The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 17

Foiled Again

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 01, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Shoddy

    Zack and Cody are studying bacteria for their science project, and Zack discovers black mold in the kitchen, frightening Cody as well as the whole Tipton. Meanwhile, London and Maddie both are in love with their fencing instructor. This was totally abysmal. It seemed to jump from plot to plot. Cody is as dumb as London here. Shouldn't he look at the black mold before he gets scared? This is not only the most horrible episode of the season, but the worst of the series. And you'd think Tony Hawk is an actual character in the episode, but instead he's only there for the beginning and end. Horrible.
  • Nothing of an episode

    Cody here is obviously stupid as a brick or as dumb as London in this episode. He should clearly know that there are germs and bacteria everywhere, but he instead is dumb in an unlikable way. I mean, if he's smart, he should know the benefits bacteria gives to us and he should know that germs live all around us. This was one of those abysmal episodes with most of the cast abysmal.

    The sub plot was boring and over-done at the same time. They tried to make it good, but it was useless. And what was the point of having Tony Hawks as a guest star? He barely appeared in this episode. If they give him an episode, actually dedicate an episode to him. This was horrible and the worst SLOZAC episode ytet
  • abysmal

    this is my least favorite episode of the series. they advertised it as some big thing with Tony Hawk, and obviously a lot of people like him because he is good at what he does... then he appears in two scenes. Boring... the main plot was boring and so was the second, and there was like, nothing funny. i hated it when i first saw it, and then for some reason i rewatched it and hated it then too... definitely a boring, unfunny episode, i think, and so my grade for this episode is an F, nothing saves it for me
  • Well, there was no point giving Tony Hawk. Other than that, it was okay.

    In this episode, Tony Hawk guest stars (even though he's pointless)

    But, to my real point; Cody, afraid of germs, tries wearing something, making his life MUCH much worst. Poor guy. But, that's pointless on this review!

    Diego was a foreginer of the Tipton. When he teaches Maddie and london how to fence, the fencing pays off, as it fights arund dolling. In the end, Diego hates the girls. Oh, nd Maddie finally gets lots of boys, thanks to London.

    What I think; well, this episode was kinda good, Kinda bad. Tony Hawk was pointless in this episode, and Cody's stoyline was kinda... silly. Not all my favorite. But, when it comes to the catfight, now, pop me in!
  • Was this suppose to be entertaining?

    Seriously, I do not get this episode at all. The one thing that bothered me was it jumped from plot to plot. First, Tony Hawk arrives at the Tipton. You'd think he'd be there for most of the episode. Well I can tell y'all now that he was only in a one second scene. That got me upset. I mean, why did they even put him in this episode? He did no good whatsoever to them. Secondly, it then jumped to Cody being scared of bugs. I laughed when Zack was imitating the germs. But that was it. Now usually, when they have a plot where someone's obsessed with keeping clean, it's funny. But not this one. Again, it jumps. And then, London and Maddie are taking some sort of defense class. That took up, like sixty, percent of this episode. It was boring. Then, they fought over some stupid boy. Seriously, I wish there would be just one episode where there was no boy or dating trouble. Grade: F.
  • great episode

    Tony Hawk guest stars at the Tipton hoel. Zack and Cody are working on their science project about microorganisms. When They check samples from the hotel kitchen, they find out that there are black molds present in the kitchen. This troubles Mr. Moseby because an inspector is coming to check the hotel facilities for safety. Maddie and London meet a handsome fencing instructor, this causes both of them to lie to each other and fight for the instructor's affection. This episode is so funny, the feud between maddie and london is so hilarious, i can't stop laughing. the writers did a good job with this episode.
  • This episode was great how Tony Hawk guessed stared in this episode.

    Tony Hawk guesstars in this episode and checks into the Tipton. Zack and Cody are working on a science project. London has private fence lessons with Diego and London asks Maddie if she wants to be her fence partner Maddie says no when she sees Diego she wants to be her partner and take fence lessons with her. London and Maddie get into a fight who should go on a date with Diego. Cody makes a fear of germs because they find something dirty in chef Paolos kitchen. It is somebody's 104th birthday that they are cellebrating at the Tipton hotel.
  • Maddie and London fall for the same guy and they promise not to date him, but at the end they both end up dating him. Zack and Cody are in the same group for a school homework, Cody is scared of germs.

    It is an awesome episode!... I am glad to see Maddie (played by Ashley Tisdale) again! It is really funny and it is a classic story between Maddie and London. The fight scene was really well done and really funny.
    Zack and Cody's part was really funny too!...
    They should keep on doing this series, im sad that it is ending. Hopefully the episodes left will be really funny! The whole episode was cool and they should do more of these, it really kept me excited and laughing all the time, it was not boring at all.
    GREAT!! Keep on working like this!
  • A horrible episode

    As a dedicated fencer this was one of the most humiliating blows to the sport that i love. EVERYTHING was done wrong. If you want to see something that actually somewhat resembles fencing look online. Google something even, i am truly frustrated with this horrible piece of crap. It's because of people who write this stuff that fencing will never become a truly recognized sport in the United States. It's been around for hundreds of years and some of my friends still ask me what fencing is. It's huge in other countries, but not the United States because of writers like this. This is by far one of the most humiliating things that would have happened to the sport that i have dedicated half of my life to. I am truly outraged.
  • It was okay!

    Cody becomes deathly afraid of germs when he and Zack work on their science project. London and Maddie fight over Diego, their fencing instructor. Zack may have found black mold in the kitchen, which causes a fright, but Cody assures everyone that it's harmless mold. Cody comes over his fear of germs when Tony Hawk invites him to go skateboarding. London and Maddie make a pact to not date him, but they both break it. They start fighting over him, but then when they find out that they both dated him in one night, they turn the fight onto Diego.

    This episode was okay. Tony Hawk was barely in it, but that's better than not in it at all. The Maddie/London storyline was so cliche. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10!
  • Zack finds what he thinks is black mold in the kitchen. It leads Cody to become a germaphobe. Maddie & London like their fencing instructor.

    Very filler. Zack finds black mold in the kitchen. Cody becomes very health conscience and wears a bubble suit. Some of the funniest lines are delivered by a 104 yr old man. "Why is that marshmellow talking?" and "The chicken has a cold?". Meanwhile both London and Maddie, who is back, both like their fencing instructor. They've fallon for the same guy in almost every episode. Tony Hawk shows up for 3 minutes tops. Although some of it was funny it didn't hold up as an episode, no interesting plot and it wasn't that funny. Did anyone notice Cody's hair curl?
  • Zack and Cody find a germ around the hotel. Maddie and London fight over a boy named Diego. Mr. Moseby and Pablo plan a party for an 104 year old man.

    Ok, I kinda liked this episode with Tony Hawk and that but mostly only showed him that beginning and the end. Zack still teases Cody like always. Anyway, I thought the 104-year-old man was funny. My favorite parts was when he mixed up the words black moled and bad cold. I'm happy Ashley (Maddie) is back, she deserved to come back. And yes, the Maddie and London fighting scences were funny. What I accutally liked was at the end, where the directors decided to show Boston views. Remember at the credits? Thanks for reading my review for episode Foiled Again. I think it was a great episode. I'd give it an 8.0.
  • Proud to see a family relative in the episode. It definetly caught me by surprise!

    In this episode, at the end when they are in the room and Zack confesses, I was so intuned to the episode and could not help but notice the lady in the background. She was wearing a red blouse and black slacks. I did not see her name in the credits but I am very sure her name is Melanie. She is a producer's wife and she is also my cousin! This is so exciting because she has ALWAYS told everyone that she was going to make it to the top, and there she is. She is simply beautiful and it suits her well! Very proud of you, Mel!! Deborah, from Columbus