of School is crazy sometimes

    In this episode of the suite life of zack and cody, zack and cody are in the first day of high school. zack wants to date this one girl, but she is in the tenth grade and zack is in the ninth grade. zack gets in a fight and ends up getting detention. cody on the other hand is friends with the principal and is one of the bird watching club memebers. in the end, cody gets in a fight. he gets a dentation, but it doesn't go into his permanant record. Overall, this is a good episode and shows high school in a different wasy.
  • it was better than i thought it would be

    i thought it would be horrible...
    i make conclusions a little to fast....
    london is acting like her normal self she doesn't like that the lockers are small at the high school so she demolishes the lockers to build a space for her and buys friends she actually learns something also she learns you cant buy friends and she was sent to the principals office for demolishing the lockers
    zack spots a what he thinks is a hot girl and well lets just say stalks her and wants her to like her and she has a boyfriend actually and he sees her with zack and zack and the girls boyfriend get in a fight that the boyfriend picked and nia sees the guy picking on zack and steps up and defends him and actually kicks him so zack and nia get sent to the principals office and mosebey and carrie have to go to the principals office and they bicker
    cody well he starts off what would be great for him...being a goody goody nerd and all with the teachers and ends up that the boyfriend that the girl zack was hitting on picks a fight with cody and cody goes to the principals office and meets up with london there and once again carrie and mosebey see each other at the principals office and argue but then end up laughing
    all and all it was an ok episode
    the only thing i didnt like is how they ran the episodes out of order
  • I thought it was awesome!

    First Day of High School was such a good episode in my opinion. It was really funny too. It's Zack and Cody's first day of High School, and it's also London's first day attending a public high school. Nia goes to that school too. I'm not sure about Maddie though cause she wasn't in this episode. Zack and Nia get sent to the principal's office, and Cody gets invited to the principal's office. And then London gets sent there too because she got someone to fix her locker and it takes up a lot of space. It was funny when Moseby and Carey kept fighting.
  • Zack and Cody are going to high school in the first year.

    They really must nervous about high school. It's because it is the first year! Zack was kind of flirt with Amber during class time. But one thing problem Amber has a boyfriend. And her boyfriend getting mad at Zack because Zack was kind of flirt with Amber. So, Amber's boyfriend and Zack get into fight each other. Well, Zack is loses but Nia is join fight with them. Nia is a win fight. Wow, Nia is really must be tough girl. Amber is dump her boyfriend because is a jerk. Sorry, Amber didn't like Zack because Amber is too old for Zack. At end Amber's ex-boyfriend who was fight with Zack, and he asks Nia if Nia want be his girlfriend because he think Nia is pretty and tough! That's kind of weird because everyone got deletion, like Cody, London, Zack, Nia, Amber's ex-boyfriend, and Mark. This episode was great.
  • It's Zack and Cody's first day of High School. It's also London's frst day of public school.

    I'm glad the final season will be in a new setting like That's So Raven's last season. It's the first day of High school. The episode never really finds a storyline. The whole episode is Zack trying to get with guest star Kay Panabaker and dealing with bullies while London's builds a sky light. Kathy Najimy is the funny principal and Carey and Mr. Moseby guest star in the only way they can. Their children getting in trouble. Which they do, very well. Nia, London and the twins all get detention. The episode was a good starter but I'm expecting more.
  • great episode

    Zack and Cody begins there high school. On their first day, both of them end up in trouble as they deal with the harsh life of high school. Zack finds a new crush since Maddie is away for a long time. London attends the same high school as Zack and Cody after she got kicked out of the catholic school that she attended with Maddie. It's a really funny episode, the jokes were really hilarious. I enjoyed watching this. I get to laugh from start to finish, the writers came up with another hilarious episode. I surely like to see the next one, I can't wait.
  • The twins enter high school for the first time, with all the usual pratfalls. Fickle friends, school bullies, and high school romance get the boys and their friends in a pickle. The boys come out OK and everyone learns a valuable lesson about high school.

    This was the first time I have watched the show, and I must say it is a very well written, clever and funny show. Brenda Song has a very strong comedic talent, and she was adorable in this episode. I must say, however, that Matthew Angel who played Vance, was wonderful. He played his part as a bully perfect, but also showed his comedic timing is flawless. I have never seen him before, but I'm sure, judging by his talent, we will be seeing much more of him. This was a great show all the way around, with all actors and actresses doing beautifully. Great Job!