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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 22, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack and the boys' friend, Max compete in a "Go Dance USA" dance competition. Cody keeps trying to find his talent when Zack becomes a better dancer than he is. But when Zack injures his ankle after jumping off the bed, Cody has to take his place in the dance finals. Meanwhile, Maddie becomes London's servant after London lends $250 for Maddie's parents' trip to Paris for their 25th Anniversary.moreless

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  • Good episode

    Zack and Max (the girl from Hotel Hangout) enter Go Dance USA but Zack hurts himself, so Cody must fill in. That was stupid. Anyone can tell the twins apart. Even if they're identical. The Maddie and London plot was okay, too. I never felt like watching this one on Netflix, even though it's not too bad.
  • Great!

    Another fantastic two-part episode. I loved both parts equally. Zack and Max enter a dance competition, and when victory seems to be in the bag, Zack injures his ankle forcing Cody to take his place. Maddie borrows $200 from London and becomes her personal slave until Maddie can repay her.

    It was great to see Cody trying to find his talent. We are also told that Zack is a good dancer, but its kind of a joke! LOL! My favorite moments from this scene are:

    -Mr Moseby using the doll to talk to that woman

    -Carey telling Cody how she became a singer!

    -Maddie saying "I'm free, I'm free, I'm free!"

    Great episode overall!moreless
  • This episode was very funny. Max and Zack are entered in a dance competition but then Zack gets hurt and Cody has to take his place in the competition.

    This episode had to be one of the funniest episodes in the series. Cody was at his best in this episode. He did so many funny falls in this episode and then when he finally did dance this is where it got really funny. He was trying to learn to do magic earlier in the episode and he wore his magicians jacket when he danced. He forgot to unrig the jacket and the results were some of the funniest scenes in the entire series. From flowers coming out of his sleeve to a rabbit coming out of his pants leg, the entire thing made me laugh from start to finish. This episode is one of my favorites for sure. Even the expressions on Codys face when all of these things were happening during the dance were hilarious. Like I said, Cody was at his best in this episode.moreless
  • Zack and Max enter a dance contest.

    This was a great episode. First I feel sorry for Cody that he can't dance which sucks and Zack can which makes this episode interesting. Zack injures his ankle which sucks and Cody has to take his place. We find out that Cody is jealous of Zack in so many different ways. I really liked there dancing which made this episode cool to watch. They were doing an awesome dance. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 great episode. Zack does one funny thing in this episode is that when he my ankle is thirsty that was the funniest and I laughed at that the most.moreless
  • Zack and Max enter a dance competition.Then Zack injures his ankle. It's time for Cody to take his place. Meanwhile, Maddie borrows money from London so she pays London back by being London's servant. London is also a judge of the dance competition.moreless

    I thought this was a not so good episode. Maddie borrows money from London so Maddie has to pay London back in a not so good way. Menawhile, Zack enters a dance competition with Max, but he doesn't listen to Max when she says to not hurt himself. So after he jumps on his bed Zack hurts himself. Cody is mad because he thinks that Zack is better at everything then him so he trys to find his talent. I thought this was a no good episode, well I don't really kbow how to explain it but some other episodes I don't like but I still watch it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • There are two contestants named Bud and Lou, and in "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" the producers have the same names.

    • When Zack falls off the bed, there is a very quick shot of him getting up with his right foot, applying pressure to it. The next scene, he is rubbing his right foot.

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits when Mr. Moseby is at the front desk with the toy.

    • The first round of the competition when Max and Zack are dancing, you can tell that Zack forgets one of his moves, because they put it on a close up of Max and you can see the tiniest bit of him in the shot and he isn't doing anything.

    • First time Cody expresses his feelings of being inferior to Zack.

    • 2nd appearance of Max.
      4th appearance of Esteban.

    • When Zack is talking to Cody, there is a pizza box behind him first it is close to him, then it is farther away and then closer again.

    • This could simply be a joke about London's superficial nature: getting a manicure when her nails are perfect.

    • In "Footlooser", after Zack hurts his ankle and he's sitting on his bed, trying to convince Cody to be him....in one shot, his bed sheets are camo, then in the next shot they're plaid, and then they're camo again.

    • When London is showing Maddie the $250.00, it is obvious that it is not that amount of money.

    • When Cody does his "move" on stage at the dance competition, he is in back and falls off the stage. But he lands on the trophy table in the front of the stage.

    • The puppet Cody uses (Thropmorton) is also used in That's So Raven, in the episode 'Out of Control'.

    • When Zack is on his bed you can see a plaid sleepshirt on the bed behind him. In the next scene it disappears.

    • Zack/Cody and Max switch sides in between shots several times during the competition.

    • Wouldn't all of the stuff that Cody would later pull out of his jacket make it lumpy?

    • When Max and Cody finish, people clap and the judge guy immediately comes out from behind the stage and says that the votes are in. How could the votes be in already? No one would have enough time to vote after the finish of their routine and before the announcer/judge person came out.

    • London says that she loves the producer's dress, but she isn't wearing a dress, it is a skirt/suit.

    • When London says "I just need someone to tell me how fabulous I look in my new shoes!", she had the purse on the counter and when Maddie says "I'm your gal!", it's suddenly on her wrist.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Cody: Mom, don't be mad.
      Carey: I'm not mad. I'm…
      Max: (interrupt) Furious. I told you not to do the move and what did you do, you did the move! That dented trophy should have been ours.
      Carey: Max is right. And you young man…
      Max: (interrupt again) I didn't even know where to start. Yes I do. I told you not to do anything stupid. And what do you do, you do something stupid. You're worse than Harry Stupidini here.
      Cody: See, he's even better than me at being worse.
      Max: You know what your problem is?
      Carey: Honey, can I take it from here?
      Max: Good luck! Maybe they'll listen to you.
      Carey: Okay, listen guys. Max pretty much covered the whole yelling at you part. But there's something else going on here.
      Zack: I know. Have you seen the way London treats Maddie?
      Carey: Yes. But that's not we're talking about. (Talking to Cody) You need to stop comparing yourself to your brother. You look the same on the outside, but you're different on the inside. It's like pies. One could be apple and one could be cherry.
      Zack: Can I have ice cream on me?
      Carey: Go soak your ankle.
      Zack: (leaves the room) Ow, ow, ow.
      Carey: Honey, do you realize that if you hadn't tried to outshine Zack with that move, you might have won and...then gotten disqualified.
      Cody: Yeah, I was a good dancer, wasn't I?
      Carey: But a better magician. And that's what won them over, the thing that you can do that Zack can't.
      Zack: (from the hallway) Although, if I did have one of those jackets....
      Carey: Upstairs! Soak!

    • Moseby: (See Maddie's massaging London) What's going on with them?
      Esteban: Well, I do not think I just talk about Maddie personal business with her employer, sir.
      Moseby: Don't tell me. Tell the dummy.
      Esteban: (talk to the dummy) Can you keep a secret?
      Moseby: (as the dummy) My lip's a sealed.
      Esteban: Good.

    • London: (talking to producer) Ah, you're horrible. You're gonna kill the show. And aren't you a little old to be a dancer?
      Maddie: That's not a contestant. That'the producer.
      London: (to the producer) Kidding. Love the dress.
      London: Why didn't you stop me?
      Maddie: I didn't know you were gonna say something stupid.
      London: (stares at Maddie)
      Maddie: Okay, I did.
      London: Is that any way to talk to a friend you owe money to?
      Maddie: You're right. I'm sorry. Can I get you anything?

    • (London's blowing on nails; Maddie's stuck in revolving door with bags.) Maddie: London, don't you think you could help me with some of your packages?
      London: Sorry, manicure. Still wet. Didn't you just love hanging out at Natalie's Amazing Nails?
      Maddie: I held your foot while you got a pedicure.
      London: I know, wasn't it fun? Let's do it again tomorrow.
      Maddie: I'm busy.
      London: You're too busy to hang out with someone who lent you money, someone who helps you relies your parent's dream?
      Maddie: Okay. So what are we doing tomorrow?
      London: Well, I'm busy. But you can pick up my dry cleaning. Toodles.
      Esteban: Maddie, why do you let London treat you like a cute, blonde pack mule?
      Maddie: I borrowed some money from her and used it to buy the tickets for my parents' trip to Paris. Now I'm paying for it in blood, sweat, and tears.
      Esteban: Huh, you must be desperate. Have you no more kidneys to sell?
      Maddie: Sadly, no.
      Cody: Hi, Esteban.
      Esteban: Oh, It's a little man and he's carrying a little man. Oh, I love your hair.
      Cody: Oh, thanks.
      Esteban: Oh no no, I was talking to the littler man.
      Cody: Oh. I think I found my talent.It's ventriloquism. I got this guy cheap 'cause he scares little kids. (Doll nods) Hello Throck Morton.
      T. Morton: Hello Cody.
      Cody: Tell me Throck Morton do you know where cows go on dates?
      T. Morton: The moooovies. (laughs)
      Esteban: (Claps) Oh, that was wonderful! It is amazing how your lips and his move at the same time!
      Cody: That's not supposed to happen.
      Esteban: Oh, well, in that case, you're no good. I'm off.

    • Max: I can't believe that Go Dance USA is coming here. I've wanted to go on that show since I was a kid.
      Cody: Max, you have to enter that contest. You're better than the girl on the Missy Elliot video.
      Max: I know. And this could be my big break. Ah, but it's for couple. Zack, do you wanna be my partner?
      Cody: Hey, what about the guy who just said how good you are?
      Max: Do you dance?
      Cody: I love to dance.
      Zack: Too bad you're no good. I'll be your partner. I'd love to be on TV, and I've got the face for it.
      Cody: I have the same face.
      Zack: Yeah, but your face can't dance.
      Max: Boys, please! We'll have a fair and impartial audition. Zack, show me what you got.
      Zack: Check it! (Zack dances really well)
      Zack: (After his dance, to Cody) You got served!

    • Cody: Pick a card, any card.
      Carey: You may not have noticed, but I'm in the shower!

    • Mr. Moseby: No B-Ball today! Game has been canceled on the fact that-- This is a hotel.

    • Zack: Oh, look I'm jumping on the bed I'm gonna hurt myself, I'm gonna hurt myself myself (falls off bed) Ouch .. I hurt myself.
      Zack: Cody, don't tell Max I hurt my ankle.
      Cody: You're gonna have to tell her some time.
      Zack: No, she'll beat my insides out. And I like my insides in.
      Cody: Well she kind of might figure it out when she's dancing alone.
      Zack: But she won't be dancing alone.
      Cody: What are you talking about? There are no substitution. You'll be disqualified.
      Zack: Not if the substitute looks exactly like the original.
      Cody: But I can't dance. I can't do anything.
      Zack: That's not true. You're my brother. You have my DNA. You have my face, my arms, my legs, my shirt, which by the way I want back. You can do anything I can do.
      Cody: Yeah, yeah, I can, and better!
      Zack: Let's not get carried away.
      Zack: Just be good enough to win the contest.
      Cody: I'll do it.
      Zack: See, Cody. You finally found your talent. It's looking like me.

    • London: Guess who's going to be a celebrity fashion judge at Go Dance, USA!
      Maddie: Guess who doesn't care!
      London: It's me. But I don't have any shoes yet. Wanna go shopping with me and tell me which pair looks fabulous on me?
      Maddie: As tempting as that sounds, I can't. See, I'm working overtime to make money to send my parents to Paris for their 25th anniversary. It's the honeymoon they never had.
      London: So, do you want to go shopping or what?
      Maddie: No. All my brothers and sisters are chipping in, and if I don't come up with my share before the weekend, it's not going to happen.
      London: Well, how much do you need?
      Maddie: $250. It's a lot of money.
      London: It is?
      Maddie: Yes, for people who work for a living.
      London: That's so sad! People work all day to make that little?
      Maddie: All week!
      London: So If I gave you the money, you would go shopping with me?
      Maddie: I can't let you give me that kind of money.
      London: Why not? I got it right here.
      Maddie: Well, uh... Because I…uh...I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back.
      London: Oh, don't worry about that. We can work that out. I just need someone to tell me how fabulous I look in my new shoes.
      Maddie: I'm your gal. Now I just have to get Moseby to let me off.
      London: I'm your gal. (puts up the board "Closed" and waves to Mr. Moseby)
      Moseby: (Waves back to London with a sad face.)
      Maddie: Let's go.
      London: After me. (Runs in front of Maddie)

    • Zack: We'll do our best not to stink, Mr. Moseby.

    • Carey: How can you be here and there at the same time?
      Zack: Cody got really good at his magic act?

    • Zack: Mom, will you please leave the room and get me a glass of water? My ankle is making me thirsty.
      Carey: Odd way to phrase it, but okay.

    • Cody: And there's no milk in the cone.
      Carey: That's because it's in my shoes!

    • Maddie: (Hands London the money) Here you go.
      London: Oh, I have money! I want a soda.
      Maddie: No, this is the money I owe you. (Gives London the money and dances a circle around her) And now I'm free! I'm free! I'm free at last!
      London: But we were having so much fun.
      Maddie: You were having fun, I was watching you have fun.
      London: But what could be more fun?
      Maddie: Root canal you don't need?
      London: Well I thought we were friends? I loaned you money?
      Maddie: London, money can't buy you friends. You make friends by being nice to people.
      London: But that seems harder.
      Maddie: No, no, no, no. It's really easy to say nice things to people. Watch. London, you are, uh...
      London: Yes?
      Maddie: This is hard. Oh, wait, got one. Deep down, I suspect you're a good person.
      London: Aww, thank you.
      Maddie: Uh, you're supposed to say something nice back.
      London: Well, I said thank you.
      Maddie: You're welcome.

    • Mr. Moseby: Esteban! I need you over here!
      Esteban: When I'm good and ready!
      Mr. Moseby: What did you say?
      Esteban: Now, I am good and ready!

    • Max: We're toast.
      Announcer: You're not toast. You're disqualified!
      London: But your costumes get a ten! (Holds up sign with '01' on it)
      Maddie: (Turns sign over to show a '10' and pats London's shoulder.)

    • Cody: I call it trip-hop.
      Max: I call it last place!

    • Cody: Hay Max.
      Max: Hay Cody, where's Zack?
      Cody: I'm Zack. Hay sweet thang?
      Max: He hurt himself didn't he?
      Cody: Yep.

    • Max: Keep it up, it's working...
      Cody: I feel the music in me! Step off, Mama! Daddy's gon' dance!

  • NOTES (11)


    • Harry Houdini
      "You're worse than Harry Stupidini here". Max invokes the name of Harry Houdini, a famous magician, to describe Cody, who, in this episode, practices magic also. The name is altered to reflect the fact that Max is angry at Cody for acting stupidly.

    • Zack: You got served!

      This may be an allusion to the 2004 movie "You Got Served".

    • Cody says to Max, "You dance better than the girl in the Missy Elliott video". Alyson Stoner (Max) was the girl in the Missy Elliott video.

    • Maddie: And now I'm free, I'm free, I'm free at last!

      Reference to Martin Luther King's antislavery speech. One of the phrases in his speech contained the words, "Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

    • Title: Footloser
      The title of the episode is in reference to the 1984 movie and song Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

      It could also be an allusion to the saying "footloose and fancy free".