The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 10

First Day of High School

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 26, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Strangely, at no time was Vance ever seen at the principal's office. Understandably, the first time, he was sent to the nurse's office to get the paint off his face. But what happened to him the second time? He should have been there with Cody and London.

    • The boy London paid to impersonate her was named Lenny Woo, this name is similar the movie character Wendy Wu, which Brenda Song (London) also played.

    • London said she paid a boy to wear a dress and attend a class for her, but he was really wearing a skirt.

    • Zack and Cody start attending Cheevers High School as does London. Maddie joins them in a previous episode, but it's not explained why, though, in a later episode, another student is shown transferred from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, her old school.

    • This is the first time Cody gets detention that we know of.

    • Towards the end, we can see that London had paid a male student to fill in for her in detention.

    • When Bob appears in his first scene when he is at his locker, look closely, and he does not close it all the way.

    • This is the second time on this show where someone can't finish a word and someone else has to help them. The first time was in "Graduation", when Zack is told that he failed English, and he says "Su, Su, Su....." and Mr. Forgess says "Mer school". This time London says "Pu, Pu, Pu...." and Mr. Moseby says "Public school".

    • Goof: This is Zack And Cody's first day of high school. But, in "Lip Syncin' In The Rain", (which is the episode before) Cody is in a school production. Most likely this is the case because the episodes were aired out of order.

  • Quotes

    • Zack: That'll teach you not to mess with Zack and Nia!
      Nia: Give it here (and exchange hi-fi's)

    • Mark: I have to say, I prefer being a nerd. It's a lot more satisfying hitting the books instead of hitting someone right in the kisser!
      Cody: Mark, how many fights have you actually been in?
      Mark: Well, at least...none.

    • Carey: Hey, Mr. Moseby. Fancy meetin' you here. (to Zack) You? Not so fancy. Wow, here before lunch on the first day. I think that's a record.
      Ms. Militich: And you are...?
      Carey: I'm sorry. I'm Carey Martin. I'm Cody's mom.
      Ms. Militich: Oh, well, I called you about Zack.
      Carey: I know. I just like people to know I'm battin' 500.

    • (Cody and London have been sent to the principal's office)
      London: The only bright side of my day is that Nia's miserable, too.
      (Nia comes down the hall with the same group of girls London paid to be her friends)
      Ellen: We just think you're great, Nia. It's about time someone stood up to Vance. And I just know we're gonna be the best of friends.
      Nia: Aw, thanks, Ellen! (she gives London a look, as if to say "Mm-hmm")
      London: (Gasps) I just realized if you buy your friends, they're not going to really like you for who you are.
      Cody: (Mocking fascination) REALLY?!? Congratulations, London. You learned something on your first day of school.
      London: Yay, smart me! (Claps her hands)

    • (After Nia kicks Vance, London is trying to decide on a color for her lounge)
      London: What do you think? Blue or yellow?
      Nia: I'm sorry, let me give you a hand! (shoves Vance into a set of lockers and his face drops into the pan of blue paint)
      London: (picks up Vance's head for a closer look) Oh! Definitely blue! (drops his head back into the pan)

    • Vance: Hey, Nia.
      Nia: Don't make me paint you again!
      Vance: Look, I don't wanna be a jerk anymore.
      Nia: (indifferently) What do you want to be?
      Vance: Your boyfriend. (looks shocked at what he said; Nia looks up) The way you stood up to me was awesome. And I think you're really cute.
      (Nia giggles sheepishly)

    • Zack: Cody? You got sent to the principal's office?
      Cody: Not sent, invited! She likes to meet all of her honor students.
      Zack: It's the first day at school!
      Cody: I did some work over the summer.
      Zack: I hate you.
      Cody: I know.

    • Nia: This is terrible. Uncle Marion's gonna send me back to live with my mom.
      Zack: Can I come with you? Because after this, I won't be able to live with mine.
      (London and a bunch of girls walk by)
      Ellen: London, let me go to your science class for you?
      London: Thanks, but you don't look like me. Lenny Woo is going
      Ellen: But he's a guy.
      London: I paid him extra to wear a dress. (Lenny stumbles around wearing a girl's outfit with high heels)
      Nia: I can't believe the princess is having a perfect first day, this stinks!
      Zack: That could be the garbage in my underpants.

    • Vance: Here's some place so you can talk, privately (puts Zack to the rubbish bin).
      Nia: Hey, what are you doing, picking on some little kid?
      Vance: Look like somebody's got a lot junk in their junk.
      Nia: Why don't you pick on someone your own size?
      Vance: Like who?
      Nia: Like me! (kicks his leg) See, now we're the same height.

    • Mark: Hey Cody, can you help me to be a nerd?
      Cody: We prefer educationally gifted.

    • Bob: Excuse me, would you mind not put things so close. I don't want to get your nerkness near my jockness. No offence.
      Cody: And yes, I'm offending.
      Bob: Sorry.

    • (Zack first meets Amber)
      Zack: Hi.
      Amber: Bye. (Amber leaves)
      Zack: And the trap is set.

    • Zack: (looks around at all the girls) Hey, a guy can get serious whiplash around here. Cody: ( looks around just like Zack) I know look at all these flyers for extracurricular.

    • Cody: I deserve everything I'm gonna get. Mark: Oh you jumped on a kids back... (says dramatically) call the cops!

    • Zack: You're a dork, no offense.
      Cody: You know, just because you say "no offense" doesn't excuse the offensive remark that inevitably follows.
      Zack: Well, in that case, you're a dork. Offense intended.

    • Bob: Now that I'm in high school, I've decided to re-invent myself. I'm gonna be a jock.
      Cody: (laughs) Oh, you were serious?

    • Zack: Ah, Amber, it seems we have Biology class together.
      Amber: This is Chemistry.
      Zack: You feel it, too?

    • London: Maddie's gone to visit her Aunt Arctica.
      Nia: London... Antarctica is not a person, it's a continent.
      London: Oh, you mean like ketchup and mustard?

  • Notes

    • Maddie is mentioned but not seen.

    • In this episode, only the opening scene is set anywhere at the Tipton hotel.

    • The character "Mrs. Militich" may be a reference to the history teacher Mr. Militich from Smart Guy, another series produced by Suite Life creator Danny Kallis.

    • Now that the summer is over, a new explanation for Maddie's non-appearance is needed. London tells Nia that she's visiting her "Aunt Arctica" for a semester. Nia quickly corrects her, giving the correct pronunciation, Antarctica.

    • Running Gags:
      1. Mark wanting to be a nerd.
      2. Cody and Principal Militich doing bird calls.
      3. Bob saying he is a jock now.
      4. Carey and Mr. Moseby arguing in front of Principal Militich.

    • The 5th episode Maddie Fitzpatrick does not appear in Season 3.

    • 3rd appearance of Mark
      4th appearance of Nia

    • Kay Panabaker is the third former star of "Summerland" to appear on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". The first was Jesse McCartney in the season one episode, "Rock Star in the House". The second was Zac Efron in the season two episode, "Odd Couples".

    • For the second time, London is sent to school where the candy girls go. The first time was with Maddie in private school, and now with Nia in public school.

  • Allusions

    • When Cody asks Mark why he's in detention, he tells him that he had nothing better to do. This was Reference to the 1980's film, The Breakfast Club, where a student, Allison Reynolds, gives her reason of being in detention.

    • The picture of the "Robots who play chess" club portrait has a picture that resembles an Australian portrait of Ned Kelly.