The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 6

Forever Plaid

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Love it

    Zack puts a hole in the wall, but they see soccer girls on the other side and don't want to seal it up again. Meanwhile, London must transfer to Maddie's school due to her poor school attendance record. This was a typical funny Suite Life episode. A+. the way, the other girls at school were Gabriella and Taylor from High School Musical, and the girl who is Taylor in HSM was also seen in A Prom Story.
  • Typical Zack and Cody!

    Typical Zack and Cody look for girls by breaking holes through the walls to spy on girls. Yet, I feel that Maddie's plot was far more enjoyable than Zack's. Brilliant episode, and it was from here that London moved schools. It was also the first episode with Sister Dominick!
  • This really isn't one of my favorite episodes. It wasn't really bad and there were some funny moments but it wasn't a favorite of mine.

    London has to go to Maddies school and she ends up getting Maddie in trouble and they both end up in detention. Well, there were some funny moments to this part of the story but it wasn't that great. In the other part of the story Zack and Cody knock a hole in one of the walls of the hotel and Moseby and Carey make them repair it. They find out that they can see into another room through the hole and there is a girls soccer team in there so they deside to watch the girls through the hole along with Bob and Warren. Again, there were funny moments in this part of the story but really this whole episode wasn't really one of the best. I liked it alot but it's not as good as most of the rest of the episodes. It's not one of the worst but it's also not one of my favorites.
  • It's funny at points. Kinda cool, if you ask me.

    When playing some football, Zack and Cody damage the wall, so they, along with Arwin, to fix the hole. Only... Zack broke into a bigger hole. There, when Arwin leaves, Zack, Cosy, Warren, and Bob find out there are GIRLS at the next room, in which pokes out there eyes. This plotline is not my favorite, but it's actually unique... in a weird and spectacle way, it's unique.

    Back at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow (which, somehow, was remodled from it's original in Winsconsain) Maddie has a new classmate... London? What the- Apperently, London never went to school. After a minor conflabulation with Mary-Margret and London-obessed girl, Maddie and London are sent to detention. When wanting to escape, the only way to do it is... become NUNS?!

    Well, this is actually enjoyable and reenjlable. I recommend watching this episode.
  • Zack and Cody accidently drill in a hole in there wall that lead them to see a girls soccer team. Meanwhile, London's father sends London to Maddie's private, catholic high school after a poor attendance record at her other school.

    This episode is actually one of my favorites. I like London and Maddie's stories better then Zack and Cody's so its nice to see Maddie and London getting more screen time. London is experiencing going to a private school with Maddie, where she has to wear uniforms, lunches, people, getting homework in on time. It was also nice to see Murianne Murielle from "Life with Bonnie" in this episode as Sister Dominic. London gets in trouble with her so she sends Maddie too. London escapes, Maddie follows her and then get in more trouble as they pose as two Swedish nuns. Very funny episode. Also catch Vanessa Hudgens from Hight School Musical as London's biggest fan!
  • Not much happened.

    Zack and Cody broke a wall.

    By "broke", I mean, "made a whole" in the wall.

    Zack and Cody must fix the wall.

    Zack and Cody discover soccer players (girls) have checked in to the room next door.

    Zack and Cody drill more holes in the walls to focus more on girls.

    The plan fails.

    Zack and Cody get big pokes in the eyes.

    Zack and Cody are punished.

    Arwin leaves the suite blind and thinks Carey is bald when he touches Mr. Moseby's head.

    Those are major keys to the Zack and Cody subplot, which is usually the only subplot I listen to. I didn't like this episode very well, so it deserves a 7.2. To me, it wasn't that funny, and to me, funny episodes are great. Episodes that don't have a lot of humor are boring in my opinion, which for example, is this episode.
  • This episode is cool!

    Well first Zack and Cody hit the lamp agaisnt the wall and they have to fix it. And then they see girls through it and Bob comes and wants to see. So he takes forever and them Warren comes and sings the ice cream song. So then they make more holes and they all look through. Then the girls poke them in the eyes and they can't see through one. Then Arwin and Carey and Mr. Moesby come and get angry and then they get grounded i think. Meanwhile, London has to go to a nun school with Maddie called Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow and it is really funny. So really good episode! I give it a 9.8
  • I didnt really like it too much

    When i first watched this episode i thought it was kinda good but the more i watched it i realized how much i didnt like it. It was kinda funny but kinda boring too. The subplot was a little better than the main plot. In this episode, Zack and Cody make a hole in a wall of a hotel room and Mr. Moseby makes them repair it. Instead they make it bigger so they can spy on girls in the next room. In the subplot, London has to go to Maddies school becuase of her grades. London gets Maddie and her in detention.
  • great episode

    Zack and Cody damages a wall at one of the Tipton's room wall, and as punishment for the damages made, Mr. Moseby makes both of them repair the damage done to the wall with supervision from Arwin. London gets kicked out of her school because of her poor grades, and she gets accepted at Maddie's private Catholic school. London learns about the discipline observed by students in the school, but she also learns the vices that she can get away with in the first day of school. This episode is perhaps one of the best Zack and Cody episodes, it's really funny.

    This is my favorite episode! Corrie was so funny. I can`t believe London Tipton is in our english class! Zack and Cody`s plot was OK, but I loved the Maddie and London plot. I hope there is more episodes like this. I thought when London and Maddie dressed up as nuns was really funny. A lot of people from HSM were in this episode. Monique Coleman, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale were all in this episode and in HSM. I hope this episode comes out on DVD really soon! It is awesome!! Really funny!! Perfect!! Go Forever Plaid!! Excellent!!
  • This episode is amazingly funny!!!!! It is not one of my favorites but its okay...Its not one i have to watch all the time.but its giving it a good rating cause i love all the episodes. So i thought i was very funny and it was very entertaining.

    This episode is not one of my favorites...but ill watch gets a good rating for zack and codys screw up with the hole in the wall.....I could live without watching this episode but its OKAY...But i like this episode because of the amount of comedy is high,Its a very great and descriptive episode of maddie's school..I think that it puts you in place of a catholic school girl..But all in all its a pretty good episode.but you know what its not that bad..its not that i dont like it its just not there funniest..all in all its a good1
  • good

    the epside is a series classic it was a very funny episode. and it also revealed something special, that oliver might actually like miley because even though she insulted him he still came to her concert to support her. and when she forgot the words to her song oliver got the audience to start singing to help her remember it. hannah montana says something that is very true in this episode "your friends are always there to catch you if you fall" if this is on the same time that an classic movie is on i would watch hannah montana episode oh say can you remember the word
  • Zack and Cody make a whole in the wall in a hotel room. Arwin helped them repair the wall. London has to go to Maddie's school. Maddie and London get a detention.

    In this episode, Zack and Cody are watching football in a hotel room when they acidently knock over a lamp amd made a whole in the wall. Another exciting moment is when London finds out that she has to go to Maddie's school. London and Maddie end up in detention. Maddie ends up dressed up as a nun. Zack and Cody work with Arwin to fix the wall that they put a hole through it. They make a bigger hole in the wall. They kept on spying.London and Maddie get in trouble with her school by the sisters. I give this episode 2 thumbs up.
  • Hii.... i was reading some psts and some of the posts that disgree that The suite life is kewl is making me soo mad!!!! grrrr..... aniwaizz... this episode is great. also ill tell u all those ppl hu think dat tsl isn\'t good (down there)

    This show was great. On all the suite life episodes, i hvae laughed more than 2 times. I especially like in French 101, where Cody, that french girl and Mr. Moseby was at the club and then Cody wanted to translate \' your eyes are beautiful\' to Mr. Moseby soo that he can pass it down to the french girl. But Mr. mOseby couldn\'t hear him and then he had to shout your eyes are beautiful!!\' and then Mr. Moseby said \'well... thankyou\'. hahaha. This episode was kewl too. Especially when Corrie (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) says: \" i cant believe that London Tipton is in our class\" and then London says: \" she scares me\" and Corie goes\" i scare London Tipton\". But i don\'t have cable... grrrr.....My gran and cuzn does but i dont go there often and even if i go there The suite life isnt on. (in capital letters coz this darn thing wont let me)... whoever says that the suite life of zack & cody isn\'t good or bad like that... darn u! darn u all do heck! if u dont like it then change the channel and leave the nasty comments to yourself and why r u on this site aniwaiiz??? grrrrr.....
  • mischevious, funny and another classic

    this is another one of my favourite episodes. the starting is sooo cheeky and cute and i love their handshake soo much that me and some of my friends do it at school all the time. i think this episode is cute and adorable, especially the way that they are dressed up in the same uniform as arwin. it is also very mischevious what london and maddie get up to at school, pretending to be visiting nuns when they were meant to be in detention, i just have to say, what is up with maddie's hair in this episode?? :P
  • Zack and Cody put a hole in the wall and while fixing it make it bigger. London goes to Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow...Maddie's school.

    This was a funny episode. The boys were very funny in it.

    Zack and Cody, while fixing the hole they made, make a bigger one. When Arwin goes to get more plaster, Zack discovers that he went clear through to the next room...where there is a girls soccer team. They end up making four holes so they and Bob and Warren can look at the same time. They get poked in the eye when the girls discover that they are there.

    London, due to her poor attendance record at school, gets transfered to Our Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow. While there, she makes her and Maddie get detention. When London sneaks out, Maddie tries to get her to come back, however, they get locked out. They dress up like Nuns to get back in, but they are spotted and have to pretend to be Sister Huskonunen from Finland.

    This was an awesome episode. It had Arwin in it which made me happy. I love it when Arwin is in episodes. He is such a good charecter. Also, when the girls spoke, I thought it was funny that they are the voices of Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song (aka Maddie and London). In all, this episode was a very funny one and I enjoy watching it over and over.
  • London eventually goes to the same school as Maddie, and Maddie sobs b/c of this. While this happens, Zack and Cody have to repair a hole in the wall but they start to make more holes b/c they were peeping at girls through those holes. London meets Corrie

    i liked it! it was the silliest one ever. i can't wait for the rest of the season. i hope they make a movie out of this sitcom. i felt bad for maddie b/c she ended up in detention when it wasn't her fault. the food that they have at school is yucky and sick. it was funny when london said the lunch lady was a man when it was actually a woman. also it was funny when zack, cody, and their friends got "eye-plugged". it also happened to was funny when arwin kept thinking moseby was carey since he got "eye-plugged".
  • Zack and Cody accidentaly make a hole in the wall and use it to spy the next room. Meanwhile London has to go to Maddie's school because her grades are failing.

    This episode was great!!!!! there should be more funny episodes like this!!!!!

    I especially liked how Corrie (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) was around London!!!!!!
    She acted just as dimwitted as London!!!!! I also liked London\'s lines when she said \"I look horrible\" and she told maddie that she looks horrible too!! Corrie\'s lines were pretty funny too. like when London said \"she scares me\" to mary margeret (Monique Coleman) and Corrie was like \"I scare London Tipton!!!! Maddie also did funny things like when she through the paper ball into sister Dominick\'s (the strict Nun) face!!! that part had me laughing the most!!!
  • London starts going to Maddie's school and Zack and Cody fix a hole in a wall, but end up spying on girls.

    This is the first episode with special guest star Vanessa Anne Hudgens, also Monique Coleman both from High School Musical. It was the first episode of new episode week. I liked Maddie and Londons plot in this episode. They disquise themselves as nuns from Finland and have to sing to the other nuns in Finnish. Everyone finds out the truth. I didn't care for Zack, Cody, Bob & Warren's plot. They spyed on girls through the walls, they were found out too. Vanessa didn't have as big as part as Zac did in his episode. But it was still funny.
  • this is the best episode of TSL

    this epsiode is a great example of why i watch the suite life of zack and cody. it is more of a maddie & london episode and that is why i like it so much. i think that the two girls should get therer own show. also in the episode vanessa ann hudgens guest stars which makes even more special. it is the funniest one yet and it is one of the top ten episode disney channel has ever made. i love this show as well. sure it is no even stevens or hannah montana but it has this sort of hook. like you cant stop watching it and that is why it is so good.
  • It\'s an okay episode. There\'re some funny sides and some \"not-so-fun-to-watch\" seens.

    This episode is okay. It does have some really really cool and funny parts. I loved the part where Zack and Cody were imitation Arwin! And I thought the part where they copied Arwin tripping and falling on the floor was funny. I swear, if I had to piss, I would do it right where I was standing!
    And Vanessa Anne Hudgens was so funny! She was London\'s biggest fan!
    I also liked that London and Maddie were going to the same school (starting with that episode.)
    Still, there were some downsides. I hated how Sister Dominick treated Maddie and London. For London, it was her first day, and I didn\'t think she felt very welcomed into that school. And poor Maddie! She\'s a good girl, and Sister Dominick kept punishing her! How mean! Come on, Sis. I think you\'re being a little bit too hard on the girls.
    Sorry. I just hate it when my favorite characters get in trouble over stupid things.
    Still, I could watch Zack and Cody imitating Arwin all day if I could!
  • London at Maddie's is good.....sept for Maddie&London.

    i didn't like this ep too much but i like how it strangely had 3 of the girls from HSM-Corrie(my new fav character),Maddie(duh),and what's-her-face.

    London's fahter went to her Parent's Day at school-
    London-Daddy went?(happy)he does care!
    Mosbey-he cares so much that ur going to a new school.
    Moseby-ur old one didn't even know u went their.

    London is sent to Maddie's school.Maddie's friend Corrie is London's biggest fan but pretty clueless.Maddie's friend What's-her-face doesn't like London sept for hr money-London doesn't mind.but she does hate how it is at a non-rich school.

    London gets herself and Maddie put in detention then in Nun outfits.
    Maddie-London,i'm breaking a promise to Moseby,Sister Mary-Francis and God,and right now i don't know which one is scareier!
    they get caught of course but-

    Sister Mary Francis-Madline,this has gone to far,i say you-
    London-wait,don't punish Maddie,it's my flaut,i'm the one who left detention,stole your ugly robes and played that stupid song,punish me...
    Sister've learned well.
    Maddie suprised-WHAT!
    Sister Mary-Francis-you took blame and stood up like that,you are a sweet girl,no detention.
    Maddie-you gotta be kidding!

    ok,it didn't happen excautly like that but close enough....did i get the Nun's name right?
  • forever plaid

    london has to go to school with maddie and she complains about the uniform the school and the work and that which was funny and maddies hair looked nice like that especially compared to what it looked like at the beginning of season 1 where she had half a fringe anyway the epsiode was funny
  • Pretty good...

    I thought this episode was funny for the most part. Maddie and London dressing up as nuns was hilarious, as was the twins imitating Arwin's every move (including tripping over their toolbelts and falling to the ground!). I think the only part that was a little weak was the boy's remarks about the girls in the next room. We all know boys are curious about girls, and vice-versa, but the INTENSE interest they had in peeking on them was a little weird. I think the episode could have done without that. But otherwise, this was a very funny show!
  • Absolutely amazing!

    This episode was really funny!I loved the Maddie/London plot!The Zack/Cody plot was good but I thought the Maddie/London plot was really great!It was really funny when Maddie and London were pretending to be nuns!That cracked me up big time!This is my third favorite!My first one is Not So Suite 16 second,Odd Couples and third Forever Plaid!This was a really great episode!Vanessa Anne Hudgens was really great in this episode!
  • I love this episode this is my favorite one!

    I love this episode it is my favorite one and it is sooooo exiciting! Just the way on how Maddie and London were to each other! It was hallarlious! THe best one! I wonder is Maddie and London really spoke a real language? I think they made it up. THe song that Maddie and London sung was really funny.
  • The start of Maddie/London school-based plots and the introduction of their two new friends: Mary and Corrie; played by High School Musical's Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Monique Coleman!!

    This episode holds one of the series best Maddie/London based plots. It shows London being forced to attend school due to her poor attendence in the past, and to make matters worse, she has to attend Maddie's school; much to the dismay of both her and Maddie!! London takes an immediate disliking for the school's plaid uniforms, lack of elegant atmosphere, and less than gourmet food. Maddie, on the other hand, seems to be having more trouble keeping London out of trouble! But with those two together, that is an impossible task. Two new characters we see are Mary (Monique Coleman) and Corrie (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) Maddie and London's classmates which, ironically, seem to act just like Maddie and London. As London gets acquainted with the rules and manners of the school the hard way, she and Maddie get into detention, much to the dismay of the "perfect-student" Maddie. However, to make matters worse, both are locked out of detention and end up making even more mischief. At the end, everything is resolved in an unexpected way, London is let off punishment due to her unexpected responsiblity of her actions, and Maddie remains in her detention sentense. The secondary plot of this episode includes the twins facing the temptation of peeping into a girls' soccar team room due to their damaging of a hotel wall. In the end both boys and their friends learn to respect others' privacy despite the temptation they face. This was a great episode and it sets the foundation for more Maddie/London school-based plots.
  • Zack and Cody accidentally damage a wall and they are forced to repair it along with Arwin. Meanwhile, London is sent to Catholic school alongside Maddie!

    If they ever release a DVD called the "The Best of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody" this episode should be one of those is Hysterical and a classic!

    What caught my eye with this episode was the liberty the show's creators took with the subject of religion. They made fun of it completely! In recent years: religion has been a controversial topic with abortion rights, morality rights etc and nowadays, numerous shows poke fun at religion or uncover hypocritical aspects of it. Disney Channel has always been a very conservative clean-cut network with shows that mainly focus on simple adolescent troubles and Zack & Cody is no different, but this episode showed a lot of spoofs and it poked fun of a religious establishment, from my POV I have never seen it done on Disney Channel. Religion is not always seen on this channel: there have been various minute references in the Holiday episodes (Zack & Cody being the most powerful to include a section from the Bible and symbolically reenacting Christ's birth on their Holiday show). Other than that: religion is kept out of the shows, even the word 'God' is replaced with "gosh" sometimes and of course: hell is replaced with heck and damn is replaced with darn etc.

    This episode was just hysterical: the nuns with motorcycle and cellphones (when they are supposed to take a vow of chastity), the "holy sugar cookies", the rock band "The 12 Apostles", the apparently religious 99 Cent store: "Smart & Pious", Maddie & London dressing up as nuns and pretending to be Norwegian, London's disobediance in a Catholic school (which could get her into all sorts of trouble or even expelled in real life), the running gag: Helsinski becoming "Hecksinski" and finally London's amazing line: "So Sister what is your favorite thing about Boston", MADDIE: [gibberish] LONDON: "Lots of cute boys!"

    It's a classic and original too!
  • This episode Zack and Cody have to repair a hole in the wall they made when the lamp fell on it wile they were playing football. They were also starting to spyin the hole because there were girls in the other room. They made more holes to look through aga

    This was my favorite episode of the season. I relly like the part when London says to Maddie shama ona uni. I was laughing for hours when they did that part. I also liked the part at the very end when maddie says to London youra paina in my flukin. This episode made me laugh for hours and hours.
  • Forever Plaid was the best episode yet! I loved it! It was SO awesome! Yeah!

    Forever Plaid was the best episode yet! I absolutely loved it! The Maddie/London plot was hilarious, and so was the Zack/Cody plot!

    "I promised Sister Dominic, Mr. Moseby, and God I'd take care of you, and frankly, I don't know which one I'm most afraid of!"

    That is the best line in the history of the series! I loved this episode! I totally recommend it! Another good quote:

    Sister Dominic: No. The rich hotel heiress.
    London: Is Paris Hilton in this class too?

    Awesome! Forever Plaid is the best. Watch it. Before I have to take drastic measures. Kidding! But watch it!
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